How to Prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude Section 2017

How to Prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude Section 2017

How to Prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability Section 2017:  State Bank of India will conduct SBI PO Mains online exam on 4th June 2017 for recruitment of Probationary Officers all across the country. Here is our blog on how to prepare for Data Interpretation Section for SBI PO Mains Examination.

SBI PO Mains Data Analysis & Interpretation Preparation Tips 2017

In order to secure good marks and qualify in SBI PO Mains, here is a proper study plan on How to prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability Section 2017. But first let us provide you a brief view of the exam.


SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern

Main Examination will consist of Objective Tests for 200 marks and Descriptive Test for 50 marks. Objective and Descriptive Tests will be online. The pattern of Mains Objective Exam will be MCQ based. There will be 4  sections: Reasoning & Computer Knowledge, English Language, Data Analysis & Interpretation and General/Economy/Banking Awareness. Each section will have separate time slots for each paper of the Mains examination. Let us formulate SBI PO Mains pattern in the table below:

 Name of the Section Questions Marks Time Slot
(in mins.)
Reasoning & Computer Knowledge 45  60  60
Data Analysis & Interpretation 35  60  45
General/Economy/Banking Awareness 40  40  35
English Language 35  40  40
 Total  155  200  180 minutes

There will be penalty for wrong answers marked in the Objective Tests. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate one fourth of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty to arrive at corrected score.


How to Prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability Section 2017

This article on ‘How to prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability’ focuses primarily on how we can help SBI aspirants in identifying best preparation tips and techniques which help them in cracking SBI PO Mains Exam. First let us go through the list of the topics asked in SBI PO Mains Examination along with the number of questions  in percentage. (Based on previous year exam).

Name of Topic Number of Questions (%age)
Inequality 4.44%
Data Sufficiency 11.11%
Puzzles 22.22%
Data Flow Diagram 6.66%
Coding and Decoding 6.66%
Computer Aptitude 11.11%
Inequality 4.44%
Analytical Reasoning 20%
Input/Output 6.66%
Blood Relations and Seating Arrangement 6.66%

    Below mentioned is the explanation of each topic which will help you to understand them better.


    • Questions from this section are also sometimes mixed up with other topics like blood relation, direction, seating arrangement etc.
    • Mostly 1 puzzle consisting 5 questions comes from this topic.
    • Most people get scared by the length of the puzzles and don’t attempt them. But once the candidates get the puzzle, it is very easy to solve it. Practicing 10 to 15 different sets of puzzles can help the candidates to score well in this section.

    Input/ Output

    • Input/ Output section comes with a word and number arrangement machine question, when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step.
    • There is much possibility that this topic will cover 3 questions of double sided arrangement. So, a candidate is advised to practice accordingly.

    Coded Inequality

    • Try to solve inequalities topic questions in a less time so that you can utilize more time to other sections.
    • As of SBI PO Mains, it is expected that these questions will not come directly (say A>B<C>D) but in the hidden form (say A@B$C*D).
    • Aspirants should practice this topic efficiently as it will help them to score more in less time.

    Blood Relations

    • Blood relation topic is fun to solve. Just try to apply the question on your family and follow the structure of the question, you will definitely get the answer in less time.
    • This topic question can be manipulated in some other form too. Around 3 to 4 questions are asked from this section.

    Analytical Reasoning

    • Generally, topics based on Cause and effect, statement and assumption, statement and inference, course of action, statement and arguments, critical reasoning are asked from this section.
    • You need to have a strong base to be able to solve these questions quickly with decent accuracy.The only way to excel in this section is practice more and more.
    • Last year around 9 to 10 questions were asked from AR. This year we can expect the same ratio.

    Coding Decoding

    • Coding and Decoding’ carries significant weightage in bank exams.
    • To solve questions based on Coding and Decoding you need to Observe alphabets or numbers given in the question. The more prepared you are, the better will be your score.

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    Reasoning Ability Question Bank for Banking Exams by Disha

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    Data Sufficiency

    • These questions are generally easy but time consuming because candidates take lots of time in understanding the logic of the question.
    • This can be solved by regular practice and solving mock test papers on this topic. Based on the last year pattern, around  3 to 5 questions were asked from Data Sufficiency.

    Decision Making

    • In decision-making questions, select the option that maximizes the benefit for the majority. Do not give personal judgement.
    • It is a common tendency of students to adopt an approach based on your own value system. Generally 2 to 3 questions are asked from this section.

    Computer Knowledge

    • Computer Awareness is an important section in SBI PO Mains Examination. Fundamentals will help you in resolving the complex problem, so you must read the fundamental elements of the computer before the examination.
    • Lots of technologies developed in this field and students required to keep an eye on updates. The new types of questions involved just requires understanding of the content. Carefully read the information given in directions and solve questions according to the it.

    To score better in SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability Section, follow these points while preparing for SBI PO Mains 2017.

    • Start preparing topic by topic and then make yourself clear with Questions under Reasoning that is among your strength. Segregate the topics which you are weak in and practice those every day.
    • Don’t try to cover everything included in syllabus. Just focus on the important topics which carry a high weightage of marks.

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    SBI PO Mains Mock Test E-Book

    SBI PO Mains Mock Test E-Book by Jagran Josh Publications

    Onlinetyari in association with Jagran Josh Publication has launched a E-book Mock Tests for SBI PO. This has been written exclusively for the upcoming SBI PO exam and is strictly according to the revised exam pattern. Each of 3 mock tests covered in the book has been with its explanation in detail to ensure comprehensive understanding of the concepts on which the questions are based. Revising and practicing using these papers will help the aspirants solidify the skills required in the examination. These Tests stick to the Syllabus mentioned by SBI.

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    • Focus on accuracy and speed. Solve various mock tests available online by setting a timer for yourself. This practice is the most beneficial one and guarantees proper time management.
    • Learn the basics by studying from reference books. Read and understand the basics behind each topic. This way you will be able to grasp the concepts which will help you in solving the questions easily.
    • Solve previous year’s question papers to understand the pattern of questions which are asked in the exam.
    • Lastly, do not forget to revise the topics which you have learned throughout the week.

    We conclude our article on How to Prepare for SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability section.

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