Prepare for SSC CHSL Reasoning

Prepare for SSC CHSL Reasoning

Prepare for SSC CHSL Reasoning: SSC CHSL is one of the sought-after exams that candidates willing to work in the government sector register for. The CHSL is divided into three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Each stage consists of different selection rounds and, therefore, the syllabus and exam pattern are also different. Each section of both tiers could land good scores for the candidates willing to ace the test with flying colours. The same goes with “Reasoning and General Intelligence” because this is one of the highest-scoring sections.

The Tier-2 test of SSC CHSL will be conducted on January 9, 2022. Therefore, all registered candidates must prepare for the test now because the Tier-II test is soon. The Tier-II will be a descriptive test, i.e., it shall be conducted in the pen-and-paper mode and will carry a total of 100 marks. However, there is no negative marking in the SSC CHSL Tier-2 exam. Continue reading more about how to score good marks in the SSC CHSL Reasoning segment like a charm. 

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SSC CHSL Exam Pattern

First of all, let us look at the structure and exam pattern of SSC CHSL. The Reasoning Ability section and General Intelligence constitutes 25% of the total score in the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Examination.

Name of the SectionQuestionsMarks
Reasoning and General Intelligence2550
General Awareness2550
Numerical Aptitude2550
English Language2550

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All candidates must devote equal time to each section laid out above.

SSC CHSL Reasoning/ General Intelligence

Let us understand the nature of SSC CHSL Reasoning questions and initiate accordingly. The SSC CHSL Reasoning Section syllabus is quite massive, but candidates can easily crack the SSC CHSL Exam with proper planning and selective learning. Let us divide the SSC CHSL Reasoning section into parts:

  1. Usual Reasoning
  2. Visual /Non-Verbal Reasoning
  3. High-Level Reasoning
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Usual Reasoning: The topics under this category are Series (Numeric and Alphabetic), Directions, Ranks, Arrangement, Alphabet & Dictionary, Coding-Decoding, Analogy, and Classification/Odd Pair.

Visual/ Non-Verbal Reasoning: The topics under this category are Rule Detection, Triangle, Dices, Figure Formation, Completion of Pattern, Hidden/Embedded, Images, Paper Folding, Mirror Image, and Figure Matrix.

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High-Level Reasoning: The topics under this category are Syllogisms and Statement Conclusions.

In conclusion to this data, we have created the following list with the number of questions expected from each topic in SSC CHSL Reasoning:

Name of the Reasoning TopicExpected Number of Questions
Completion of Pattern, Hidden/Embedded Images, Paper Folding, Mirror  Image, Figure Matrix, Syllogism, Statement-Derivation, Triangle,  Arrangement and Conclusion1-2
Directions and Figure Formation3-4
Series, Alphabet & Dictionary, Coding-Decoding, Analogy,  Classification/Odd Pair and Rule Detection, Dices, Ranks5-7
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Our insights on the upcoming SSC CHSL Tier 1 Examination for Reasoning Section are follows.

  1. Approximately 60% of the SSC CHSL Reasoning Ability Section will consist of usual reasoning and General Reasoning questions.
  2. Unlike banks and other Government Recruitment, many Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions will also be there.

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SSC CHSL Reasoning Preparation Tips

When preparing for SSC CHSL, many candidates get confused as to where to start, what to read, and how to prepare. As a result, candidates develop many questions in their minds regarding exam preparation. The following questions haunt the candidates the most:

  • How to start preparing for the SSC CHSL Reasoning Section?

  • Which topics are most important in SSC CHSL Reasoning?

  • How to make a proper study plan for scoring good in all sections of SSC CHSL?

Finally, let us highlight some tips for SSC CHSL reasoning subject questions. SSC CHSL Reasoning section will be relatively more straightforward than other sections. Good practice and hard work in this section can make you score well and grab a lead in overall marks.

  • Do not waste time on a single question. Leave the question which you are not able to solve. Meanwhile, try to attempt other questions to save time and score more.
  • You can tear a small piece of paper and apply the given theory while solving either ‘Folding’ paper or ‘Mirror’ formation type questions.
  • Try to practice and focus more on our upper given table on the expected list of questions from each topic in SSC CHSL Reasoning.
  • Try to start with your favourite topic and attempt more straightforward questions first.
  • Apply blood relation questions to your family structure. This will make things clear to you.
  • Do not stick to a particular question. Doing so will kill your time and will lower down your confidence.
  • SSC CHSL Reasoning section is relatively more manageable than the other sections. Hence, candidates are advised to practice the SSC CHSL Reasoning section as much as possible to score well and grab the overall lead.

SSC CHSL Exam – Mock Test

We have also launched mock tests for the SSC CHSL Tier I exam that interested candidates can take and practice online. This will help them figure out where they stand in the competition, and they will be able to boost their confidence level. The candidates can also check out the expert’s test series designed following the latest SSC CHSL Exam Pattern while maintaining the difficulty level.

FAQs on Prepare for SSC CHSL Reasoning

Here are some of the questions that students have regarding the SSC CHSL Reasoning segment:

Q. How to crack the SSC CHSL in the first attempt?
A. To crack the SSC CHSL exam in the first attempt, the candidates must devote time to each segment of CHSL equally so that nothing they do not miss out on anything.

Q. When has SSC scheduled the CHSL Tier-II exam?
A. As per the officials, the SSC CHSL Tier-2 shall be carried out on January 9, 2022. 

Q. How many marks does the Reasoning section carries?
A. The SSC CHSL Reasoning section contains a total of 50 marks. 

Q. How many questions are asked from the Reasoning section of SSC CHSL?
A. A total of 50 questions come from SSC CHSL Reasoning and each question carries two marks. 

Q. How many sections are there in the SSC Tier-1 exam?
A. The Tier-1 exam consists of a total of four sections.

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We hope this article has provided you with helpful information on preparing for SSC CHSL Reasoning/ General Intelligence. Stay connected for more information regarding SSC CHSL Preparation Tips. To excel in SSC Examinations, we suggest all candidates keep an eye on this page.  Also, check out the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern to score the highest scores in the test.

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