KVS Exam 2016: Making the Most of Your Teaching Demo

KVS Exam 2016: Making the Most of Your Teaching Demo

Making the Most of Your Teaching Demo: To complete its recruitment process, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan will be testing the teaching skills of the shortlisted candidates through a teaching demonstration round.

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The final phase of the selection process of KVS Recruitment Exam 2017 is wound up in an Interview & teaching demo round. This article covers the most essential tips to help ease the process of your selection for the post of KVS school teacher.


KVS Exam 2016: Making the Most of Your Teaching Demo

Most applicants applying for a teaching post seem to have some teaching experience either in school, or as an adjunct faculty, or as a trainer in the industry they’ve specialized in.  If you happen to be one of those, you’re fortunate enough to have some classroom or instructional experience.

However, that isn’t the case for all applicants, and it shouldn’t prevent you from still being able to perform a teaching demo and do well if you are prepared! The following tips will help you better prepare for your teaching demo:


Rehearse your demonstration lesson with friends or other teachers. Time it and have them critique you. Gather up your closest friends and colleagues and teach them. The best thing you can do is use a mixed audience as well. Use your spouse/ friend and see if they can follow and understand you. Ask them about your flow, how topics run into each other, and how the story connects together.

Be Prepared

Prepare the subject well you have applied for. Lack of knowledge about the subject may at once ruin your chance of getting the job. Study well about the course and its content. You will probably be given a very limited amount of time to set up, so keep your plan simple! Don’t assume that you will be given any resources. You may inquire about available technology, but don’t rely on it.

Be prepared for the unexpected. There may be contrived discipline problems from administrators.

Illustrate with examples

Don’t be vague. Illustrate examples with your answers. You can also share your personal experiences. Follow the policy of “listen first and answer next”. Put your best foot forward and you can get through it easily.


Show your dedication towards the job. Be enthusiastic and energetic. The job of a teacher is to not only educate but help the students in every possible way.

Good impression

Make your first impression your best impression. Carry your ‘you can do it’ attitude with you.  Arrive 15 minutes early prior to the scheduled time. Be polite and carry a broad smile on your face. At the end of the lesson plan, describe “extensions,” i.e. “If I had more time, I would …”

Note: Both overconfidence and too much nervousness are bad for teaching demo. This is because demos are designed to put you through small pressure tests and to gauge your reactions when you are in difficult situations. Try not to panic.

These tips on how to prepare for teaching demo will eventually merge into your behavioral patterns and will give you a personality everyone admires.

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