How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject

How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject

How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announces holding of the National Eligibility Test (NET) for the post of Assistant Professor or junior Research Fellowship in Indian universities and colleges. CBSE is going to conduct NET exam on behalf of UGC in the month of January.

This article will help candidates to prepare for the upcoming UGC NET examination. The Subject code for UGC NET Education subject is 09. Let us now elaborate our topic- How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject.

UGC NET Education Subject Exam Pattern

UGC NET Exam pattern is definitely necessary to answer every candidate’s most common question i.e How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject. Let us go through the UGC NET Education Subject Exam Pattern of Paper I, Paper II and Paper III.

Paper/ Session Marks Number of Question Duration
I 100 60 1¼ Hours (09:30 A.M. to
10:45 A.M.)
II 100 50 1¼ Hours (11:15 A.M. to
12:30 P.M.)
III 150 75 2½ Hours (02:00 P.M. to
04:30 P.M.)
  • Paper-1 will cover 60 questions of 100 marks.
  • Paper-2 will cover 50 questions of 100 Marks.
  • Paper-3 will cover 75 questions of 150 Marks.

All the three paper will held on a single day i.e on 22nd January 2017. Paper I will be common for all candidates whereas Paper II and Paper III will cover questions on the concerned subject.

To read the whole syllabus and sample questions of Paper II and Paper III for UGC NET Education Subject, refer to the link-


UGC NET Education Important Topics

Given below is a list of some important selected topics for UGC NET Education subject which will help candidates in covering syllabus of Paper II and Paper III.

Important Topics for Education Paper II

  • Philosophical foundation of Education
  • Sociological foundation of Education
  • Psychological foundation of Education
  • Methodology of Educational Research
  • Analysis of Data

Try to align yourself with these important topics to get a hold over UGC NET Education Subject Paper II.UGC NET Paper II Education

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Let us now go through some important topics for UGC NET Education Paper III.

Important Topics for Education Paper III

  • Western and Indian school of philosophy
  • Educational and Social Change
  • Process of Growth and Development
  • Learning, motivation & Intelligence
  • Personality Type and Trait theory
  • Guidance and Counselling-Hypothesis, Samples and Tools
  • Research
  • Universalisation and Vocationalisation of Education
  • Construction and Development of Curriculum

These are some important topics for UGC NET Education subject Paper III. Candidates need to focus on these topics for better results.

UGC NET Paper II,III Education GuideRecommended: UGC NET Paper II,III Education Guide

Let us now highlight some important reading material and topic source for UGC NET Education Paper II and Paper III.

Reading Material and Prepration Source

Philosophical foundation of Education
  1. S.K .Agrawal – Shiksha Ke Darshanic Evam Samaj Shastriya Siddhant
  2. W, Canker- Hindu Personality of Education, Tagore, Gandhi, Aurobindo
  3. H, Kabir- Indian Philosophy of Education
  4. L.K. Oad Shiksha Ki Darshanic Prashta Bhoomi
  5. R. pandey Shiksha Ki Darshanic Evam Samaj Shashtriya Prashtha Bhoomi
  6. L.S. Brubacher Modem Philosophies of Education
  7. J. Park Selected Readings in Philosophy of Education.8R.S. Peters Ethics and Education
Sociological foundation of Education
  1. S. Shukla and K. Kumar – Sociological Perspectives in Education
  2. Gore, Desai and Chitnis- Papers in the Sociology of Education in India
  3. Bell Robert R. The Sociology of Education
  4. Bembanum, Gerald Knowledge and Ideology in Sociology of Education
  5. Mannheim, K. and Steward, An Introduction to Sociology of Education
  6. T. Parsons The Social System
Psychological foundation of Education
  1. S.S. Chauhan Advanced Educational Psychology
  2. S.N. Rao Educational Psychology
  3. S. Darkipani A Textbook of Advanced Educational Psychology
  4. M. Bhargava Introduction to Exceptional Children: Their Nature and Educational Provisions
  5. J.E. Ormrod Human Learning: Principles, Theories and Educational Implications
  6. Flaherty, Charles, E Learning and Memory
  7. Arkoff, Abe Adjustment and Mental Health
  1. B.A., Sharma, RD Prasad and P. Satyanaryan Research Method in Social Sciences
  2. K.S Sidhu Methodology of Research in Education
  3. B.B. Ghosh Scientific Method and Social Research
  4. Kerlinger, Fred, N Foundations of Behavioural Research
  5. Linguist, E.F. Statistical Analysis in Educational Research
  6. Furlong, Nancy E. Research Methods and Statistics
Guidance and Counselling
  1. Kochhar, S.K. Educational and Vocational Guidance in Secondary Schools
  2. S.R. Jayaswal Guidance and Counselling
  3. Crow, L. and Crow, A Introduction to Guidance
  4. Raj Singh Educational and Vocational Guidance
  5. Gothard, W.P Vocational Guidance, Theory and Practice
  6. Myers, G.E Principles and Techniques of Vocational Guidance.

Go through these books to enhance your problem solving skills and clear all doubts regarding How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject. Let us now move to the heart of this article i.e How to Prepare for UGC NET Education: Important Tips.


UGC NET Education Paper: Important Tips

It is time to list up some important tips for How to prepare UGC NET Education Section. These important tips will help aspirants in achieving the desired goal.

  • Go through the Exam pattern thoroughly. Its important to answer all the questions in total that you can solve rather than answering more as the only first attempted questions will be evaluated regardless the correctness of the later ones.
  • Follow a methodical pattern of studying for maximum benefits.
  • Prepare a study schedule that includes as many varied topics as you can and prepare accordingly.
  • Study every topic in detail. Minimum five questions from each topic are expected to come in UGC NET Education Paper.
  • Practice as many sample papers/previous year papers as you can to gain speed and accuracy.
  • Analyse sample paper/previous paper soon after completing it to identify and improve your weak areas.
  • Don’t get stuck on a single question. If you don’t know the answer for a particular question, go ahead and try to solve other questions.

Candidates are requested to follow these tips in UGC NET Education Subject preparation to strengthen their chance of getting shortlisted. Candidates are advised to follow these tips and prepare accordingly. Here we conclude our article on How to Prepare for UGC NET Education Subject.

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