How to Prepare for UGC NET Political Science Subject 2017

How to Prepare for UGC NET Political Science Subject 2017

How to Prepare for UGC NET Political Science Subject 2017: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announces holding of the National Eligibility Test (NET) for the post of Assistant Professor or junior Research Fellowship in Indian universities and colleges. CBSE is going to conduct NET exam on behalf of UGC in the month of January.

This article will help candidates to prepare for the upcoming UGC NET examination. The Subject code for UGC NET Political Science subject is 02. Let’s us first revisit the UGC NET Exam Pattern 2017.


UGC NET Political Science Exam Pattern

UGC NET Exam pattern is definitely necessary to answer every candidate’s most common question i.e How to Prepare for UGC NET Political Science Subject. Let us go through the UGC NET Political Science Subject Exam Pattern of Paper I, Paper II and Paper III.

Paper/ Session Marks Number of Question Duration
I 100 60 1¼ Hours (09:30 A.M. to
10:45 A.M.)
II 100 50 1¼ Hours (11:15 A.M. to
12:30 P.M.)
III 150 75 2½ Hours (02:00 P.M. to
04:30 P.M.)
  • Paper-1 will cover 60 questions of 100 marks.
  • Paper-2 will cover 50 questions of 100 Marks.
  • Paper-3 will cover 75 questions of 150 Marks.

All the three paper will held on a single day i.e on 22nd January 2017. Paper I will be common for all candidates whereas Paper II and Paper III will cover questions on the concerned subject i.e. Political Science.

To read the whole syllabus and sample questions of Paper II and Paper III for UGC NET Political Science Subject, head on to this


UGC NET Political Science Important Topics

Given below is a list of some important selected topics for UGC NET Political Science which help candidates in covering syllabus of UGC NET Paper II and Paper III.

Important Topics for Political Science Paper II

  • Political theory and thought
  • Comparative politics and Political analysis
  • Indian Government and politics
  • Public administration
  • International relation

Try to align yourself with these important topics to get a hold over UGC NET Political Science Paper II.

Important Topics for Political Science Paper III

  • Political Development and modernisation
  • Power and Authority
  • Political socialisation and political Culture
  • Theory of International relation
  • Indian Foreign Policy
  • Conflict and conflict resolution
  • Ideology Power and interest

These are some important topics for UGC NET Political Science Paper III. Candidates need to focus on these topics for better results.UGC NET Paper Political Science

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Let us now highlight some important reading material and topic source for UGC NET Political Science Paper II and Paper III.

Recommended Study Material for Paper II and III

For any subject related study, resourceful study material is extremely important. Half of your preparation is dependent on relevant books which cover the entire syllabus in an optimal manner. Here is a list of such study material for UGC NET Political Science Subject:

  1. A History of Political thought -Subrata Mukherjee, Susheela Ramaswamy
  2. A History of Political thought -J.P. Suda
  3. For Manu & Kautilya: Foundations of Indian Political thought- V.R. Mehta
  4. Modern Political Theory -S.P. Verma
  5. Modern Political Theory -Madan Gandhi
  6. Political Theory- Eddy Ashirvatham
  7. Political Theory- J.C. Johri
  8. Political Theory- O.P. Gauba
  9. Comparative Govt. & Politics- J.C. Johri
  10. Comparative Govt. & Politics- Ronald Chilkote
  11. Modern Indian Political Thinkers- V.P. Verma
  12. Indian Govt. and Politics- A.S. Narang
  13. Indian Govt. and Politics- J.R. Siwach
  14. Indian Govt and Politics- M.P. Singh, Himanshu Roy
  15. Govt. and Politics of India- W.H. Morris Jones
  16. Politics among Nations- Morganthu
  17. Eddy Ashrivatham (Political theory)
  18. O.P. Gauba (An introduction to political thought)
  19. S.P. Varma (Modern political theory)
  20. J.C. Jauhary (Comparative politics)
  21. Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations- M. Laxmikanth
  22. D.D Basu (An introduction to Indian constitution)
  23. V.N. Shukla (Constitution of India, couple of chapters are really relevant)
  24. K.R. Bombwal (Comparative constitutions)
  25. Bipin Chandra (Freedom struggle)
  26. Simit Sarkar (Modern India)
  27. Independent India: First Fifty Years – Hiranyamay Kelkar
  28. Indian foreign policy agenda for 21st century (1998 Foreign Service institute) – Lalit Mansingh
  29. India’s foreign policy in a changing world (1999)- V.P. Dutt
  30. People’s right and the state in the third world- Manjooran Mohanty & Partha Mukherjee

Go through these books to enhance your problem solving skills and clear all doubts regarding How to Prepare for UGC NET Political Science Subject. Now, let’s have a look at some vital preparation tips for UGC NET Political Science subject.


Preparation Tips for UGC NET Political Science Paper

It is time to list up some important tips for How to prepare UGC NET Political Science Section. These important tips will definitely help aspirants in achieving their desired goal.

  • First of all, make a time table and allot 100 days for Paper I, II & III preparation.
  • Follow the above given Exam pattern and  Syllabus for UGC NET Political Science Subject.
  • Make a weekly plan by diving topics accordingly.
  • Help yourself by making summary notes for each topic.
  • Give equal time to each topic. Don’t waste your time in deciding the important topics.
  • Do not depend on a single study source, try to get more and more information from different books, Wikipedia and video tutorials.
  • Solve previous year papers to get in touch with the nature of questions asked in UGC NET examination.
  • Prepare a flow chart of  NCERT Book data on Political Science subject.
  • You next step should be the evaluation of your preparation which can be done by solving previous year papers.
  • Spend at list one week time for paper solving section. By doing so, you will definitely get to know about your weak areas.
  • After gathering your weakness, your next step should be revision.
  • Likewise, allot atleast 1 to 2 weeks for revision. In between, go through all the hand made summary notes.
  • Also check reviews for each topic and study accordingly.

Candidates are requested to follow these preparation tips for UGC NET Political Science Subject to strengthen their chance of getting shortlisted. Here we conclude our article on How to Prepare for UGC NET Political Science Subject.

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