Preparing for SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude Through Video Lessons

Preparing for SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude Through Video Lessons

Preparing for SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude Through Video Lessons:  The notification for Multi-Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) Exam in different states and union territories is live at the official Staff Selection Commission portal. Every year, lakhs of applicants appear in SSC MTS Exam. This year, SSC MTS Exam will be held on 16th, 30th April and 7th May 2017.

Number system lectures

Number System Lectures by Vidya Guru

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Today we will share with you some of our video lessons which will help you in SSC MTS exam preparation. Let us discuss some important points on Why online videos for exam preparation.

Why Video Lessons for Exam Preparation

For some students taking online exam is somewhat a new experience. Here we are going to discuss on how you can study online to improve your knowledge skills. Online preparation for exams is prominent these days. One should experience it as a part of their strategy for exam preparation.

  • The first thing you need to realize is that studying online is not a easy thing to do, but it is a more convenient one for sure. To successfully learn online, you need to dedicate a significant amount of your time, be concentrated while studying, and fully commit to your learning process, just as you would do for a regular course.
  • Online videos is the ability to pause, stop, rewind and play videos anytime, like while eating, talking and doing other activities. It help students to grab an extra edge by replaying the important points.
  • Video tutorials can be viewed on computers through either DVDs or online streams, as well as mobile devices.
  • Videos enable students to get motivated by upholding demand learning. It’s that easy and of course, being a visual medium, it is very effective too.
  • Video tutorials offer a multidimensional experience that may combine charts, slides, photos, graphics, narration, screenshots, on-screen captions, music and live video


How to Prepare for SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude: Tips & Tricks

Follow all these study tactics and tips in order to strengthen your overall prowess over SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude Section.

Time Management 

As you all know, Time Management is the important factor of any competitive exams. Therefore, you do not have much time to spend on calculations. For doing fast calculations, you should remember tables, square, cubes and square roots.

Basics, First!

When you start your preparation, do not try to solve questions by shortcut methods. You should memorize all the basic theories and formulas of all the chapters. If your basics are not clear, you may not be able to solve questions.

Create Summary Notes

Make a concise version of your class notes by creating summary notes. Spot the key terms and concepts and make sure that you understand them. You can identify key terms and concepts by paying attention to what has been emphasized in your classes, textbooks and course syllabus.

Plan Ahead

Maintain a plan for each day to practice topics. Try to devote at least three hours for Quant practice on daily basis.

Learning through videos

Video channels like for instance, YouTube have made it simple for candidates appearing for exams to post and also watch instructional videos on various gadgets, including smart phones and tablets . Students can upload their own videos that can help other students to prepare for the exam. Online videos are one of the essential hotspots for students.

Let us help you prepare for exam with these Video lesson. Use these lessons and practice quizzes to boost your score on the exam

Use of Shortcut Methods in the Right Way

Remembering short tricks in the Quant section can be a lifeline and a time saver for any competitive exam. This section can turn out to be easy for you to attempt , if you apply short tricks in the right way

We hope this article provides you with useful information on preparing for SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude through video lessons. Stay connected for more information regarding SSC Exam Recruitment 2016. To excel in SSC Examination, download the Best SSC MTS Exam Preparation App for free.

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