Quantitive Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 3

Quantitive Aptitude Quiz 3

As you already know that SSC CGL dates are not so far and if you are willing to ace this exam then you need do practice. Quantitive Aptitude is an important section in this exam and it plays an important role to increase your score. So in this article we are providing you some important questions of Quantitive Aptitude. Do practice these question and enhance the level of your preparation.

Quantitive Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 3

1. A shopkeeper claims to sell his goods at cost price but uses a weight of 225 grams for a 250 grams weight. What is the profit percentage for the shopkeeper?
a) 12.5
b) 10
c) 11.11
d) 9.09

2. Population of a town increases by 12% every year. If the population of town will be 188160 after 2 years, then what is its present population?
a) 150000
b) 160000
c) 155000
d) 165000

3. Raman, Manan and Kamal are partners and invest in a business such that Raman invests 2/5th of total and Manan invest 3/8th of the total. What is the ratio of profit of Raman, Manan and Kamal respectively?
a) 16 : 15 : 9
b) 16 : 15 : 31
c) 2 : 3 : 5
d) 15 : 16 : 9

4. X and Y started a business by investing Rs 171000 and Rs 243000 respectively. If X’s share in the profit earned at the end of the year is Rs 3800, then what will be the total profit (in Rs) earned by them together?
a) 9200
b) 9600
c) 8400
d) 8800

5. Akash starts a business with Rs 85000 and Payal joins him with Rs 102000. If the profit at the end of a year is divided in the ratio 1 : 1, then after how many months did Payal join Akash?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 9
d) 8

6. P and Q invested some money in a business in the ratio of 4 : 7 respectively. After 6 months P withdraws his capital. If they receive profits in the ratio of 4: 21, then for how many months did Q invest in the business?

a) 12
b) 15
c) 18
d) 21

7. The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of a product is 60% above its manufacturing cost. The manufacturer sold the product to the retailer at x% profit and the retailer sold the product to a customer at 20% discount and earned 20% profit on his purchase price. What is the profit percentage (expressed in nearest integer) for the manufacturer who sells his product to the retailer?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 7
d) 8

8. Cost price of an article is Rs 3600. It was sold at a profit of 15%. If the article was sold at a discount of 8%, then what is the marked price (in Rs) of the article?

a) 4000
b) 4250
c) 4500
d) 4750

9. By selling a pen for Rs 105 there is a loss of 30%. At what price (in Rs) the pen must be sold in order to gain 30%?
a) 215
b) 165
c) 195
d) 200

10. L alone can do a work in 30 days. M alone can do the same in 45 days. L, M and N together can do the same work in 9 days. In how many days can N alone do the work?
a) 19
b) 20
c) 18
d) 22

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