Quantitive Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 8

Quiz 8

As you already know that SSC CGL Tier I 2018 dates are not so far and if you are willing to ace this exam then you need do practice. Quantitive Aptitude is an important section in this exam and it plays an important role to increase your score. So in this article we are providing you some important questions of Quantitive Aptitude. Do practice these question and enhance the level of your preparation.

Quantitive Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 8

These Quantitive Aptitude questions are based on the pattern of the previously asked question in SSC CGL Tier I Examination. So these Quantitive Aptitude question will also help you to become familiar with the lattest pattern of Quantitive Aptitude. So do practice these Quantitive Aptitude questions and enhance the level of your preparation.

1) Price of sugar increases by 30%. If expenditure increases by only 10%, then by how much percent consumption should decrease?
a) 14.29
b) 15.38
c) 13.58
d) 16.54

2) The price of table depreciates every year by 20%. If the value of the table after 2 years will be Rs 32000, then what is the present price (in Rs) of the table?
a) 48000
b) 44000
c) 50000
d) 51000

3) Abhinash gets 32% marks out of 300 in computer Science. How much marks out of 200 he should get in java language paper so that out of total marks his percentage becomes 46% –
a) 72%
b) 67%
c) 66%
d) 60%

4) A began a business with Rs. 4200 and was joined afterwards by B with Rs. 7200. When did B join if the profits at the end of the year were divided equally?
a) After 7 months
b) After 4 months
c) After 5 months
d) After 8 months

5) A and B enter into a partnership with 50,000 and 60,000 respectively C joins them after x months contributing 70,000 and B leaves x months before the end of the year. If they share the profit in the ratio of 20:18: 21, then the value of x is.
a) 3
b) 9
c) 6
d) 8

6) A & B start a business with Rs. 2500 and Rs. 3500 respectively. After 4 months C joins the business with Rs.4500. At the end of the year, C gets Rs. 900 as his share of profit then the difference between profits got by B & A is.
a) Rs.600
b) Rs.300
c) Rs.1200
d) Rs.1500

7) The HCF of two numbers is 4 and the two other factors of LCM are 5 and 7. Find the smaller of the two numbers.
a) 10
b) 14
c) 20
d) 28

8) The LCM of two numbers is 2079 and their HCF is 27. If one of the numbers is 189, then what will be the other number?
a) 248
b) 197
c) 297
d) 168

9) A certain sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. 1380 in 3 years and Rs. 1500 in 5 years. Find the rate per cent per annum.
a) 3%
b) 3.5%
c) 4%
d) 5%

10) A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to 720 after 2 years and to 1020 after a further period of 5 years. The sum is :
a) 500
b) 600
c) 700
d) 720

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