Quick Tricks for NICL AO Mains Descriptive Paper 2017

Quick Tricks for NICL AO Mains Descriptive Paper 2017

Quick Tricks for NICL AO Mains Descriptive Paper 2017: With just a few days to go, we expect that most candidates will be on full prep/ revision mode for the upcoming examination. The Recruitment Examination for NICL AO will be conducted on 2nd July.

In this article, we will primarily discuss the important information related to NICL AO Mains Examination. Along with that, we will be providing some quick tips on “How to Prepare for NICL AO Mains Descriptive Paper”.


NICL AO Mains Descriptive Paper Pattern

As we all know, NICL AO Mains comprises a Descriptive Paper. The Descriptive Paper is basically designed to check the candidate’s writing skills, which is a must for Government Jobs.

The Descriptive Test of 30 Minutes duration with 30 marks will be a Test of English Language (Essay, Precis and Comprehension). The descriptive test will be in English and will be conducted through online mode.

Now your are clear with the exam pattern let’s move further to our main topic on how to prepare for NICL AO English Descriptive paper for Essay writing.


NICL AO Mains Essay Writing Tips

As much importance the exam holds in determining the final outcome of NICL AO Mains result, the exam does not come with a prescribed syllabus and thus remains a topic of worry among most students.

There is no definite topic on which the aspirants can be asked to write essays in the exam, like General Studies. Thus the option of a rote method of preparation is out of the question. This fact makes it a challenging aspect of the NICL AO Mains English Descriptive exam. There are a few essay writing tips to keep in mind while writing for NICL AO Mains examination.

 Know the Dimensions

It is important for all candidates to understand that essays do not mean scribbling down your thoughts in the order that they appear to you. Essays are formatted text that flows a structured path beginning with introductions and end in logical conclusions. Here is an essay format outline, for example, have a look:

  • Introduction
  • Background / History related
  • Main concept / theory / what the subject is about
  • Current scenario related to it.
  • Good sides
  • Negative sides / obstacles
  • Suggested reforms
  • Conclusion.

Get your act together

One of the most important essay writing tips of all is to write the content in a flowing structure. Jumping on and off topic spoils the beauty of an essay. There needs to be a logical continuation from beginning to end.

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It is a good practice to organize the essay into well-structured paragraphs that are easy to understand and comply with the logical structure of the essay.

Avoid Being Repetitive 

Examiners scrutinize your essays for useful information, logical arguments, and sensible conclusions. Beating about the bush only frustrates the examiner discouraging him to pay heed to the rest of the text.

Make a rule that every line that you write conveys something meaningful and that you are not ranting random thoughts throughout the paper.

Flogging a dead horse

Deviating from the topic is a waste of effort. Go off topic and you risk losing the interest of the examiner forever. Additionally, this would be counted as bad essay etiquette and can result in bad marks.

Be Mindful of your Writing Tone

A neutral point of view and a little human concern sane up to the tone of your essay making it meritorious. Abusive language, irrational musings, and flowery language can change the meaning of the sentences as they create confusion.

Keep these points in your mind while writing an essay in NICL AO Mains English Descriptive paper. Let us now move to the second phase of this article i.e Precis writing.


NICL AO Precis Writing Tips

Writing a good precis means making an intelligent summary of the intent of the author’s passage. It must possess clear, emphatic diction and effective sentence construction. A Precis must have an apt title, a logical and well-knit order and should be written in reported speech manner. There are several other points to keep in mind while writing an effective precis. Therefore, we have mentioned some precis writing tips which you should always remember:

Read the Passage Carefully

Before writing the precis, read the entire passage carefully to understand the concept or basic idea of the text. If one reading is not enough then, read it for a second time. As you read, find out the subject or theme of the matter. Once you understand the theme, you will automatically come across the topic for your precis.

Always State the Name of the Author or Source

When you start writing your precis, you should always state the name of the author or document or the source mentioned. Avoid using the term ‘In this article’, instead mention the name of the person whose thoughts and ideas are expressed in the passage. For example: Mr Thompson argues that spiritual awakening is important….

Mention all the Necessary Facts and Thoughts

A precis should be full and precise i.e it should contain all the necessary facts, thoughts and ideas from the passage. It should not be repetitive in nature as it will only make it lengthier in size. Start you precis by highlighting the theme and create a contextual environment where you can place the necessary points.

Check the Language 

You always need to make sure that the language of your precis is clear, crisp and concise. Do not include petty words like good, bad or big, little to describe something. Always make use of words which are heavy, appropriate and formal. Do not use abbreviations or contractions and most of all, use past tense throughout the text.

Be Original 

A precis should be in the language of the precis-writer. You can not reduce the length of the original passage by just removing unimportant or unnecessary sentences. You can not copy the exact text and claim to be its writer. You should always strive to generate the content in your own words by highlighting the ideas of the author. Never force your opinion or judgments in your precis as it is against the rule.

Keep a Count of Words

It is generally accepted that the precis content should be one third of the original text. That means, if you are given 300 word length passage, your precis should be around 100 words. Once you are done with your precis, it is advised to count the words and mention them in a bracket at the end.

In conclusion, a good precis can easily be written if you are able to grasp the theme and idea of the passage. In addition to the above mentioned precis writing tips, it is imperative for you to adopt a consistent pattern which does not deviate from the theme.


NICL AO Reading Comprehension Tips

To explain a few tips and tricks on how to attempt reading comprehension questions in bank exams, let us take one example and elaborate

What immediately needed today is the establishment of a World Government or an International Federation of Mankind. It is the utmost necessity of the world today, and all those persons who wish to see all human beings happy and prosperous naturally feel it keenly.
Of course, at times, we all feel that many of our problems of our political, social and cultural life would come to an end if there were one Government all over the world. Travelers, businessmen, seekers of knowledge and teachers of righteousness know very well that great impediments and obstructions are faced by them when they pass from one country to another, exchange goods, get information, and make an effort to spread their good gospel among their fellow-men.
In the past, religious sects divided one set of people against another, color of the skin or construction of the body set one against the other. But today when philosophical light has exploded the darkness that was created by religious differences, and when scientific knowledge has falsified the theory of social superiority and when modern inventions have enabled human beings of all religious views and of all races and colors to come in frequent contact with one another, it is the governments of various countries that keep people of one country apart from those of another.
The government creates artificial barriers, unnatural distinctions, unhealthy isolation, unnecessary fears and dangers in the minds of the common men who by their nature want to live in friendship with their fellow-men. But all these evils would cease to exist if there were one Government all over the world.

Find your comfort zone

There are many people who have pushed the conservative technique of reading the passage first and then answering the questions. Whereas nowadays, people feel comfortable in looking through the questions first. There isn’t any specific rule abided to the approach of reading comprehension. You can clearly choose whatever approach you are comfortable in. Practice several passages following both of the approaches and make the choice which suits you best.
For example: Given below is an extract from the passage and a question from it. You can apply whichever approach you want to and see for yourself which one actually conserves time.

The government creates artificial barriers, unnatural distinctions, unhealthy isolation, unnecessary fears and dangers in the minds of the common men who by their nature want to live in friendship with their fellow-men. But all these evils would cease to exist if there were one Government all over the world.

Q. What do the government of various countries do to keep people of one country apart from those of another?

Time Management

The primitive and the most important tip for clearing the competitive exams is time management. A study timetable can certainly help when it comes to managing time. Your first concern should be to divide the stipulated time of the examination then, allot certain time to each section, based on your strengths and weaknesses. Always stay ahead of the time. Practice and attempt reading comprehension exercises with the help of a timer and you will have a fair knowledge of time management.
For example: The above given passage should not take more than a minute’s time to read and comprehend. If you are not able to do so, increase your reading speed. Do not waste time in understanding a particular word. Attempt reading comprehension section by keeping the time constraint in mind.

Improve your vocabulary

As mentioned above, you need to focus on improving your vocabulary to nail down the second part of the reading comprehension section. For this, you should start reading newspapers on a regular basis and also follow magazines, articles, books, anything that helps you to get immersed in English language. Write down words which you find difficult to understand and also write up their synonyms and antonyms. Make a list of these and regularly revise them till the date of your examination.
For Example: Focus on the extract given below.

The government creates artificial barriers, unnatural distinctions, unhealthy isolation, unnecessary fears and dangers in the minds of the common men who by their nature want to live in friendship with their fellow-men

The word “isolation” in the last paragraph has various synonyms like- Separation, Segregation, Reclusion etc. The antonyms for the same can be Annexation, Companionship etc. Make a list of difficult words from the passages you read along with their synonyms/antonyms and revise them.

Focus on First and Last paragraphs to understand the theme

The author of the passage usually tries to introduce his topic through the first paragraph and concludes its implications in the last paragraph. If you face any trouble finding the overall purpose or point of the given passage, it is advised to follow the pattern of first and last paragraphs.
For example: In the above given passage, the first paragraph introduces the idea of establishing a world government which will help ensure a smooth flow of travel between countries. The last paragraph talks about various obstructions faced by people who want to live peacefully together with the world. This provides us the basic outline of the passage i.e. the need of a collective power of organisation to tackle world issues and live together as world citizens.

Practice with previous year papers

After keeping these basic factors in mind, you should start practicing with the help of online reading comprehension or through previous year papers. By solving different papers, you are able to understand and identify what kind of questions appears for the exam. You should start with understanding the concept of the passage and you can even draw inferences. Do not get panicked if you are not able to understand a given word. Always trust your instincts and move forward. Attempt reading comprehension with ease and a calm mind.

Apart from these given tips, the most important one is to never lose your composure. Always stay positive and do not panic during the exams. You cannot afford to waste your time by over-thinking or over-analyzing a given passage. Make efficient use of time, practice and attempt reading comprehension questions every day.

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