Railway Exam 2016: How to Prepare for RRB Non-Technical


Railway Exam 2016: The Railway Recruitment Board has received over 98 lakh applications this year for various RRB Non-Technical Posts. As per the official notification released by RRB, there are 18252 vacancies for 9 Non-Technical Posts in the Indian Railways this year. The Indian Railways Exam for these posts will be held through the months of March to May, depending on the non-technical post you applied for.

Name of the Post   Total Number of Job  Vacancies   RRB NTPC Job  Profile 
 Commercial Apprentice (CA)  703  Read Job Description
 Traffic Apprentice (TA)  1645  Read Job Description
 Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC)  127  Read Job Description
 Goods Guard  7591  Read Job Description
 Junior Accounts Assistant-cum-  Typist (JAA)  1205  Read Job Description
 Senior Clerk-cum-Typist  869  Read Job Description
 Assistant Station Master (ASM)  5942  Read Job Description
 Traffic Assistant  166  Read Job Description
 Senior Time Keeper  4  Read Job Description

For almost every Railway RRB Non-Technical Post, the candidates are required to attempt a written examination. But, the Railway Recruitment Board has not provided a descriptive syllabus for Railways Exams. Hence, a lot of RRB NTPC candidates must be confused.

For RRB NTPC aspirants, the biggest question right now would be …

“How to Prepare for Railways Exams 2016”

Worry no more. Just follow these simple preparation tips and tricks and learn how to solve questions based on central topics of most Railway Exams. As per RRB NTPC Exam Pattern, candidates will be attempting 100 Questions in an objective pattern examination. The total time allotted would be 90 minutes. The major sections in RRB Non-Technical Exams are.

  1. Numerical Ability
  2. General Knowledge
  3. General Science
  4. Reasoning and General Intelligence

We will now visit each section and guide you on how to prepare for RRB Non-Technical Exam 2016. After you qualify in the written examination, there might be a skill test/ interview/ document verification, depending on the post you apply for. But first, let us focus on cracking Railway Exam first.


Railway Exam Preparation Tips for Numerical Ability 

Numerical Ability is a section where a person can score, if and only if, he has clarity of basic concepts. It is the only section that can place you in the merit list because you are sure about the accuracy of your attempts. Candidate must practice Questions topic wise, learn tricks and solve Questions regularly.

Here are few tips that can be used to solve the Quantitative Ability Section:

  1. Attempt your strong topics first, so that you might get motivated that the level of paper is easy.
  2. Don’t waste time on a particular question because time is an important Railway Exams.
  3. Learn List of formulas for topics like Interest, Percentages etc
  4. Try to find shortcut Tricks on topics like Cube Roots, Squares, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Percentage, Time & Work etc
  5. Save your time, attempt easy ones quickly and then come back to tricky/ difficult questions.


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A combination of good speed and accurate problem solving techniques will ensure good marks in this section of Railway Exams 2016.

 Railway Exam Preparation Tips for General Knowledge and General Science

General Knowledge & General Science have always been taken as the lightest section of the paper but it can be the game changer between a meritorious and not Qualified Candidate.  It is a section that doesn’t consume a lot of time but a candidate can depend on this section if he is prepared well enough. The whole section can be attempted within 20-22 minutes and it will help in time management. The excess time can be used in other sections.

  • Be updated with what’s going around i.e. Focus on Current Affairs
  • Prepare notes of static affairs for the last six months of important news, economy news and corporate affairs and revise them to keep yourselves perfect in Static Portion.
  • Go through previous year Question Papers and try to derive pattern of topics that are repeated every year. This will give you an idea about the important topics and help you in setting the priority.
  • Another great option to prepare GK well is to go through magazines that focus General Knowledge. Some of the useful magazines are Pratiyogita Darpan and other monthly Current Affairs e-book.
  • Try to cover General Science i.e. basic Physics, chemistry and Biology syllabus up to 10th. NCERT books will be enough for the preparation.


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As far as General Science is concerned, we did mention that NCERT Books will be more than enough. But, owing to the large number of candidates preparing for Railways Exams 2016, you need to cover each and every area carefully.


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Try to attempt this mock test series carefully and understand your level of preparation for Railways Exam 2016.


Railway Exam Preparation Tips for Reasoning and General Intelligence

Reasoning and General Intelligence: It is one of the major sections of any competitive Examination. It is generally a time consuming but scoring part. Unlike Quantitative Aptitude or Data Interpretation Questions, Reasoning doesn’t require application of formulas. It just needs some common sense and understanding of the Questions. The syllabus for Reasoning is vast so you have to smart enough in selecting the Topic. This section can be mastered by practice only. Practice more and more types of Questions and try to master it one by one.

Here are few points that can be useful while preparing fir Reasoning Section:

  1. Use the data given in Question only. In Few Questions of High Level Reasoning Part like Statement Argument, Statement Interference and Syllogism etc. some information is given. Don’t use your thoughts just analyze the data given and smart and use appropriate tricks and method for solving any problem.
  2. Focus on negative words like “not”, “non”, “un”. These words sometimes remain unread in hurry but leave an impact resulting in a negative score. Just read every Question carefully.
  3. For Usual Reasoning Questions like Directions, Blood Relation etc. Make sure you have accurate understanding about Directions and Blood Relations.
  4. Try to learn the coding or Sequencing of Letters /alphabets in forward as well as backward
  5. Always remember the sequencing of alphabets in which it comes after/before the particular alphabet and you should also remember their numerical position as per 1 to 26 in forward and backward manner.
  6. You should also practice projecting or imagining things in 3D for Visual /Non Verbal Questions like Dice, Mirror Image, Hidden Image, Paper folding etc. It will help in solving such problems.
  7. Like every coin has two faces, Reasoning Section is considered to be Scoring but it is time taking too. So the candidate must focus on Time Management while attempting this section.


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We hope this article helps you prepare for upcoming Railways Examination. We will be updating new preparation blogs every day. Mention your doubts or queries in the comments section below.

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  3. i am preparing last one year but some papers is very easy but my set is very tuf how to calculate. is set student or selected hardly prepare students loss. this is worst exam

    • In case some sets are difficult, the merit list is made on the basis of proper analysis and evaluation. There is always a process of scaling in overall score. Don’t worry much about the process just focus on the preparation and you will definitely hit the bull’s eye.

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