Railway Ki Pathshala:RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19:General Awareness Questions: Quiz 4

general awareness quiz 4

As you all know that RRB JE CBT 1 is starting from 22nd May 2019 onwards. we hope that you have already started your preparation because practice is really important at this time. General Awareness is an important section in Railway Exams. So we are providing you some important questions in this article. So do practice and increase your score.

Railway Ki Pathshala:RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19:General Awareness Questions: Quiz 4

1) Oymyakon is generally considered the coldest inhabited area on Earth. Which country Oymyakon is located in-
a) Mongolia
b) Russia
c) Greenland
d) Iceland

2) Palk Strait is between which of the following countries?
a) India & Pakistan
b) Pakistan & Srilanka
c) India & Srilanka
d) Pakistan & Iran

3) Who is the first woman President of Sri Lanka?
a) Wimala Kannangara
b) Leticia Rajapakse 
c) Sirimavo Bandaranaike
d) Chandrika Kumaratunga 

4) Gandhi ji’s Famous Quit India Movement call to the British was given in-
a) 1940
b) 1942
c) 1941
d) 1943

5) Who initiated the movement to form the Indian National Congress ?
a) A.O. Hume 
b) W.C. Bannerjee 
c) Annie Besant 
d) Gandhiji 

6) Which of the following dynasties was not located in South India?
a) Kalchuri 
b) Pandya 
c) Kadamb
d) Hoysal 

7) Which amendment of the Constitution of India increased the age of retirement of High Court judges from 60 to 62 years?
a) 10th
b) 12th
c) 15th 
d) 245th

8) If the President wants to resign from his office, he may do so by writing to the-
a) Vice President 
b) Chief Justice of India 
c) Prime Minister 
d) Speaker of Lok Sabha 

9. With reference to Indian economy, what is the full form of FDI?
a) Foreign Domestic Intelligence
b) Foreign Direct Intelligence
c) Foreign Direct Investment
d) Foreign Domestic Investment

10. Collateral Security for a loan is:
a) A liability of the lender
b) Owned by the lender
c) An asset of the borrower
d) A liability of the borrower

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