Railway Ki Pathshala:RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19: General Science Quiz 5

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RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19 Exam has been started from today, so for last minute dose we are providing some important Science questions for RRB JE CBT 1 upcoming slots. As you all know that Science has high weightage in railway exams. So you should revise Science section very well.

Railway Ki Pathshala:RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19: General Science Quiz 5

The probability of these Science questions and topics is very high. So do practice  these Science Questions and give a finishing touch to your preparation of Science section.

1. The force of attraction between an electron revolving around the nucleus and the nucleus is a _______force?
a) Mechanical
b) Electric
c) Magnetic
d) Gravitational

2. What are the components of nucleus of an atom?
a) Only Protons
b) Protons and Neutrons
c) Neutrons and Electrons
d) Only Neutrons

3. Why the clear nights are cooler than the cloudy nights?
a) Conductance
b) Condensation
c) Radiation
d) Insulation

4. The first formed primary xylem elements are called ___________.
a) Metaxylem
b) Protoxylem
c) Xylem fibres
d) Xylem parenchyma

5. In humans, the sound is produced by the ________.
a) Oesophagus
b) Larynx
c) Medulla
d) Epiglottis

6. Lungs have a large number of alveoli for-
a) Having spongy texture and proper shape
b) More surface area for diffusion of gases
c) More space for increasing volume of inspired air
d) More nerve supply

7. Oxide of which of the following will turn red litmus blue?
a) Magnesium
b) Phosphorus
c) Sulphur
d) Carbon

8. What is Brine solution?

a) Excess salt + water
b) Silver
c) Excess Ethanol + water
d) Excess starch + water

9. Chlorine gas is a major component of which of the following?
a) Water
b) Tear gas
c) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
d) Gobar gas

10. Which of the following is CORRECT about Moon’s gravitation?
a) Moon’s gravitation = 1/6th of Earth’s gravitation
b) Moon’s gravitation =1/6th of Mars gravitation
c) Moon’s gravitation =1/8th of Earth’s gravitation
d) Moon’s gravitation = 1/8th of Mars gravitation

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