Railway Ki Pathshala:RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19: General Intelligence and Reasoning Quiz 2

reasoning quiz 2

As you all know that RRB JE CBT 1 is starting from 22nd May 2019 onwards. we hope that you have already started your preparation because practice is really important at this time. Reasoning is an important section in Railway Exams. So we are providing you some important questions in this article. So do practice and increase your score.

Railway Ki Pathshala:RRB JE CBT 1 2018-19: General Intelligence and Reasoning Quiz 2

1. Arrange the following words in a meaningful logical sequence and choose the appropriate number sequence from the alternatives.
1. Rainbow
2. Happy
3. Cloud
4. Rain
5. Children

a) 2,5,4,1,3
b) 3,4,1,5,2
c) 3,4,1,2,5
d) 4,3,1,5,2

2. Rearrange the jumbled letters to make a meaningful English words and then select the word which is different from the rest.

3. Arrange the given English words in alphabetical order and choose the one that comes first.
a) Quarry
b) Quarter
c) Quarrel
d) Qualify

4. If B=25 and BEST = 62, THEN STABLE=?
यदि B = 25 और BEST = 62 है, तो STABLE को कैसे कोडित किया जाएगा?
a) 100
b) 101
c) 102
d) 103

5. If MGE = 25, then LJF =?
a) 28
b) 16
c) 22
d) 18

6. Select the combination of numbers so that letters arranged accordingly will form a meaningful English word.
1 2 3 4 5 6
a) 536124
b) 563214
c) 536214
d) 563124

7. From the given alternatives, select the word which CANNOT be formed using the letters of the given word.
a) Vote
b) Rose
c) End
d) Done

8. T is the grand-daughter of H, and H is the mother of N. Who is N to T?
a) Mother
b) Sister
c) Father
d) Either (A) or (C)

9. A is Q’s sister. C is Q’s mother. P is C’s father. E is P’s mother. How is Q related to P?
a) Daughter
b) Cannot be determined
c) Grandson
d) Granddaughter

10. Sam is the husband of Rosy. Geni is the mother of Rita and Rosy. Vaz is the father of Rita. What is the relation of Vaz to Sam ?
a) Brother
b) Father-in-La
c) Father
d) Son

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