RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB

RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB

RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is one of the most prestigious and sought after names in the public sector banking industry. It conducts examinations every year to select eligible candidates to recruit them. Since it’s the country’s governing body, all candidates interested in banking jobs dream of joining the RBI.
Similarly, the Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) conducts the Common Written Exam (CWE) every year, intending to select and recruit candidates in Rural Regional Banks (RRB). To get selected for various posts, candidates need to undergo a selection process that varies from post to post.
In this article, we will draw comparisons between the posts of RBI Office Assistant and IBPS RRB Office Assistant based on their job profiles, salary and career prospects.

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RBI Assistant Job Profile

RBI Assistant is a clerical level post in various regional offices of RBI located in the state capitals. The job profile of an RBI Assistant include:

Data Entry (Securing Data): It is the first and foremost job of an RBI Office Assistant to enter important data from various bank files and documents into the computer to store it for later use. It is the most common chore any office assistant performs in almost all public and private sector banks. 

Maintaining Mail Records: This includes maintaining a record of the data of all the inward and outward emails sent by the bank or received by it.

Reverting Mails (Customer Response): It is the sole responsibility of an assistant to respond and answer all the emails and letters regarding various queries, problems, and glitches. To do this, they are supposed to draft an appropriate response or reply and get it sanctioned by their senior heads and then send it to the concerned person or authorities.

File Handling: An Office Assistant is expected to maintain a record of all the files and important data related to different schemes and matters of the bank.

Responding to RTI Applicants: Again, an Assistant must revert and reply to all the RTI queries that are forwarded by the Information Commission to the RBI but only after getting them validated by their senior or in-charge officer.

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IBPS RRB Assistant Job Profile

IBPS RRB Office Assistant would cater to the needs of India’s rural population. IBPS RRB Office Assistant is a clerical job that involves multi-tasking in various bank departments. IBPS RRB Office job responsibilities include the following:

  1. An IBPS RRB Office Assistant are the first point of contact between the bank and the customers. They sit at the cash counters, answer various customer queries, and address their concerns. They also have to verify the documents and proofs submitted by the customers.
  2. The IBPS RRB Office Assistant is responsible for issuing demand drafts (DDs), cash receipts, and creating bank accounts for the customers. Office Assistants also maintain cash and credit transactions reports and manage all transactions.
  3. Office Assistants have to educate the rural population and provide them with information about the latest government schemes and policies

RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB – Pay Scale

In this section, we will discuss the salary package given to an RBI Assistant and IBPS RRB Assistant. Let us formulate this in the form of the table:

Post Name Pay Scale

RBI Assistant

IBPS RRB Office Assistant
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RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB – Allowances

An RBI Office Assistant and IBPS RRB Assistant, apart from the salary, is eligible to receive:

  • Official Accommodation: Official Accommodation are provided by the banks if available, if not one will be compensated with House Rent Allowance.
  • Conveyance Expenses: If you own a vehicle or travel by public transport, you will eligible for the conveyance allowance. 
  • Leave Travel Allowance:  Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) can be claimed by an employee if they go for a vacation and submit the actual bill to the bank. 
  • Medical Reimbursement: The banks also provide a fixed amount to their employees for medical treatment.
  • Pension Schemes. 
  • Book Grant and Newspaper Allowance.
  • Interest-Free Loans.

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RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB – Career Prospects

There are periodic internal promotional examinations for promotion to a better employee position. After a promotion, an employee has more responsibilities and receives a higher salary.

RBI Office Assistant

An office assistant can become a Grade A officer after giving a departmental exam after five years. This position is the lowest in the level of hierarchy in the RBI. After this, slowly and gradually, one can reach to Grade F officer level which is the highest and constitutes some of the most significant people like Governors and Deputy Governors.

  1. Grade A: Assistant Managers
  2. Grade B: Managers
  3. Grade C: Assistant General Managers
  4. Grade D: Deputy General Managers
  5. Grade E: General Managers
  6. Grade F: Deputy Governors and Governors

For others, after ten years of being an Office Assistant in the RBI, you will be promoted to the post of a Special Assistant and then Senior Assistant, etc.

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IBPS RRB Office Assistant

In a Scheduled Commercial Bank of the IBPS, career progress and learning opportunities are more as compared to regional rural banks. This is due to fact that these banks deal in many sectors like,

  1. Digital banking
  2. Foreign Exchange Management
  3. Corporate Financing Schemes

Here, you can reach a Scale V Officer post within 15 years after getting promoted. In RRB, chances of growth are significant as there are limited opportunities.

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FAQs About RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB

Q. Which is tougher, RBI assistant or IBPS RRB Office Assistant?
A. In terms of the difficulty level of the job, RBI Assistant is a bit tougher than IBPS RRB Office Assistant Job.

Q. Is RRB better than IBPS PO?
A. IBPS Clerk generally has the initial Basic pay of Rs 11765 per month with a yearly increment of Rs 655 for three years. The gross salary is around Rs. 19000 to 21000. However, RBI Assistants has a basic pay of ₹ 14,650 per month. At present, initial monthly Gross emoluments for Assistants approximately Rs 36091/-
However, Allowances are almost the same for IBPS RRB OA and RBI Assistant. 

Q. Is IBPS RRB a government job?
A. The Regional Rural Banks are owned by the Central Government, the State Government. So, The IBPS RRB 2022 Jobs are Government Jobs.

Q. Is IBPS RRB exam conducted every year?
A. IBPS RRB and RBI OA exam is a national-level banking exam conducted every year by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) for candidates who aspire to join the Regional Rural Bank (RRBs).

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We hope that our article helps you make better decisions regarding your goals and career choice.

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