RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Job Profile, Salary, Career Prospects

RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Job Profile, Salary, Career Prospects

RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is one of the most prestigious and sought after names in the public sector banking industry. It conducts examinations every year to select eligible candidates to recruit them. Since, it’s the governing body of the country, all candidates interested in banking jobs dream to join the RBI.

Similarly, Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) conducts the Common Written Exam(CWE) every year with an aim to select and recruit candidates in Rural Regional Banks(RRB). To get selected for various posts, candidates need to undergo a selection process which varies from post to post. IBPS RRB is no different to candidates flocking and aspiring to join this reputed banking institute.

In this article, we are going to draw comparisons between the posts of RBI Office Assistant and IBPS RRB Office Assistant based on their job profiles, salary and career prospects. Let us begin by discussing the job profiles first.


RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Job Profile Comparison

Once the candidates qualify the written examination, he /she is supposed to appear for a Language Proficiency Test. If they qualify the same, then they are assigned their chosen field of interest. Now, let us try to get an insight into the duties of an office assistant and exactly what is he/she supposed to do.

RBI Assistant Job Profile

Data Entry (Securing Data): It is the first and foremost job of an RBI Office Assistant to enter important data from various bank files and documents into the computer to safely store it for later use and reference. It is most common chore performed any office assistant in almost all public and private sector banks.

Maintaining Mail Records: This also includes maintaining a record of the data of all the inward and outward emails sent by the bank or received by it.

Reverting Mails (Customer Response): It is the sole responsibility of an assistant to respond and answer all the emails and letters regarding various queries, problems, and glitches. For doing this, he/she is supposed to draft an appropriate response or reply and get it sanctioned by their senior heads and then send to it the concerned person or authorities.

File Handling: An Office Assistant is expected to maintain a record of all the files and important data related to different schemes and matters of the bank.

Responding to RTI Applicants: Again it’s the duty of an assistant to revert and reply to all the RTI queries that are forwarded by the Information Commission to the RBI but only after getting them validated by their senior or the in charge.

IBPS RRB Assistant Job Description

Initially, after you join, you won’t be straight away getting the post of an Office Assistant. You have to begin by working from a lower level of the hierarchy. This is the best time to work with full devotion and learn how things work in a bank. This is going to help you in the long run.

There are various tasks that you will have to perform simultaneously. The main being managing customer relations and handling the customer desk to assist the account holders. Some of those tasks are,

  • Collecting Cash
  • Opening New Accounts
  • Deposit/Withdrawal of Money
  • Verifying Cheques


RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Pay Scale

Here we will discuss the salary package given to an RBI Assistant and IBPS RRB Assistant. For IBPS RRB Office Assistants, the basic salary during the probation period is not more than Rs.10000-15000. Let us formulate this in the form of table:

Pay Scale

Bank Post Name Salary (in Rs.) Salary Breakdown
RBI Office Assistant Rs.19000-21000 8,040- 410- 9270- 500- 11,270- 550- 13,470- 650- 15,420- 720- 16,140- 990- 20,100 (20 years)
IBPS RRB Rs.15000-19000 7200- (400/3)- 8400-(500/3)- 9900-(600/4)- 12300-(700/7)- 17200-(1300/1)- 18500-(800/1)- 19300

Also, in addition to the salary, these banks also offer certain perks and allowances.

An RBI Office Assistant, apart from the salary, is eligible to receive:

  • Official Accommodation if available, if not one will be compensated with House Rent Allowance.
  • Book Grant and Newspaper Allowance.
  • Conveyance Expenses if you own a vehicle for its maintenance and other expenses.
  • Interest-Free Loans.
  • Leave Fair Concession(LFC) and Leave Travel Concession(LTC) facility for travelling anywhere in the country.
  • Free Medical Care for its employees for treatment or hospitalization of any kind will be fully covered by the RBI.


RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Career Prospects

If one works hard with full dedication and commitment to this job, there are ample opportunities and prospects that are waiting to help you grow and evolve and eventually have a bright future. Both RBI and IBPS offer tremendous scope for future upgradations is your career.

RBI Office Assistant

An office assistant can become a Grade A officer after giving a departmental exam after 5 years. This position is the lowest in the level of hierarchy in the RBI. After this, by working hard, slowly and gradually one can reach to Grade F officer level which is the highest and constitutes some of the most significant people like Governors and Deputy Governors.

  1. Grade A: Assistant Managers
  2. Grade B: Managers
  3. Grade C: Assistant General Managers
  4. Grade D: Deputy General Managers
  5. Grade E: General Managers
  6. Grade F: Deputy Governors and Governors

For others, after 10 years of being an Office Assistant in the RBI, you are going to be promoted to the post of a special assistant and then a senior assistant, etc.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant

In a Scheduled Commercial Bank of the IBPS, career progress and learning opportunities are more as compared to regional rural banks. This is due to fact that these banks deal in many sectors like,

  1. Digital banking
  2. Foreign Exchange Management
  3. Corporate Financing Schemes

Here, you can reach to the post of a Scale V Officer within 15 years after getting promoted. In RRB’s, the chances of growth are very less as the potential of the job is limited as there is not much to do. Also, reaching posts that lie at a higher level in the hierarchy is less likely to happen.IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017 All India Test (AIT) | 25 November: Register Now

So, here we are summing up article on RBI Assistant vs IBPS RRB: Job Profile, Salary, Career Prospects. If there are any further queries, please mention in the comment section below.

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