Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL 2018: Quiz 4


As you already know that SSC CGL dates are not so far and if you are willing to ace this exam then you need do practice. Reasoning is an important section in this exam and it plays an important role to increase your score. So in this article we are providing you some important questions of Reasoning. Do practice these reasoning questions and enhance the level of your preparation.

Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL 2018: Quiz 4

1) January 26, 2007 was Tuesday what day lies on January 26, 2008?
a) Tuesday
b) Wednesday
c) Thursday
d) Saturday

2) Select the odd letters from the given alternatives-

3)  Select the odd wordpair from the given alternatives,in the following question,
a) Ink : Inkpot
b) Bottle : Wine
c) Tea : Cup
d) Water : Jug

4) If ‘A + B’ means ‘A is father of B’, ‘A-B’ means ‘A is mother of B’, ‘A* B’ means ‘A is brother of B’ and ‘A%B’ means ‘A is sister of B’, then how is Q related to S in ‘P+Q*R-S?
a) Husband
b) Uncle
c) Brother
d) Father

5) The ratio of the present ages of Shreya and her husband is 8 : 9. 9 years from now, ages of her husband and her son will be in the ratio of 9 : 4. If the present age of Shreya is 56 years, then what will be her son’s present age (in years)?
a) 23
b) 24
c) 19
d) 25

6) Present age of Q and R is in ratio 3: 4. After 5 years age of Q will 23 years what is the present age (in years) of R?
a) 20
b) 24
c) 18
d) 26

7) In certain code language, “pink” is written as “green”, “green” is written as “yellow”, “yellow” is written as “red”, “red” is written as “white” and “white” is written as “indigo”, then in the same code language what is the colour of blood?
a) White
b) Red
c) Green
d) Yellow

8) A company’s managing director entered at 12:30, 10 minutes before taking an interview. He came 20 minutes before the chairman and the chairman came late for 30 minutes. What was the time of interview?
a) 12:00
b) 12:10
c) 12:20
d) 12:30

9) What is the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand when the clock strikes 9: 30?
a) 95 Degree
b) 105 Degree
c) 85 Degree
d) 30 Degree

10) In a row of boys, Aman is 12th from top and Rajul is 18th from bottom. If they interchange their places, then Aman becomes 42nd from top. How many boys are there in the row?
a) 62
b) 60
c) 58
d) 59


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