Why Should You Give Any Mock Test?

Why Should You Give Any Mock Test?

Apparently, all of us are very familiar with the concept of an online mock test. By that as it may, mock test are trial exam taken by students/candidates planning to appear for any competitive exam such as CHSL, IAS, CGL, Railway Group D, etc.  

These tests include a set of test papers prepared using previous year papers with the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Apart from this, here are 5 very important reasons that would definitely prompt you to appear for an online mock test:

  1. Revision of Syllabus

An online mock test acts as a medium to self analyze. Appearing for a mock exams allows to actually know the amount of syllabus we remember. At the same time, it helps students to know the actual syllabus they were able to attempt in a given time period.

  1. Real Time Scenario

Students can experience a real time exam scenario through mock tests. By that as it may, a mock exam is built with exam pattern & syllabus of previous year papers, and has to be finished within a specified time frame.

  1. States Areas of Improvement

A mock test gives all students a chance to rectify their mistakes before the actual or final exam. This is one of the major differences between an online mock paper and the final online exam. The latter gives you a chance to rectify your mistakes the next year after the final result is out.

Also, unlike final exams students can choose to attempt mock test whensoever they wish to do so. But this is not the same for your final online government/institute exam and neither is any time flexibility provided to any student.

  1. Increases Speed

After attempting an online mock test any student is sure to gain speed while attempting in the real government/university exam. The students who don’t attempt any mock tests might face challenges during the actual exam.

These could include understanding the question, choosing the right option, marking the wrong option/leaving the question entirely. Therefore, they lag behind students who have actually attempted and practiced mock exams.

  1. Marks and Reasoning

Just like any other exam an online mock test provides results/marks. Students get to know their areas of improvement after attempting and viewing their marks or results. At the same time, the student or candidate can also understand his/her ranking in comparison to others through the result.  

Conclusively, an online mock test is very crucial for any student or candidate planning to appear for competitive exams.


Watch the video to learn more about reasons to attempt a mock test before exam.

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