Refer & Earn Paytm Cash

Refer & Earn Paytm Cash: OnlineTyari has recently launched its Refer & Earn scheme for all members. So here is your chance to earn some cash rewards in your Paytm wallet. Read this blog till the end and follow easy steps mentioned within it.

Refer & Earn Paytm Cash

It’s easy to refer and earn from OnlineTyari App. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1

You should be registered on OnlineTyari app. As soon as you register your account on OnlineTyari app you would receive a 5 digit alphanumeric referral code.

Important Notes:

Step 2

Make sure your Paytm phone number is linked to our OnlineTyari payment gateway. If it is not, then link it to your Paytm phone number before you share your personal referral code. Please note all cash back will be credited into your Paytm wallet with the number linked to the account.

Step 3

Share the referral code with as many people as possible. The more you share the more you earn. Every time a person uses your referral code for purchasing TyariPLUS you get a cashback of INR 100 in your Paytm wallet linked on OnlineTyari payment gateway. The cash back will be credited within the next 48 hours.

The cash back will be credited within the next 48 hours.

Benefits of Person Using Your Referral Code

Every time a person uses your referral code they get a discount of INR 100 while purchasing TyariPLUS on OnlineTyari app.

Important Points to Receive Cash Back

TyariPLUS has been built to help you overcome competitive exam hurdles and save your hard-earned rupees. OnlineTyari PLUS is a one-stop-shop for all aspirants preparing for government exams.

Benefits of Tyari plus

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