Root Words Improve Government Exam Preparation

Root Words Improve Government Exam Preparation

Root Words Improve Government Exam Preparation: Root of a word is a unit of a meaning. By that as it may, a root word is a word that doesn’t have a prefix in front of a word or a suffix at the end of a word. In vocabulary terms, root word is known as the primary lexical unit of word & of a word family. It(root word) carries the most prominent aspects of semantic content and it cannot be reduced into minor constituents.

Root Words & Meanings

Since we know the concept of roots words, let us now understand a few such root words:

Root Word Meaning Word Word Meaning
Auto Self/Same Autocrat a person who governs with absolute power
Autograph a person’s own signature
Automatic moving by itself
Autogenesis Born from oneself; spontaneously generated
Autognosis Self-knowledge; self-understanding
Autobiography The story of one’s life written by oneself
Autocracy State governed by absolute rule; supremacy
Chron Time Anachronism Existing out of its time in history
Chronicle A record of historical events in order of time
Chronobiology The study of the impact of time on animals
Chronograph An instrument for recording time
Chronognosis Perception of the passage of time
Chronology The study of the time divisions
Chronometer An instrument for measuring time
Chronometry The study of accurate time measurement
Chronophobia A fear of the time

By and large, root words are useful in many ways, such as:

  • Remembering Multiple Words Through A Single Root Word: In the above table, “Auto” means self/same. At the same time, there are many words which have auto in their prefixes. You can remember all such words by remembering a single root word.
  • Root Words In Suffix, Helps To Understand Part Of Speech: If you know the end words, then you most probably know the part of speech of word. This can evidently help you to know how to use it in a sentence. For example if suffix is -ist which by definition means “a person who…”, then you can recall words like cyclist- a person who cycles; guitarist-a person who plays guitar, etc.
  • Root Words In Prefix, Helps To Know Part of the Definition: Knowing the prefix can help to understand and remember words partially. For example a- and an- mean without & not respectively. Words like atypical-not typical; amoral-without morals; anaerobic-without air or oxygen and many more can be remembered through prefixes a- and an-.
  • Makes Understanding Exam Questions Easier: Root words increase remembering more number of words and meanings. In simple terms, root words increase vocabulary. Therefore, with a knowledge of ample number of words understanding difficult words withing exams becomes much easier. In the end it increases students chances to write more correct answers after understanding developed because of root words.

Conclusively, root words come very handy in many sections of  SBI, SSC and exams conducted by other government bodies.

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