How Rote Learning can help in IAS Exam Preparation

How Rote Learning can help in IAS Exam Preparation

Rote Learning for IAS Exam Preparation: By definition, rote learning is a memorisation technique based on repetition. A child starts learning by mugging up alphabets and numbers. This continues further as one expands the graph by learning the multiplication tables, spellings and other basics like formulae by repeating them. Although it may sound very blase, somewhere down the line ‘rote’ became a bad word, an anathema. Like the two sides of a coin, rote learning can be said to have both pros and cons.

During early stages of schooling, this method can bring in good marks. So, the student psyche gets ingrained with the belief that it probably is the best method of learning. However, moving ahead to higher levels of education this method seems redundant. Higher levels of education require critical analysis that erupts out of deep thinking to solve practical problems arising out of an application of theoretical knowledge. Moreover, there is a limit to what one can learn.

The best learning strategies are those which club in the rote method of learning with the practicality of critical thinking when dealing with studies at all levels be it school level, university level or a government competitive examination. While rote method provides you with an adequate knowledge, understanding the subject enhances your practical approach towards it. The gist of the matter is that learning without comprehending is of little use and comprehension requires thought process. Make prudent use of rote learning and critical thinking as they both go hand in hand.


Tips to Enhance Rote Learning for IAS Exam Preparation 

UPSC Civil Services Examination is a challenge which requires both skill and practice to crack in the first attempt. In order to ace IAS Examination, here are a few tips on how Rote Learning can help in enhancing IAS Exam Preparation.


Along with learning by repeating, develop a connection with the topic. Try and relate to the topics by getting into the fabric of it. This connection will help you in long-lasting and effective memorisation.


Shallow learning often becomes same as rote learning because our eyes tend to gloss over the text without comprehending it. Visualisation helps aid memory in magnificent ways. One can complement the learning graph by visualizing and creating mental pictures.

Spaced Prepping

At times even with good memory one tends to keep forgetting. Then spaced repetition comes in handy. Revise immediately after ten minutes, then again after a few. Revise again next day and leave it until next week. Recall again after a month. This is a savvy rote learning approach for students who are forgetful.

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Attempt Now

Apart from connecting, visualisations and spacing, there are some other verticals that have to be kept in mind while trying to nail an examination:

  • Jot down points as you study.
  • Read more about the exam topics.The similarity will make it easier to remember.
  • A debate is a fun way to learn.It brings a new perspective to the thought process.
  • Teach someone. It is said that to teach is to learn twice.That makes learning in an auto mode.
  • Practise old papers.Well, this is a no-brainer. Of course , the more you practice the more you learn.
  • Organise your study space. An uncluttered study area helps in better comprehension.
  • Have passion and be self-motivated to crack the exam.

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