RPSC Grade 2 Teacher General Knowledge Preparation Tips

RPSC Grade 2 Teacher General Knowledge Preparation Tips

RPSC Grade 2 Teacher General Knowledge Preparation Tips: The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released an official notification to invite eligible candidates for the RPSC Grade 2 Teacher Recruitment Exam. It is a great opportunity for those aspirants who wish to pursue a career in the teaching field in the public sector of Rajasthan.

There are about 6468 vacancies for the same. Since, the subject of general knowledge is enormous with a number of topics that one needs to cover, therefore,the most common query that the candidates have in mind is How to prepare for the general knowledge section?

In this segment, we are going to discuss a few general knowledge preparation tips for RPSC Grade 2 teacher exam.


RPSC Grade 2 Teacher General Knowledge Section

The RPSC Grade 2 Exam comprises of 2 papers- Paper I and Paper II. The subject General Knowledge of world and India is a part of the subjects categorized under Paper I. It carries a total of 60 marks out of the possible 200. In the following table which will give you more info on the topic-wise distribution of General knowledge section in the RPSC Grade II Examination.

General Knowledge of World and India
Topic No. of questions
Geography 10
Indian Polity 10
History 6
Current Affairs 4

Important Topics

The topics from which the questions can be asked are as follows-

  • Continents
  • Oceans and their characteristics
  • Global wind system
  • Environmental problems
  • Global strategies, globalization and its impacts
  • Population trend and distribution
  • India and U.N.O.
  • Major trends in International policies with special reference to Globalization and Nuclear nonproliferation
  • Location and its advantages
  • Monsoonal system
  • Drainage characteristics
  • Changing patterns of agriculture and industries
  • National income-concept & trends
  • Poverty reduction schemes
  • Features of India’s foreign policy and Nehru’s contribution in its making.
  • Major Landmarks in the Constitutional History of India with special reference to Government of India Acts of 1919 and 1935; Gandhi’s contribution to National Movement; Ambedkar and Constitution; Making; Salient features of Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy; offices of the Indian President and Prime Minister; India’s federal system; Major Political Parties.

Now let us divert our focus towards the approach that one needs to follow while preparing for general knowledge section for the RPSC Grade 2 Teacher Examination.


RPSC Grade 2 Teacher General Knowledge Preparation Tips

The general knowledge section of the exam requires you to study a lot from various sources such as newspapers. journals, magazines etc. To ensure a good score in the exam. follow these general knowledge preparation tips and strategy:

Prepare from NCERT Books

  • Candidates are advised to study from social science books up to 10th standard as the main focus of this exam is static knowledge.
  • Also, NCERT books are easy to read and understand owing to the simple language. This also provides you clarity on the subject matter
  • NCERT books tend to focus on the main and important facts, which in turn helps you to save time from the going through and eliminating unimportant data.

Focus on Indian Polity, History and Geography

  • These topics are the most important as they carry the maximum weightage and maximum number of questions are asked from these as mentioned in the table above.
  • As most of the information incorporates facts, but in the geography section scientific knowledge is equally important. So, to overcome this hurdle, one can always co-relate topics and try to understand them. A good deal of 3-4 questions is asked from the geography section. Questions are expected from topics like the Environment, Wind, Disputed places in the world, etc.
  • In Indian Polity, the candidate must pay more attention to topics like constitution, parliament and amendments.
  • Try to study about Modern History and Important Events of India thoroughly and establish a relation between the events in Indian History and your life.

Read Newspapers

The candidates must spend some time of their daily schedule to read newspapers as it will prepare you for current affairs and keep you updated on the latest happenings and developments around the world and India. Focus on the recent developments and do not go to deep.

Also, you can read general knowledge magazines as they have lots and lots of important matter that you help you. Try to collect more data through the medium of internet by joining some good websites that provide you with descent and useful information.

Make Notes

While studying, always remember to keep a notepad at hand to jot down all the important points. These can prove to be beneficial for you later on during the time of revision. Always try to keep your notes as short as possible and update whenever required.

Solve Previous year Question banks

Go through previous year’s questions and try to discover a pattern or the nature of questions generally asked. Pay special attention to repetitive topics and set them accordingly in your priority list.

The candidates who follow these general knowledge tips for RPSC grade 2 teacher exam consistently and with full devotion, will have an extra added bonus for themselves.

We hope this article provides you with useful information regarding RPSC Grade 2 Teacher General Knowledge Preparation Tips. If you have any doubts or queries, post them in the comment section below.

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