RRB ALP & Technician 2018: Solution For Test Paper 6 & 7

RRB ALP & Technician: Solution for test paper 6 & 7

RRB ALP & Technician 2018: Solution For Test Paper 6 & 7: The ongoing RRB ALP & Technician exam demands practicing every minute of your time. With a number of subjects being covered in the syllabus of RRB ALP & Technician, it is necessary to practice a number of test paper.

At the same time. it is equally important to know the reason for solutions given with explanation. To help students preparing for RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Exam 2018 we are conducting a live session. Read below to know more.

RRB ALP & Technician: Solution For Test Paper 6 & 7

Like mentioned above, it is important to keep practicing mock tests before exams. However, it is equally important to know the correct solutions as well as the explanation for the correct solution.

Therefore, we are disclosing some of the most recurring pattern of questions for Maths Section from our Ultimate Package Test Paper 6 and 7 below. Here are the questions which have been selected based on our RRB ALP 2018 Exam Analysis and Review:

Expected Maths Questions

Q. Average of the marks scored by boys in a class is 54 and that by girls in the class is 45. If the average of the marks scored by all the students in the class is 51, then find the respective ratio of number of boys and girls in the class.

Q. List price of a pen is Rs 50. A seller bought a pen at a price equal to Rs 30. He sold the pen at a profit of 10%. Find the discount percent.

Q. A rectangle with one side of length 12 cm is inscribed in a circle of diameter 15cm.Find the area of the rectangle.

Q. Two circles touch each other internally. Their radius is 2 cm and 3 cm respectively. Find the length of the biggest chord of the greater circle which touches inner circle?

Q. The distance between the points (2,7) and (k,-5) is 13. What is the value of k?

Q. What is the ratio of compound interest accrued in two years at 8% p.a. to the simple interest accrued in three years at 16% p.a., both calculated on the same sum of money?

Q. Rs. 600 is divided among A,B and C in such a way that 15 more  34 of A s share, Rs. 60 less than 25 of B’s share,and Rs. 6 less than 3/5 of C share are equal. Find A share?

Q. The railway fares of air-conditioned sleeper and ordinary sleeper class are in the ratio 5: 1. The number of passengers traveled by air-conditioned sleeper and ordinary sleeper classes were in the ratio 4: 25. If the total collection was Rs. 1,35,000, how much did air conditioner sleeper passengers pay?

Solutions for all of these questions will be discussed in tomorrow’s live session by Aditya Sir

Expected General Science and Current Affairs Questions

As promised here are the list of general science and current affairs questions that will be solved on 23 August 2018 at 11 .m. Set a reminder to get notified instantly when the video is live.

Q. The cholesterol level above 240 in human blood is considered

Q. How are bacteria created?

Q. What is the chemical name of Phosgene?

Q. What is the speed of light in Glass?(in m/s)

Q. What is the equation for Stefan’s Law?

Q. Why do soap bubbles look colorful in white light?

Q. Electric Motor converts _____ energy to mechanical energy

Q. Who is the writer of the ‘Kalpasutra’?

Q. Where was the 7th Indo-Bangladesh Training Exercise “SAMPRITI” held?

Q. Name the player who has claimed No.1 spot in 10m air pistol rankings of ISSF

Q. What is the name of first human-made plastic?

Q. Gammaxene and D.D.T. are important compounds of which of the following elements?

Q. What creates Maximum oxygen in the environment?

Q. Which country is hosting the World Environment Day for the year 2018?

Q. 4th BIMSTEC Summit-2018 will be held at which place on 30 August?

Q. Name the person who has taken over as the new DG of PIB?

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