RRB ALP Ultimate Test Series: The Most Important Questions for All Sections


RRB ALP Ultimate Test Series: The Most Important Questions for All Sections- In this blog, we would be covering the most questions for reasoning, quantitative aptitude, general science and current affairs. All of these questions are frequently appearing questions in RRB ALP exams. Also, most students fail to mark the correct answer for these questions.

The solution for all of these questions is provided in video format. Students interested in finding out the solution to these question must watch the video.

RRB ALP 2018 Exam: Ultimate Package

This test is based on latest official pattern of Railways Assistant Loco Pilot Exam. The test series contains a total number of 65 practice tests.

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RRB ALP Ultimate Test Series: The Most Important Questions for All Sections

Reasoning Section

As far as reasoning is concerned, students need a grasp at topics listed under RRB ALP Exam syllabus. Coping up with all the topics and different kinds of question format might sometimes become a real tough task. In order to help you with your day-to-day preparation, we have compiled a list of questions. You can view a detailed solution in the video attached just below the questions.

Q. Select the one which is different from the other three?

A. 130,26
B. 75,16
C. 35,7
D. 65,13

Q. In a certain code language ENJOY is coded as 76155 then what will be the code of CALMS in that code language?

A. 15313
B. 17341
C. 14323
D. 14313

Q. A man facing east turns towards right and walks 3 km, then turns left and walks 4 km, then turns left again and walks 4 km, then turns right and walks 5 km and then turns right again and walks 4 km, then turns left and walk 6 km and reach at point P. In which direction he is facing after reaching point P.

A. South
B. North
C. East

Q. In the given figure, how many bottles are not brown?

A. 58
B. 62
C. 102
D. 106

Q. The diagram below represents the students who study Hindi, English and Sanskrit. Study the diagram and identify the region which represents students who study both Hindi and English but not Sanskrit?

A. C + F + A + G
B. F
C. A + C + G
D. C

Q. If 13×12 = 651 and  41×23 = 448 then 24×22 = ?

A. 504
B. 924
C. 429
D. 942

Q. If 2 * 8 * 1 = 81, 4 * 1 * 3 = 256 then 3 * 3 * 3?

A. 212
B. 246
C. 121
D. 216

Q. A is the son of B who is sister of C and daughter of D. E is the husband of D and F is the wife of C. How is B related to F?

A. Sister-in-law
B. Daughter-on-law
C. Sister
D. Niece

Q. A piece of paper is folded and punched as shown below in the question figures. From the given answer figures. indicate how it will appear when opened.

To know the solution for all Reasoning Questions listed above, watch this video-

General Awareness

Knowing the correct facts, figures and news is as important as any other section of Railways Assistant Loco Pilot Exam. Here is a list of most important questions that can be expected in the upcoming RRB ALP 2018 exam.

Q. Who among the following has been conferred with the 11th KISS Humanitarian Award 2018?
A. Dalai Lama
B. Muhammad Yunus
C. Gyan Bushan
D. Sachin Tendulkar

Q. Recently, which among the following book is authored by Narendra Modi?
A. I witness : Partial Observations
B. Exam Warrior
C. Non – stop India
D. A better India : A better World

Q. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in inaugurated Samsung’s mobile manufacturing plant, touted as the biggest in the world, at which of the following place?
A. Gurugram
B. New Delhi
C. Noida
D. Banglore

Q. In which city, Global Extension of Services 2018 is inaugurated?
A. Mumbai
B. New Delhi
C. Amritsar
D. Chennai

Q. Which of the following war games conducted by Indian Navy concluded recently?

Q. Name the person, who swore in its new President of Costa Rican?
A. Jimmy Morales
B. Manuel Baldizón
C. Sandra Torres
D. Carlos Alvarado

Q. Name the Former President of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) passed away on 30th April 2018. He was 83
A. PP Lakshmanan
B. Praful M Patel
C. Amit Ranjan
D. Sanjay Behera

Q. Which among the following has lifted third Premier League trophy in seven seasons?
A. Manchester City
B. Leicester City
C. Chelsea
D. Arsenal

Q. An electronic path, that sends signals from one part of the computer to another is.
A. Modern
B. Serial Part
C. Bus
D. Logic Gate

Q. Which of the following is the world’s largest superconducting camera to spot nearby exoplanets?
B. Illumination

To know the solution for all General Awareness Questions listed above, watch this video-


In this section we would be covering the most prominenet questions from our RRB ALP Ultimate Series Test-3 which have a high probability of appearing in the exam. The solution for all of these will be given in the live session today @ 4 p.m. by Aditya Sir. Stay tuned and set reminder on our youtube channel to know when the session is live.

Questions that will be covered in this session:

Q.Two metals have their total weight equivalent to 60 kg. The first metal contains 10kg of pure copper and the second contains 8kg of pure copper. What is the percentage of copper in the first metal, if second metal contains 15 per cent more copper than the first?
A. 25%
B. 22%
C. 17%
D. 20%

Q.The perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 6 m more than its breadth is 84 m. What would be the area of the triangle whose base is equal to the diagonal of the rectangle and whose height is equal to the length of the rectangle? (in m2)

Q.The price of commodity A increases by 40 paise every year, while the price of commodity B increases by 15 paise every year. If in 1998, the price of commodity A was Rs. 4.20 and that of B was Rs. 6.30, in which year commodity A will cost 40 paise more than the commodity B?
A. 2008
B. 2006
C. 2005
D. 2010

Q.For how many months did Sonam invest his money when Paras and Sonam started a retail store with initial investments in the ratio 5 : 6 and their annual profits were in the ratio 2 : 3 and Paras invested the money for 8 months.
A.6 Months
B.7 Months
C.12 Months
D.10 Months

Q.A, B and C are three students. A got 18% more marks than B and 12% less than C. If B got 220 marks, then how much marks C has got?

Q.What is the present age of the son, if the ratio of the present ages of a son and his father is 1:4 and that of his mother and father is 3:4. After 2 years the ratio of the age of the son to that of his mother becomes 3:8.
20 Years
15 Years
10 Years
18 Years

Q.In the following figure, if OA = 10 and AC = 16, then OB must be

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Q.Find AB, if it is given that perimeters of two similar triangles ABC and PQR are 120 and 180 respectively. (given PQ = 36 cm).
A.36 cm
B.44 cm
C.20 cm
D.24 cm


A. 0



General Science

Tomorrow at 5 p.m. Aditya Sir will discuss important questions in RRB ALP exam for General Science Section. We will share the set reminder link and questions to be covered in the video shortly with you.

Q.Which of the following is responsible for non-coagulation of blood inside our body?
A. Haemoglobin
B. Heparin
C. Fibrin
D. Plasma

Q.Which of the following vitamin is needed for healthy eyesight?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin K
D. Vitamin D

Q.Which among the following is also called as ‘power house of the cell’?
A. Plastids
B. Mitochondria
C. Golgi bodies
D. Cell wall

Q.Quantity of blood in the human body is ————.
A. 10% of body weight
B. 7% of body weight
C. 5% of body weight
D. 12 % of body weight

Q.Which of the following elements are present in all proteins?
A. Carbon
B. Hydrogen
C. Oxygen
D. All of these

Q.The only movable bone in the skull is-
A. nasal
B. mandible
C. maxilla
D. front parietal

Q.Brown stains in vessels and clothes indicate the presence of high quantities of ________ in water.
A. Magnesium
B. Calcium
C. Manganese
D. Chromium

Q.Nowadays often yellow lamps are being used for street lighting. Which of the following gas is used in these lamps-
A. Sodium
B. Neon
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen

Q.When the velocity of a body is doubled:
A. its momentum is doubled.
B. its acceleration is doubled.
C. its K.E. is doubled.
D. its P.E. is doubled.

Q.Fleming’s right-hand rule is used to find the direction of the?
A. Alternating current
B. Direct current
C. Induced current
D. Actual current

Attend LIVE Session@ 5 p.m. to get answers to all the above questions of General Science section.

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