RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 22nd October

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 22nd October

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): After taking a short break, RRB is back  to complete the journey of the group D recruitment process. The day trigged off in multiple shifts and here is the complete analysis with the questions asked of all shifts.

With RRB Group D Analysis, we will also predict a good score scenario for each section which will point out to a probable score ranging in the safe zone.


RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 22nd October

As we all know, the exam was composed of 4 sections i.e. Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Science, and General Awareness.

Today’s most common question is: What was the difficulty level of RRB Group D Exam?

To answer in one word, EASY TO MODERATE!

Subject First Second Third
Mathematics 14-20 Moderate 15-19 Moderate 14-19 Moderate
General Intelligence & Reasoning 20-23 Easy to Moderate 21-24 Easy to Moderate 20-24  Easy to  Moderate
General Science 15-19 Easy to Moderate 16-20 Moderate 16-18  Easy to Moderate
General Awareness on Current Affairs 15-16 Moderate 15-17 Easy to Moderate 14-17 Easy to Moderate
Good Attempt 63-69 63-70 62-69


Questions Asked in Group D Exam

These questions have been submitted by the candidates who’ve attempted the Railway Group D Examination.

1. Who is the Chief Minister of Goa?
Manohar Gopalkrishna Prabhu Parrikar
2. Who is the CEO of Adobe?
Shantanu Narayen
3. Who is the director of Bareli ki barfi?
Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
4. Satyagraha was started in
5. Who is the author of ‘Midnight Children’?
Salman Rushdie.
6. Sudhir Tripathi is the Chief Secretary of which state?
7. Who is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?
N. Chandrababu Naidu
8. Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Dipak Misra
9. What is the currency of Argentina?
10.Full Form of NITI?
The National Institution for Transforming India
11. The smallest bone in Human Body?
12. Jahangir was the son of?
13.Maximum number of WBC count
4,000 to 10,000
14. What is the rank of India in Test Cricket?

15. Sikha Tondon belongs to which sport?
16. Who won the Vijay Hazare Trophy 5 times?
Tamil Nadu
17. What is the SI unit of power?
18. Which planet was named after the ‘Roman God Zeus’?

19. The Sun reaches its maximum angular distance from the equator at the
20. For an ideal gas, the interparticle interaction is
21. How many times in a day do the hands of a clock coincide with each other?
11 times
22.Complete the series
23.Complete the series
2460, 3570, 4680, ..?
24. If A and B work alternatively, A work for 40 days, B work for 20 days. If A start first then in
how many days they will finish the work?
27 Days
25. A product is sold at 324 rs with a loss of 25 %. What should be the selling price, such that if it
gains 25%?
26. A person reduced his speed by 3/5th of his original speed, then he takes 20 more minutes to
cover the same distance. What is the original time taken by him to cover the same distance?
30 minutes
27. What was the day on 21st January 1997?
28. Ram is Mohan’s brother. Sita is ram’s wife. Chanchal is Sita’s mother. Then how is ram
related to Chanchal.
29. Where is Sodium ideally stored?
Kerosene Oil

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Here we conclude our analysis of RRB Group D. Stay Tuned for more updates RRB Group D Examination.


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