RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 22nd September

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 22nd September

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): The Railway Recruitment Board has accelerated to Day 5 spot to complete the journey of the group D recruitment process. The day trigged off in multiple shifts and the candidate who is able to crack Group D Preliminary Examination will be called for the next round

In an attempt to provide clarity to all the candidates about their performance, we now begin our RRB Group D Exam Analysis for all shifts, which basically tells about the difficulty level and no. of good attempts. For the students who are yet to appear for RRB Group D Fiest CBT 2018, it is necessary to go through this exam analysis as it will help you a lot to understand the pattern of questions.


RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift)

As we all know, the exam was composed of 4 sections i.e. Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Science, and General Awareness. THE OVERALL DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF RRB Group D CBT Exam was Moderate. Let us dig a bit deeper and understand the construct of the paper section-wise.

General Intelligence (Easy-Moderate)

Let us begin our analysis with Reasoning section, Questions from General Awareness ranged from Easy to Moderate. Reasoning Section was comprised of 30 Questions.  Few topics covered in this section were as follows:

  • Syllogism – 4-5 Questions
  • Analogy – 3 Questions
  • Series – 2 Questions
  • Odd one Out – 4 Question
  • Venn Diagram – 2-3 Questions
  • Mirror Image – 1 Questions
  • Direction – 2 Question
  • Statement & Conclusion – 2 Questions
  • Coding – Decoding – 2-3 Questions
  • Calendar – 2 Question
  • Odd One Out – 1 Question
  • Direction – 1 Question
  • Counting Figure – 1 Question

Mathematics (Easy-Moderate)

Talking about Mathematics, For Day 5, the level of difficulty of RRB Group D exam was Easy to Moderate. Candidates found the section quite calculative. The Section was comprised of 25 Questions.  Topics covered in this section are as follows:

  • S.I, CI: 2-3 Questions
  • Pipe & Cistern: 1 Questions
  • Profit/ Loss: 3-4 Questions
  • Time, Speed and Distance: 2 Questions
  • Average: 1 Question
  • Trigonometry: 3 Questions
  • Percentage: 2 Questions
  • DI (Pie Chart): 2 Questions
  • Ages: 1 Question
  • Time and Work: 2 Questions
  • Geometry (circle): 1 Question
  • Miscellaneous: 5 Questions

General Science  (Easy-Moderate)

The general science paper of RRL Group D exam consisted of Physics, Life Science,  and Chemistry. 25 questions were asked from these topics

  • Physics: 9-11 Questions
  • Chemistry: 8-9 Questions
  • Biology: 9-10 Questions

General Awareness (Moderate)

Talking about the General Awareness Section, the difficulty level of this section was Moderate. The bulk part of RRB Group D General Awareness Section was covered from the year 2016 & 2017.

Questions Asked

1. Who won the Best Player title in FIFA 2017?
Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Where is the gateway of India?
3. Where did India come in Yankee Trump 2017?
4. What is the full form of the policy commission?
National Institute for Transforming India
5. Who got the Kalidas Award?
Ramgopal Bajaj
6. Questions related to Tamil Nadu’s wind project
7. Who is the Chairman of the Sebi?
Ajay Tyagi
8. What are the full-time members of SEBI?
9. Whose open story was open?
Rishi Kapoor
10. Who is the CEO of Bajaj Auto?
Ravi Bajaj
11. Who got the Arjuna Award?
Neeraj Chopra
12. Who is the Governor of Assam?
Jagdish Mukhi
13. World Social Justice Day is celebrated?
February 20
14. Who has given the Saraswati prize?
Sitanshu yashanchandra
15. Who made the dynamite?
Alfred Nobel
16. Who is the founder of the repatriate dynasty?
Green moon
17. Who won the snooker champion 2018 year?
Mark William
18. When did the note be closed?
November 9, 2016
19. International Sports Day is celebrated?
April 6
20. There was a question related to the National Health Mission
21. What is the capital of Sri Lanka?
Shreejayawadanapure kote
22. Who is the CEO of Google?
Sunder pitchai
23. Who is the CEO of Nokia?
Rajeev Suri
24. Who won the FIFA Under 17 World Cup?
25. Where is the Nanda Devi National Park?
26. Who has won Mushtaq Ali Trophy?
27.Which river flows in Kolkata?
28. What is India’s ranking in the World Happiness Index?
29. Aarambh App is related to?
30. Which is the first satellite of Bangladesh?
31. NATO Summit 2018 will take place at


32. Demonetisation occurs on which date ?
9 November 2016
33. One question was based on  Natioanl Health Mission .

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Here we conclude our analysis of RRB Group D. Stay Tuned for more updates RRB Group D Examination.

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