RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 31st October

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 31st October

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): The Railway Recruitment Board has accelerated to Day 24 spot to complete the journey of the group D recruitment process. The day trigged off in multiple shifts and here is the complete analysis with the questions asked of all shifts.

With RRB Group D Analysis, we will also predict a good score scenario for each section which will point out to a probable score ranging in the safe zone.


RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 31st October

As we all know, the exam was composed of 4 sections i.e. Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Science, and General Awareness.

Today’s most common question is: What was the difficulty level of RRB Group D Exam?

To answer in one word, EASY TO MODERATE!


Subject First Second Third
Mathematics 14-18 Moderate 16-19 Moderate 14-19 Moderate
General Intelligence & Reasoning 20-23 Easy to Moderate 21-23 Easy to Moderate 20-23  Easy to  Moderate
General Science 15-19 Easy to Moderate 16-20 Moderate 17-18  Easy to Moderate
General Awareness on Current Affairs 15-16 Moderate 15-17 Easy to Moderate 14-17 Easy to Moderate
Good Attempt 64-69 63-68 62-70



Questions Asked in Group D Exam

These questions have been submitted by the candidates who’ve attempted the Railway Group D Examination.

1. A building has height 12 cms and its shadow is 8 cm. If you have one more building
whose shadow is 40 cms, then what is the height of the building.
60 cms

2. Which is the four-digit highest value that could be divided into the following numbers-

3. A value is 30% higher than 240. What is the value?
4. 27th July 1989 was which day?
5. 13,20,27,34,____
6. 5:9::27:___
7. Wat is the mirror image of T?
8. what is the value of acceleration due to gravity?
9.8 m/s^2
9. How many elements are present in D block?
10. How many total atoms are present in Ca(OH)2?
11. Who was the first governor general of India?
Lord Canning
12. Who discovered radium?
13. Who is the governor of Assam?
14. Which place is known as the Manchester of India?
15. Which film got the award in the Los Angeles Film Festival?
The Teacher
16. What is the second group in the periodic table called?
Alkaline Earth Metal
17. Who invented Atom?
John Dalton
18. Which animal gives birth to an immature baby?
19. What is the Audible Range of Human Ear?
40 Decibel

20. Bronze is an alloy of?
Copper and Tin

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Here we conclude our analysis of RRB Group D. Stay Tuned for more updates RRB Group D Examination.


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