RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 8th October

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 8th October

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): The Railway Recruitment Board has accelerated to Day 14 spot to complete the journey of the group D recruitment process. The day trigged off in multiple shifts and here is the complete analysis with the questions asked of all shifts


RRB Group D Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shift): 8th October

As we all know, the exam was composed of 4 sections i.e. Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Science, and General Awareness. THE OVERALL DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF RRB Group D CBT Exam was Moderate. Let us dig a bit deeper and understand the construct of the paper section-wise


  • S.I, CI:  3 Questions
  • Pipe & Cistern: 1 Questions
  • Profit/ Loss: 2 Questions
  • Time, Speed and Distance: 2 Questions
  • Average: 1 Question
  • Trigonometry: 3 Questions
  • Percentage: 2 Questions
  • DI (Pie Chart): 2 Questions
  • Ages: 1 Question
  • Time and Work: 2 Questions
  • Geometry (circle): 1 Question
  • Simplification : 3 Questions


  • Syllogism – 4 Questions
  • Analogy – 3 Questions
  • Series – 2 Questions
  • Odd one Out – 2 Question
  • Venn Diagram – 2 Questions
  • Mirror Image – 2 Questions
  • Direction – 1 Question
  • Statement & Conclusion – 4 Questions
  • Coding – Decoding – 3 Questions
  • Calendar – 2 Question
  • Blood Relation  – 2 Question
  • Counting Figure – 2 Question
  • Miscellaneous

General Science

  • Physics: 7-8 Questions
  • Chemistry: 6-7 Questions
  • Biology: 10-11 Questions

Current Affairs Questions (All Shifts)

1. A does work in 13.5 Days, B does the same work in 8 days & C does it in 12 Days. In
how many days all of three will do the whole work.
6.25 Days
2. A boy has read 3/11 part of a book. If 160 pages are still remaining in the book, then find
out the total number of pages?
220 pages
3. Each interior angle of a Polygon is 150 Degree, the find the number of sides.
12 Sides
4. If Mean = 6 , Median = 18 , then find the Mode?
5. What was the day on 19th August 2017?
6. Complete the series 5,9,17,33,___
7. Choose odd one out
Parrot, Hawk, Eagle, Vulture
8. Which elements absorbs water and mineral in plants?
9. What is the chemical name of Vitamin B6?
10. What is the pH value of lemon?
11. Which is used by cells to produce Energy Production?
12. What are the elements in the last group of periodic table called?
Noble Gases
13. Who is the winner of the chess championship 2018?
Tan Zhongyi
14. Devendra is related to which game?
Javelin Throw
15. Who is the author of One Indian Girl?
Chetan Bhagat
16. Who is the Chief Minister of Kerala?
Pinarayi Vijayan

17. Who is the Governor of Uttarakhand?
Baby Rani Maurya
18. Who is the CEO of Dell?
Michael Saul Dell
19. Who is the winner of US Open Men 2017 Single?
Rafael Nadal
20. Who has got Nobel Sadbhavana Award 2018?
G Gandhi
21. Who is the brand ambassador of Sikkim?
AR Rahman
22. Which is the largest state in India?
23. World Ozone Day is observed on which day?
16th September
24. Who is the author of the ‘ Candidate Book’?
Anirudh Bhattacharya
25. Headquarters of Dena Bank is in?
26. Find the Mean of first 50 Natural Numbers?
27. Who is the Head of Doordarshan?
Supriya Sahu
28. Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand?
Tasman Sea
29. Who is the author of Panchatantra?
Vishnu Sharma
30. Who is the Prime Minister of China?
Li Keqiang
31. How many members are in the Rajya Sabha?
250 Members
32. Dronacharya Award is given to
32. Who is the head of the 7th Pay Commission?
Ashok Kumar Mathur

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Here we conclude our analysis of RRB Group D. Stay Tuned for more updates RRB Group D Examination.

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