RRB JE (Civil Engineering) Job Profile, Pay Scale, Salary

RRB JE (Civil Engineering) Job Profile, Pay Scale, Salary

RRB JE (Civil Engineering): A career in the Indian Railways in considered as one of the most promising ones among Government Jobs. There are an abundant number of job vacancies in both Technical and Non-Technical Cadre. In this article, we would like to focus primarily on one of the most prominent entry level technical positions, which is, RRB JE Junior Engineer. Get complete information regarding RRB JE Job Profile, Duties and Responsibilities, Pay Scale, Salary, Perks and Work Environment in the Indian Railways. 


RRB JE Job Profile – Duties and Responsibilities

The job profile of a Junior Engineer (JE) varies completely with the specialization he/ she is recruited for. A Junior Engineer can be recruited under the following Specializations.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

Here, we will cover the various aspects of RRB Junior Engineer Civil Engineering (CE). As a JE in Civil Engineering (referred as Engineering department in Indian Railways), the position can be broadly discussed under two heads – JE (Works) and JE (Permanent Way).


1. RRB JE (Works) in Civil Engineering

You will be given a small jurisdiction of approximately 50-60 kms of Railway Track, and have to deal with mainly Quarters (Residential and Office) Maintenance and Repairs, Creation of Assets, such as Platform Extension Work, Small Quarter Construction, Platform Shed Construction/ Repairs, Painting, etc).

These are multiple tasks but there is usually a team of Junior Engineers working on these and collectively, the work pressure is kept at a minimal level to ensure better performance and optimal results.

2. RRB JE (Permanent Way) in Civil Engineering

The post is of an entry level technical personnel in the hierarchy but in the Permanent Way (also referred as Open line in Indian Railways).

You will have approximately 50-60 kms of Railway Track to ensure that the track is maintained in the Best Quality to allow smooth, safe and fast movement of trains. The present policy has been that there is very low tolerance to deteriorating track quality. This job profile requires both understanding of the task as well as skill set to execute them in the best way possible.

In both cases, Promotion to Senior Section Engineer (Works) and Senior Section Engineer (Permanent Way), respectively is fast, and remain at the same designation (SSE) for almost entire service period. The work profile of SSE is almost the same, except, you may have one or two JEs working under you.


RRB JE Pay Scale and Salary

Knowing about the pay scale is extremely important before you opt for any professional career. In case of RRB Junior and Senior Engineer, the pay scale is of the following order.

RRB JE Salary

  • Basic (Fixed): Rs. 9300/-
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4200/-

Total Salary will be approx Rs. 28,000 per month + quarter and benefits

RRB SSE Salary

  • Basic (Fixed): Rs. 9300/-
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4600/-

Total Salary will be approx Rs. 30,000 per month + quarter and benefits

The Salary is expected to rise atleast 1.3 times of present salary as per 7th CPC, starting Jan 2016. So, this is a good time for going for a career in RRB Technical Cadre. 

If you are posted in metro/ towns/ cities, this will be a huge benefit of quarter. The places of posting will generally be stable, as the supervisors are not generally transferred frequently, however, given the condition that IR extends to the length and breadth of country, the railway track sometimes passes through the remotest places, and hence should be prepared to take postings in interior locations as well.

We hope this article will help shed some light on the daily lives of an RRB JE. Stay connected for more articles on RRB Technical and Non-Technical Posts and Recruitment News.

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