RRB NTPC Exam Analysis & Expected Cut-off 2016


RRB NTPC Exam Analysis: After a massive 3 year gap, the Railway Recruitment Board finally conducted RRB NTPC Recruitment Examination for Non-Technical Posts. RRB NTPC was successfully conducted for the recruitment of various Category C posts in the respective Non-Technical domain within Indian Railways. A large number of aspirants applied for this examination and will be appearing for RRB NTPC Examination through 28 March to 30 April 2016, depending upon the RRB Zone they applied to. Here, we are bringing in the first day RRB NTPC Exam Analysis based on the Examination conducted on 28 March 2016.


ALERT: RRB NTPC Exam Postponed for 8 Centres

We request all RRB NTPC candidates to pay attention to each detail of this Exam Analysis, especially the ones who are yet to appear for the written examination.


RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 2016

As per the exam pattern of RRB Non-Technical Examination, the questions asked in RRB NTPC Written Examination were of objective pattern. A total number of 100 questions were asked of 1 march each, making the total marks for RRB NTPC to be 100. 

All the questions were asked from 4 sections, which are, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Science and General Awareness although, the paper was not divided in sections.

As for the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis, we would like to begin by saying that the Overall Level of the written examination was easy. Most of the questions asked for either direct or simple application method based. Let us go in detail and understand each section. 


RRB NTPC Exam Analysis (Subject-Wise)

Since there were no sections but topics were differentiated in a way, we have created 4 major ones and are providing insights about the number of questions from each one.

Reasoning Aptitude & General Intelligence 

In RRB NTPC Written Exam, there were approximately 20 Questions from Reasoning and General Intelligence. The questions were from the following topics.

  • Sitting Arrangement
  • Ranks, Inequality
  • Blood Relation & Directions
  • Syllogism
  • Statement Conclusion and Argument

Quantitative Aptitude

Questions based on Quantitative Aptitude were approximately 24 and happen to cover these topics in the RRB NTPC Examination. 

  • Data Interpretation – Bar Graph, Pie Chart & Tables
  • Time & Work
  • Time & Distance
  • Discount, MRP
  • S.I. & C.I.
  • Trigonometric Ratios

General Science

There were approximately 27 Questions from General Science. The Questions from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Knowledge were covered but only at the basic level. 

General Knowledge

There are approximately 29 Questions from General Knowledge. The major portion of this section cumulated of static affairs like sports, personalities, books and author etc. Few Questions of Current Affairs related to the month of November and December 2015, History, Polity and Economics were also there.


RRB NTPC Expected Cut-off 2016

Computing the level of RRB NTPC Written Examination coupled with the number of aspirants attempting the Non-Technical Paper as well as the number of vacancies for the post, we have compiled an expected cut-off scorelist.

We expect that a well prepared candidate can attempt upto 80-85 questions with a good amount of accuracy in order to get recruited or to the next round. The expected cutoff marks can be as follows.

 RRB NTPC Candidate  Expected Cut-off  
 General  80-83
 OBC  78-80
 SC  73-78
 ST  71-73

Note: This is not the first time that the Questions from the RRB Mock test Series are there in the actual Examination and the actual paper exactly follows the Syllabus and Paper pattern given by OnlineTyari.

How to Attempt RRB NTPC 2016

Read: RRB NTPC – Do’s & Don’ts on How to Attempt RRB NTPC 2016

This is our RRB NTPC Exam Analysis for Non-Technical Recruitment Exam 2016. If you are yet to attempt RRB Non-Technical Exam, refer to the following recommendations to strengthen your position in RRB NTPC Examination.


Recommendations for those still preparing for RRB NTPC 2016

  • Don’t focus on Level 3 Questions in Reasoning and Arithmetic Questions. Easy and Direct Questions are there. Focus on those. 
  • Non-Verbal/ Visual Reasoning Questions are not there so don’t focus much on it. 
  • Revise General Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer Knowledge) up to 10th standard as it covers a major portion. Basic Questions can be expected. 

If there are still any doubts, Read our Master plan  to score higher and manage your time properly for RRB NTPC 2016. We will be updating you all on the latest developments from the world of RRB on a daily basis. Let us know what you think about RRB NTPC Examination in the comments section below. 


  1. Hello sir as i given exam 29 th mar from rrb siliguri and i am expecting 60-65 mark in general ..to main pass honga yaa nhi ..please give ur suggestion.

  2. sir, i got to know that exams on 28th march is it reschedule for all part of india or can be part in ??
    finally i have my preparation for

  3. Sir
    Will the typing test and document verification be carried out on the same day as the CBT?
    Or after the results are declared, candidates will be called for the typing test and other formalities?


  4. सर जनरल कैटेगेरी में 80 नम्बर पे किसी भी पोस्ट पे चयन हो सकता है क्या

    • Hi Erram,

      It will be very difficult call but the chances are too low. All the best for future Examinations.

  5. Sir I have attempt 72 questions with95% accuracy on 28/3/16
    M belongs to general category
    Is there any chance to qualify this exam for Allahabad

  6. Sir i have applied for commercial aaprentice class B post . I was cmpted my exam on 31st . I expect 80 score . It that good score for class B post

  7. Paper was very easy with little or no preparation one can clear those reasoning and quantitative questions. So I think the general knowledge will be the crucial one. Read all books authors, biggest, highest, oldest, award and winner , sport and events , country capital, country currency. You can crack more than 85. All the best. I am expecting 85 for 28/03/2015 sitting.

  8. Hey if i got the qualifying marks for ASM or Goods guard and i gave both the preference for 3rd and 4th no. then, is there any chances to get selected for these post???

    • There will be a common merit list and the selection will be on the basis of post preference mentioned by the candidate..

  9. No…I think,cut off would be 70-75 for Gen candidate.Bcoz the standard of qn is not same in various session.In most of the session within given time a well prepared candidate can ans 80+,we all human being,,,so there would be some error…mostly from gk…most of the gh s r easy but 10-15 % r not.

      • सर मेरे 80 नम्बर आ रहे हैं जनरल कैटेगरी इलाहबाद जोन से क्या मेरा सिलेक्शन हो सकता है
        1 Asm(ncr)
        2 Asm(nr)
        3 Goods guard(ncr
        4 Goods guard(nr
        etc…ये चॉइस भरी है

      • sir I am scoring 71.33 gen cat. from Allahabad zone
        can I get any as my preference is
        goods guard
        senior clerk
        junior accountant
        enquiry cum reservation

  10. hey there!!! I m getting somewhat between 70-78 and my post preferance ws lik ca>ta>asm>gg & so-on. Is there any chances of getting any post.
    thankx in adv 🙂

  11. sir i gave my test today and i have attempted 55 , i belong to sc category , are there any chances for me to get selected to next exam ?

  12. Sir i want to say just one thing…the question in the 30 th march 2 nd shift was tough..u can check that from your source..but maximum no of shifts are easy and anyone who is well preapared can answer above 80 and can score 70 up overall..there will be only one cut off regarding one rrbs..so the difference between the tough questions and easy questions will make any point?? Students who got the little bit tough questions were unlucky in respect to the others!!! The railway board will pay attention to this ??

  13. One question paper difficult. another paper is easy. then how to valvate the paper and and how to allot marks.any method for it?

  14. Sir I attempted to 82 quest but may be some questions are wrong in gk is 5-6 hardly am sc cat how many chances for me. ..please suggest me and using to this app 2year. …

    • It depends on various factors. chances are low but don’t lose hopes. Keep Reading and wait for the final Result.

      All the Best

  15. as the exam is going on the difficulty level is increase .. I am from sc cat attempt 70 question with 100% accuracy. is there any hope to qualify

  16. Sir , i applied 4 mumbai zone. i did 84 questions, n got only 2 questions wrong, may b 2-3 more questions wud b wrong. bt accuracy wud 90%+ for sure. belong 2 SC cat.
    Chances 4 CA in mumbai?

  17. Sir I attempted 88 questions. Finally 80 true. Is that any chance for. I appeared 4th of April 3rd sitting.

  18. Sir i attempted 88 question rrb bangalore out of that 8 is wrong . So expecting 77.33 belongs to OBC creamy layer. Does i have any chance for any of the post mentioned in notification ?. Does each post will have separate cut off like for TA , CA, Guard , ASM or only one cut off ?

    • You got a good number of attempts. The post will be allotted on the basis of Merit list and the post preference mentioned by you. There will be a separate cut off for each post under a common merit list.

  19. sir i attempted 97 ques for scr division in wch maximum 10 ques wrong …… wat r my chances am gen categry candidate atleast can i get asm

  20. sir i have attempted 79 questions in which 5-6were wrong and remaining were all correct. I belong to general category from secunderabad zone. I had given my attempt on 31st march 3rd shift which was quite tough than all shifts that to gk part was very difficult.. can i expect any post in rrb… kindly do the needful..

    • The final post attempt will be made on the basis of merit. Your attempts are less but as you said the paper was at the tougher end scaling will be there. Hope for the best.

  21. I attempt 83 qstns with 90% accuracy, is there any chance to get selected for rrb Kolkata. I belong to general caste.

  22. Sir I attempt 53 questions but 5-6 wrong hai.any chance for selection in OH category in any post from Mumbai zone

  23. Sir i apply for mumbai jone attempt 75 question approx 65-70 are correct whether there is any chance for guards grads or ASM

  24. Sir,i attempt@rrb secbad zone..
    belongs to obc cat__and i attempt 98 marks
    and expacting may be 4 are wrong…
    May i have any chances to get ca…
    please repply me sir…

  25. Sir I have attempted 91 Q. In which 7-8 wrong and remaining all were correct. I belong to st category from Mumbai board. can i expected among CA TA Goods Guard post

  26. Sir I have attempted 91 Q. In which 7-8 Q.were Wrong and remaning were all correct. I belong to st category. Can i Hope for among CA TA and Goods Guard Post

  27. sir i have attempts 87 qustions in march 30th 1st shift which 15 qustions wrong any chance in secundrabad zone please repiy

  28. Sir please tell me how scaling works…I HV attempted 89 7 question may be wrong .it there may chance to get selected as asm Allahabad despite of scaling….or normalisation

  29. Sir, My exam in 1st shift on 28/03/2016 at iON Digital Zone IDZ-1 and IDZ-2,delhi. The center codes for these centers/zones are 8040 and 8041. But due to failur of faculty they didn’t handle the students. So due to this bio materic of nearly 200- 300 students couldn’t take place. So plz tell me what had happened now, they reject all those students or re-examination takes place or they count their exam and evaluate it.

  30. Sir first thing, is secunderabad is having high competition or not bcoz sir I filled from there nd I know no one girl will go secunderabad from north side nd no one talented boy will go there so plz sir what is ur view on this and I attempted 98 Nd getting 80 to 83 marks so is there any chance for getting job

  31. Sir i had applied for ahmdabad board.i m frm obc category ,I attempted 99 question but around 20 quest -ve nd got marks between 70-74
    can i selected for any post of rrb.


  33. SIR

  34. Maine 88 questions attempt kiye h lekin8questions is wrong mai secundrabad board se hu obc category me kya koi chance h

  35. Respected sir … In ntpc exam … One problems answers are not in the four given option … I did not ans the question because of negative marks … Shall I get marks for that questions …

  36. sir, i hv applied for rrb kolkata..atttempted 68 qstns. few qstns may b wrong answered. 55 may be my final score. is there any chance to crack ASM or Good girds… I am SC..

  37. Cut off for general category will be 68-73 for asm.. This is not L KG and U KG exam.. 80-83 the topper will get. See the previous year cut off of rrb ntpc where maximum marks were 120

  38. sir, i attempted 97 question bhopal morning shift, max of 3 questions in gs are wrong, is their any chance for commercial apprentice?

  39. sir i have a one qus sir humne allahabad board se exam diya aur humne 84 qus attempt kiye h aur usme 9 wrong ho gaye hi kya humare liye koi awasar h gnrl cast

  40. Sir I have attempted 98 questions out of them 10 questions (approx.) may be wrong so expecting around 84 marks. What will be my chances getting into CA or TA? I belong to SC category. Please reply. Thank you in advance.

  41. Sir i was attempted 100 questions but 10-15 is wrong! But surely you can say cut off will be 80? Because previous year cutoff was 68 for UR out of 120! This is university Exam or CBSE Maths Exam?

  42. I would really appreciate the admin of this blog who immensely replied to all the person .Hence would like to draw your attention sir my attempt was 89 on dated – 29th March 3rd shift and the questions were literally tricky and also one question was wrong . What is my probability of getting into ….RRB Chennai .

  43. Sir i made 65 attempts with 100 percent accuracy…means all r correct….what are my chances if i am in genral category?
    And can u please tell me that what will be the method of scaling?

  44. Sir I have attempted 89 questions out of this 9 to 10 questions are wrong .. Is there Amy chances for rrb Allahabad at any post ??

  45. Sir my attempts are 95, hardly 8-10 questions were wrong, what are the chances. General candidate from RRB Allahabad.

  46. Sir i hope only 6 questions are wrong out of 100 from ajmer zone is there any chance to get selected in ca from gen catagary

  47. Sir, i attempt 92 questions in 3rd shift of 10th april,
    aproxmiately 8 to 10 que. are wrong,
    i belongs to general category. Can i have any chance for selection.
    I fill asm as 1st prefrance

  48. Sir
    I have given exam in mumbai zone and i have most question right ny score is 89 aprrox and 4 question are wrong which are not included .
    Whats is the chance of me i m in obc category

  49. Sir,i have attempted 77 gen rrb Bhubaneswar…out of which appx 10 wrong
    Is there any chance of getting selected….???

  50. expected cutt off 70 to 80 for all post……agar 80 ke aas paas ho to job ka chance hai ,,,warna kuchh nahi hath lagega …………………17th may ko rrb anser key upload kar dega different rrb site par chek kar lena aur mila lena kitna aa raha hai ………..with tumhare omr sheet ke sath ………….

  51. I have applied frim mumbai and solved 88 questions out of which 3 went wrong and 2 question were have totally wrong ans in 30th march of 3rd shift paper. Am i having any chances to get selected.

  52. Is there any separate cut off for different shifts ? Coz the questions get tougher as the day progress.
    I’m from Kolkata gen caste and xpctd to get around 75. What is my chance to get the job?

  53. hi sir…i have attempted 76 questions and i think 5-6 are gone wrong..as i belong to general category..so is there any chance to get any post from allahabad zone..reply soon sir

  54. Sir…2012 me 6800 post ke liye lowest cut off 69 thi …to ab 18000+ post ke liye general category ke liye lowest cut off kam as sakta hai…to phir aapne Yee kese analysis kiya Ki gen ke liye cut off 75+ hi jayega…lowest cut off jarur kam rahega….

  55. Hello dear sir…
    On the last screen of the system I seen
    63 attempt
    30 mark for review
    7 unattempted..
    So what is the mean of “mark fir review”. Are they will count in attempt or not because near about 25+ out of the 30 mark for I select as answer and also tick as mark for review…
    Please EXPLAIN ABOUT the attempting the mark for review type questions…

  56. Actually I am a govt employee in state government, but I want to enter into Indian railways as a employee, if I selected then mine service is calculated or not ???

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