RRB NTPC GK Exam Questions: 30 March 2016


RRB GK Questions: Non-Technical Recruitment Examination for selecting candidates to various posts in the Indian Railways have now started. Continuing our earlier efforts to breakdown the question paper, here are the GK Question List for 30 March 2016.

Millions of candidates are competing for 18252 Vacancies for Non-Technical Posts and the going only gets tough. But, surprisingly, the difficulty level of RRB Exam has been easy till now. To read in detail about it, please give this article on RRB NTPC Exam Review a thorough read.


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Since there a lot of candidates who are yet to attempt the written examination, we have compiled a list of questions that have occurred on 30 March RRB NTPC Examination in all Shifts. These questions are specific to General Knowledge (GK) only.

If you are someone who is yet to attempt the written examination for RRB NTPC Recruitment, we would suggest you read these questions thoroughly.


RRB NTPC GK Questions – 30 March 2016   

These were a few specific questions asked in RRB NTPC General Awareness Section which candidates might have found tough, confusing or difficult to attempt. Questions has elements from all 3 shifts of the exam day.

  1. First Deputy Prime Minster – Sardar Vallabhai Patel
  2. Capital of J&K in summer? Srinagar
  3. Full form of IFSC? Indian Financial System Code
  4. Quit India Movement held in which year? 1942
  5. Good governance day? 25 December
  6. Constitution day? 26 November
  7. Indian coins are made from? Ferritic Stainless Steel
  8. Venue of cricket world cup 2019? England & Wales
  9. Hockey league 2016 is won by? Punjab Warriors
  10. “Meghdoot” exercise was conducted by Indian Army at which place? Siachen, Leh
  11. Headquarter of UNO? New York
  12. Gandhi Irwin Act – 5th March 1931
  13. Head Quarter Of  ISRO – Bangalore
  14. Percentage Of Nitrogen In Weather – 78% (answer credit: Mr.Omkar Tadmare)
  15. Pressure depends upon? Force and Area
  16. Normal eye vision distance? 25 cms (answer credit: Pranjali Rao)
  17. Which freedom fighter introduced Western education? Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  18. National Space Society headquarters? Washington D.C.
  19. Full form of BIOS? Basic Input Output System
  20. Source of Vitamin-D? Sunlight
  21. ISL Champion 2015? Chennaiyan FC
  22. Shimla agreement 1972 singed by? Indira Gandhi & Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
  23. CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement award winner? Syed Kirmani
  24. Yogini cult has its origin from which state? Odisha
  25. Young India Weekly Journal started by? Gandhi
  26. Money Transfer through mobile is called? IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)
  27. Sachin tendulkar played his 1st test at which ground – Pakistan
  28. First Bank In India – Bank of Hindustan
  29. First Olympic Games held in which country –  Athens, Greece
  30. Google CEO – Sundar Pichai

Did you find these questions easy or challenging? Let us assist you in preparing for RRB NTPC Examination in the best way possible.


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This article will help you understand the types of questions essential towards getting a better score and also provide insights on how to attempt the RRB NTPC Written Examination. Reading this article is a must if one hopes to improve his/ her score in actual RRB Examination.


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Almost every other RRB candidate will be attempting this examination for the first time. But, in order to stay ahead, you need to build a proper strategy and follow a correct procedure while attempting the written paper. Hence, this article is created in order to cater that need.

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