RRB NTPC GK Exam Questions: 6 April 2016


RRB GK Questions: Non-Technical Recruitment Examination for selecting candidates to various posts in the Indian Railways have now started. Continuing our earlier efforts to breakdown the question paper, here are the GK Question List for 6 April 2016.

Millions of candidates are competing for 18252 Vacancies for Non-Technical Posts and the going only gets tough. But, surprisingly, the difficulty level of RRB Exam has been easy till now. To read in detail about it, please give this article on RRB NTPC Exam Review a thorough read.


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Since there a lot of candidates who are yet to attempt the written examination, we have compiled a list of questions that have occurred on 6 April RRB NTPC Examination in all Shifts. These questions are specific to General Knowledge (GK) only.

If you are someone who is yet to attempt the written examination for RRB NTPC Recruitment, we would suggest you read these questions thoroughly.


RRB NTPC GK Questions – 6 April 2016   

These were a few specific questions asked in RRB NTPC General Awareness Section which candidates might have found tough, confusing or difficult to attempt. Questions has elements from all 3 shifts of the exam day.

1. Syed Modi Grand Prix Winner 2016?
Ans: Srikanth Kidambi

2. When was Microsoft found?
Ans:  1975

3. Start Up India launch year?
Ans: 2016

4. Another Name of Badshah Khan?
Ans: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

5. First woman DG of Paramiltary Forces?
Ans: Archana Ramasundram

6. Which is not a gland (options: Liver, Gall Bladder, Pituatry, Adrenal)?
Ans: Gall Bladder

7. In which year was the Parliament Constructed?
Ans: 1927

8. Nephron belongs to?
Ans: Kidney

9. Smiling Buddha Mission?
Ans: India’s first successful Nuclear Bomb Test at Pokhran

10. What is Calcium Hyrdoxide?
Ans: Slaked Lime

11. Mars is also known as?
Ans: Red Planet

12. Yellow Fever caused by?
Ans:  Male Mosquitoes

13. Chief Election Commissioner is removed by?
Ans: Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

14. British Rule was ended on which year?
Ans: 1947

15. 2015 Arjuna Award was given to which female wrestler?
Ans: Babita Kumari

16. Who won more grandslams in the year 2015?
Ans: Novak Djokovic

17. Political System of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans: Democratic Republic

18. Name of Laughing Gas?
Ans: Nitrous oxide

19. In which year did India win Independence from British Empire?
Ans: 1947

20. Dwarf planet is?
Ans: Pluto

21. What is Shortcut Key for pasting in MS Word?
Ans: Ctrl + V

22. What is the currency of Myanmar?
Ans: Kyat

23. Who built the Jantar Mantar of Delhi?
Ans: Maharaja Jai Singh

24. The Popular dance of Tamil Nadu?
Ans: Bharatnatyam

25. Another name of leprosy?
Ans: Hansen’s Disease

26. Ligo is a mission related to?
Ans: Black Holes

27. How generator Works?
Ans: Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy

Did you find these questions easy or challenging? Let us assist you in preparing for RRB NTPC Examination in the best way possible.


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This article will help you understand the types of questions essential towards getting a better score and also provide insights on how to attempt the RRB NTPC Written Examination. Reading this article is a must if one hopes to improve his/ her score in actual RRB Examination.


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Almost every other RRB candidate will be attempting this examination for the first time. But, in order to stay ahead, you need to build a proper strategy and follow a correct procedure while attempting the written paper. Hence, this article is created in order to cater that need.

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