RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan: Tips to crack Non-Techical Exam in 2 Weeks

RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan

RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan 2016: It is well known that RRB NTPC recruitment received a good response from the aspirants. Talking quantitatively, Approx 1.25 Cr aspirants filled the application and more than 50% of the applicants appeared for the same. Seeing the neck to neck competition, RRB NTPC Mains has been added to the selection procedure for the ongoing recruitment. The Railway Recruitment Board is going to conduct RRB NTPC mains examination in a few days.

To help the shortlisted candidates in their endeavour to crack RRB NTPC Examination, here is our final 2 week study plan for RRB NTPC Mains Examination. Make sure you follow each part carefully as RRB NTPC Mains will be the final hurdle before skill test/ document verification.


RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan for Non-Technical Recruitment 2015-16

For RRB NTPC Mains Examination, Approx. 3 Lakhs aspirants have been declared qualified and eligible to appear for the RRB NTPC Mains examination. These sharp minded entrants were selected on the basis of their performance in the Prelims Examination (CBT). The date of examination for RRB NTPC Phase-II has been set from 17 to 19 January 2017 and each day the paper will be held in either 2 or 3 shifts.

For RRB NTPC Mains Examination, the syllabus can be broadly classified into four topics:

  1. General Intelligence
  2. Quantitative aptitude
  3. General Awareness
  4. General Science
NoteNo Exact pattern regarding Number of Questions had been issued by RRB officially.

Before starting your preparation, you can follow RRB NTPC Mains Exam 2016 and get updates related to Study Material, Practice Sessions, and PAN India Level Test on Regular basis.

Wondering how you can ace RRB NTPC Mains?

Here is your 14 days smart plan of action for RRB Mains Exam 2016. We are formulating a proper RRB Mains Study Plan for the remaining days.

Before shifting to RRB Mains study plan, let us visit the RRB NTPC Mains Expected exam pattern. RRB Mains exam pattern will help candidates to gain a useful insight into the structure of the examination.

RRB Mains Examination will consist of 120 Objective Questions to be answered in 90 Minutes further classified into four sections. Each Section will consists of 27-33 Questions. 1 mark will be allotted for each correct answer. There will be a deduction of 0.33 marks for each wrong attempt. The detailed Structure will be as follows:

Section Marks Expected No. of Questions
Reasoning Ability 27-33 27-33
Quantitative Aptitude 27-33 27-33
General Awareness 27-33 27-33
General Science 27-33 27-33
Total 120 120

RRB Mains examination is just two weeks away. It’s always better to utilize time in an optimized manner in order to get better results. The aspirants had already qualified the first level of Examination hence motivation level is on the peak. Just the area to work upon is Leveling of preparation up to the Mark. There will be a huge difference between Prelims and Mains  preparation even if the subject wise distribution is almost same.

Let us now try to formulate RRB Mains Exam study plan according to the sections contained in RRB Mains examination.

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Assuming that a student studies for 5 hours a day, we are left with a total of 70 hours to prepare for the test.

Total Number of Days      14
Number of Hours per Day  5 Hours
Hours dedicated towards General Awareness Preparation 25 Hours
Hours dedicated towards General Science  Preparation 15 Hours
Hours dedicated towards Reasoning Preparaton 15 Hours
Hours dedicated towards Numerical Ability Preparation 15 Hours
Breaking RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan, let us initiate with Quantitative Aptitude section.

RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is considered to be the arch nemesis of almost every Govt Job Aspirant (if it is not the case with you, believe us, we are so happy for you). Many aspirants have missed their dream job because they were somehow, unable to clear sectional cut offs, primarily in the section we are talking about. Although there will be no sectional cutoff in this Exam, still this section can be a “Cherry on the Cake” i.e. the major scoring area of this examination. Compartmentalization of topics is very important. One must know the topics one is comfortable with– from least to most. One also needs to know as to what could be the level of difficulty of questions, one can handle in an examination scenario.

Just to make you understand, say I am extremely confident with percentage related problem. Irrespective of level of difficulty, I know in my heart that I would be able to do solve the problem. I also have also realized during my preparation that I can solve easy to moderate level questions from TSD (Time, Speed and Distance). And, the moment I see a question from Probability, I feel nauseated. One has to have an understanding of this level pertaining to one’s preparation to sail through test without much trouble.

Topic Name  Number of Questions (Expected) Allocation of Hours (15)
Data Interpretation 5 2
Sequence and Series 4-5 2
Quadratic Equation 2 1
Simplification, surds & Indices, Decimals 2-3 1
Mensuration ( Perimeter, area and volume related problems) 1-2 1
 Linear equation 1-2 1
Time, Speed and Distance ( Boats and streams, Train problems, Games and Races, Circular motion) 2 1
Percentages, Profit and Loss 2 1
Simple and Compound Interest 1-2 1
Ratio and Proportion ( with replacement problems 2 1
Average, Mixture & Allegation 2 1
Number system (LCM and HCF, last digit concept, factors and factorials, divisibility rule, properties of numbers) 1-2 1
Time and work ( including pipes and cistern) 2 1

Keep a notebook with yourself where you write important points and formulas. This will assist you revisiting the most vital points and formulas on your exam day.  It can be considered as an Ideal RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan if you jot down the important topics and take time out for revision.

RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan: Reasoning Ability

The best part of preparing for the reasoning section is that it can be solved by using common sense (Indeed, it is not so common). One’s presence of mind is more than sufficient to solve these problems and one can score very heavily in this section by having a strategy in place resulting in achieving the overall cut-off for the exam.

While building concepts and solving questions, there should be no time limit or pressure. Ideally, one should try one’s best to solve 25+ questions on each topic (attempt section tests). Let us see analyze the section wise allocation of timing:

Topic Name  Number of Questions (Expected) Allocation of Hours (15)
 Blood Relations 2  1
 Coding Decoding 3  2
Visual Reasoning 4-5  3
 Direction Sense Test 2-3  1
 Alphabet Tests and Dictionary 2  1
 Number, Ranking and Time  Sequence Test 3-4  2
 Sitting/Complex Arrangement and  Puzzle Tests 7-8  3
  Mathematical Operations and  Inequalities 2-3  1
  Syllogism 2-3  1

To optimally continue progressing further in the RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan to crack the coming Examination, you should not exceed the time limit by dedicating any more than 40% of the remaining time towards revision.

RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan: General Awareness

This section will be the Game Changer for the Examination as Govt Job Aspirants generally try to make it with the help of other sections and keeping GA Section just for sectional. We can conclude easily those students having proper preparation of General Awareness Section are already a step ahead of other aspirants.

General Awareness is something that cannot be improved in a day. Aspirants have to dedicate 1 hour daily to this portion in order to improve his level of preparation for this section. List of Important Topics as per Exam will be as follows:


No of expected questions

Allocation of hours (25)

Current Affairs


Read Newspaper Every day 30 minutes to revise Current Affairs

Static Affairs



Subject Based (History, Geography, Polity, Economics)


8 (2 hour to each subject)

This is basically revision based plan. Try to stick to some point based book for General Awareness so that revision can be done in an efficient Manner.

RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan: General Science

This section will be the Major Portion of the Examination. It will be based on Objective Questions based on Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Environment and Ecology Portion upto 10th Standard. General Science is something that cannot be improved in a day. Aspirants have to dedicate 1 hour daily to this portion in order to improve his level of preparation for this section.

List of Important Topics as per Exam will be as follows:


No of expected questions

Allocation of hours (15)










Environment and Ecology



Keep a notebook with yourself where you write important facts and information. This will assist you revisiting the most vital points and info on your exam day.


RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan: Crucial Pointers

We hope this RRB NTPC Mains study plan proves beneficial for you. You can also follow these pointers to crack RRB Mains Exam 2016:

  1. You just have to give as many mock test as you can on daily basis.RRB-NTPC-Phase-II-Mock-Test-Series-2016

    RRB NTPC Phase-II Mock Test Series

  2. Analyze every mock test you appear for and see the improvements in terms of Time as well as accuracy. This will help you getting a fair number of attempts that you can make in the real examination.
  3. RRB NTPC Mains score will be the key factor in the final selection. Hence candidates are adviced to strategize their time as per the sections.

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Don’t focus on just clearing the cutoff, aim for the higher.

Now you are ready with all the essentials needed to be in RRB NTPC Mains Merit List. We wish you all the best for the upcoming RRB Non Technical Mains Examination. We hope that this article on RRB NTPC Mains Study Plan will help you to formulate your preparation scheme and score well in the RRB Non Technical Mains Examination.

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