SBI Clerk Exam Cancelled or Not? Here is what we know so far

SBI Clerk Exam Cancelled or Not

As of right now, there are a number of articles over the internet regarding a ‘suspected’ SBI Clerk Exam Cancellation. This is mostly pointing to the fact that a PIL was filed by an SBI Aspirant on 25 May 2016 in Madras High Court against the State Bank of India. Let us try and understand what was the objective behind filing the PIL and what it actually says.


SBI Clerk Exam Cancellation Controversy

This is what we know so far. An SBI Clerk Aspirant named S Gurukrishna Gokul filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on May 25, 2016 in the Madras high court against State Bank of India. The objective of the PIL was to point towards a ‘suspected’ ambiguous eligibility condition in SBI Clerk Notification published by the State Bank of India.

According to SBI Clerk Notification 2016, the candidates with record of default in Repayment of Loans will not be eligible for Clerical Jobs in the State Bank of India.

SBI Clerk Loan Defaulter IssueSource: SBI Clerk Official Notification 

So, to simplify, the following criteria will deem an applicant ineligible for SBI Clerk 2016

  • A Record of Defaults in Repayment of Loans or Credit Card Dues.
  • An Adverse Report from a Credit Information Company.
  • An Adverse Report regarding Character and Antecedents or Moral Turpitude filed against the candidate.

As per the PIL filed by S. Gurukrishna Gokul, these norms and conditions will prevent a large number of economically & socially backward candidates from applying for the posts. He further adds that at a time when a large number of poor students were searching for jobs in government & public sector units, this condition made them ineligible to apply for SBI Clerk.

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A solution offered by Gokul is if these defaulters are able to crack SBI Clerk Examination and gain employment in SBI, they would be able repay the loans. He has also submitted that, instead of providing employment for candidates to make them repay loans, the bank is creating more educational loan defaulters by coming up with such “unreasonable & arbitrary ineligibility conditions”.

On 19th April, 2016, The New India Express published an article which stated that PMK founder S. Ramadoss has termed SBI Hiring Procedure as ‘Unconstitutional’.

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Hence, there is a certain level of commotion regarding the current eligibility criteria of SBI Clerk 2016. As per Gokul’s PIL, he has requested the court to direct State bank of India to cancel the clerk recruitment & issue a fresh notification so that more candidates can apply.

From what we can say as per current information, there are 3 possibilities

  1. SBI Clerk Exam gets Cancelled. (a mere possibility, not concrete!)
  2. No action is taken by State Bank of India or Madras High Court regarding the PIL and the exam continues as per dates scheduled.
  3. A mid-way solution could be a Special SBI Clerk Examination for those supposed ‘defaulters’ who have an impending Education Loan.

This is the story we know so far and we can assure you that NO Final Decision regarding the Cancellation of SBI Clerk 2016 has been taken yet.

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So, don’t panic and continue preparing for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 scheduled for 4 and 5 June.

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  1. I think dat guy have a valid point which can lead to cancellation of the exam… More chances… According to me…

    • Ya you are right but the exam will not be cancelled, as it would be more problematic for the bank as they have to again take the re-examination of lakhs of candidates which is not feasible, So the wisest course of action would be to include the defaulters in a special case and conduct the exam only for them and include them in the results.

  2. Why sbi ( the largest psb in india) is adopting such an anti poor policy? Except all other banks …even private banks are not included such a criteria in their application form…

  3. I think the better way is to let the exam continue for those who have already applied and start a fresh application for those who could not apply earlier due to that loan default clause and take a separate exam for such candidates on the same pattern.

  4. sbi wont cancele exam throughout taking other student concern,if any modification will be done than it would be special notification for defaulters.


  6. The candidates who have already appeared in the prelims should not be the sufferers. The defaulters can’t have it both ways. The court and the SBI should take a smart decision in this case so that it is fair for all the candidates. The ideal way is to start a fresh application for defaulters and take their exam separately. At most the cut-off could be kept high for all the candidates.

  7. I appreciate that guy really. A lot of good aspirants suffered by this unreasonable notification.He taken a excellent start for justice.It will be painful maybe exam will be postponed.But more than that everyone should get justice.who are opposing this guy they are just selfish. Try to understand a good number of candidates who r financially poor but having confident in themselves and seeking opportunity in banking bcz here recruitment conducted fairly.have a heart.let every eligible to compete

  8. Obviously suba. But it could be better if sbi continue the current recruitment exam and at the same time conduct another exam only for those defaulder candidates and include their candidature with the ongoing recruitment as per same cut off marks

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