SBI Clerk Prelims All India Test 2016: Result Declared

SBI Clerk Prelims All India Test 2016 Result Declared

SBI Clerk Prelims All India Test: To assist candidates in preparing for SBI Junior Associate Examination (Prelims), OnlineTyari conducted an All India Test on 8 May 2016, in association with Kiran Prakashan inviting all aspirants to appear in the mock test. The results for the same have been declared and can be checked from your OnlineTyari Account Dashboard.


SBI Clerk Prelims 2016: All India Test

The AITS was conducted on 8 May 2016, which was a Sunday. The exam pattern was similar to SBI Clerk Prelims There were 6 time slots, from which can be selected as per candidates’ preference. Total Marks were 100.

  • 10:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM
  • 02:00 PM
  • 04:00 PM
  • 06:00 PM
  • 08:00 PM

The total number of registrations for SBI Clerk Prelims India Test were 5411. The highest score achieved was 95 out of 100 marks.

Roll Number Name of the Candidate Marks
1765872 Kiran Kumar 95
1513501 Revathi 89
2126137 Mithun Kumar 87
1565690 Lakshmi 80.25
1628062 Vikram 79
2191908 Swathy 78
1661020 Anurag 78
2108032 Siddharth Kumar 77
1112801 Anupama Das 76.5
1625186 Shivani Rawal 76

We would like to congratulate all the top scorers for performing extremely well in this AIT. Some of the important points to ponder after analysis of candidate’s performance are. But before you go into that, we request you to fill this feedback form for SBI Clerk Prelims All India Test.


SBI Clerk Prelims AITS Exam Analysis

The Exam Pattern of this AITS was based on the actual exam pattern of SBI Clerk Prelims. There were 3 sections – English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability. The total number of questions were 100 and each question carry 1 mark.

 Name of the Section  Number of Questions  Marks
 English Language  30 30
 Numerical Ability  35 35
 Reasoning Ability  35 35

For incorrect answer, 0.25 marks were deducted from the total score. Let us see how well the candidates performed in SBI Clerk Prelims AITS.

Section Name Difficulty Level No. of Questions Percentage of Questions
English Language Easy 13 43%
Medium 13 43%
Hard 4 14%
Numerical Ability Easy 16 46%
Medium 15 43%
Hard 4 11%
Reasoning Ability Easy 22 63%
Medium 11 31%
Hard 2 6%

The table above depicts the difficulty level of questions in each section and sectional level of difficulty for the entire AIT.

  • The First Column depicts the level of difficulty (Easy/ Medium/ Hard).
  • The Second Column depicts the number of questions from each section with easy, medium and hard level of difficulty while solving them.
  • The Last Column shows the percentage of questions from each section.

So, to explain, among 30 questions asked in English Section, 43% of the questions has been rated as Easy, 43% of the questions has been rated as Medium and 14% of the questions has been rated as Hard.

Section Name Difficulty Level %age of Correct Attempts
English Language Easy 82%
Medium 59%
Hard 38%
Numerical Ability Easy 82%
Medium 62%
Hard 17%
Reasoning Ability Easy 81%
Medium 58%
Hard  19%

Expanding on the Exam Analysis mentioned above, among the total attempted question, whether easy, medium or hard, the final column depicts the success rate of correct attempts by candidates.

So, if we take English Section for example, over 82% of the candidates attempted Easy Questions with Correct Answers, 59% candidates attempted medium questions with correct answers and only 38% attempted hard questions correctly.

Some of the essential points highlighting performance of the candidates in SBI Clerk Prelims All India Test are

1. Around 3% of the total Registered Candidates secured Zero or below

Scoring in this range should be a wake up call for such candidates. Start by revisiting the basics of each section and then work your way up to challenging ones.

2. Only 26 Students managed to score 70+ Marks

The level of this AIT has been ranged from moderate to challenging by students. Scoring well in SBI Clerk All India Test will definitely boost your confidence, which we think must be the case with 26 students, who we think are now more confident about their level of preparation. Keep aiming for higher scores.

3. Over 1 Candidate scored above 90

Kudos to Kiran Kumar for securing 95 out of 100. We hope to see you crack the next AIT wide open with 100/100.

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  1. I cn’t see the questions, only see the options.. So i can’t attempt this test.. Plz tell me the prblm.. And help me how can i attempt the next test like this…

    • Hi,
      The Test was conducted on 8 May 2016. This Article is basically a detailed analysis of the Objective Test.
      Please stay connected for the next AIT.

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