SBI Clerk Strategy & Study Plan 2018: Crack Prelims in 60 Days

SBI Clerk Strategy & Study Plan 2018: Crack Prelims in 60 Days

SBI Clerk Strategy & Study Plan 2018: The State Bank of India will be conducting SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam in the month of May/June 2018. It is essential for the candidates to crack both prelims and mains examination to get recruited as SBI Clerk.

SBI Clerk Prelims 2018

SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 – Free Package

Onlinetyari has launched SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Free Package for aspirants who are preparing for this exam. This test series is designed by Experts in accordance with Exact SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Exam Pattern maintaining the Level of Difficulty level been observed in the recent examinations.

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Here in this article, we will formulate a proper SBI Clerk Study Plan 2018 Study Plan for the next 60 days so as to crack SBI Clerk preliminary examination.


SBI Clerk Strategy & Study Plan 2018: How to Crack Prelims in 60 Days

Let us look at the Exam Pattern first and then we will talk about the changes introduced this year.

Subject No. Of Questions Marks Time Duration
English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 60 Minutes

This year, SBI introduced Sectional Timing in the preliminary exam as well. 20 Minutes have been allotted for each section viz. Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language.

Apart from this, SBI has decided that there will be No Sectional as well as overall Cut-Off in the preliminary exam. Approximately 83,010 candidates will be shortlisted for the SBI Clerk Mains Examination which is scheduled in the month of May/June 2018.

The 30 Days Strategy and Study Plan is designed by experts who have helped many students crack the examination with a lot more comfort and ease. In today’s time, you may find a lot of materials on the internet but can you trust those study material? The answer is NO. This situation is similar to those where many people claim to know the cure but only few people actually have the knowledge.

Let us not waste any more time and start elaborating this important strategy for SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 (Section-wise):

Strategy For Reasoning Ability (35 Questions in 20 Minutes)

We know how this section has evolved with time and how Sitting Arrangements and Puzzles have dominated their presence in this section. Earlier students used to rely on this section and now the attempts got reduced due to the level of difficulty. Below is the Expected Pattern of the Reasoning Section. This pattern has been derived from the latest Prelims Exam conducted by IBPS in the year 2017

Topics Question Variation Number Of Question
Puzzle Circular Arrangement With 2 More Variables 10
Linear Arrangement With 2 More Variables
Assignment Puzzle With 3  Variables
Sitting Arrangement Linear Arrangement 10
Circular Arrangement
Floor Based Arrangement
Inequalities Coded/Direct 5
Syllogism Direct/Reverse 5

(Direction Sense, Alpha-Numeric Series, Blood Relation etc.)

You can Refer To Online Tyari Mocks In Order To Find All Such Questions That May Be Asked In The Exam. 5

Strategy For Quantitative Aptitude (35 Questions in 20 Minutes)

If we leave Mains Examination apart, the level of questions being asked is doable. You can save some time and increase your attempts by enhancing your Calculation Speed. Below is the Expected Pattern Of Quantitative Aptitude Section in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2018. This pattern has been derived from the latest Prelims Exam conducted by IBPS in the year 2017

Topics Question Variation Number Of Question
Number Series Wrong Series/Missing Series 5
Data Interpretation Tabular/Pie/Line Graph 5
Simplification and Approximation These are the most easy and high scoring topics. Be quick with your calculations 10
Quadratic Equation Based on Inequalities 5
Miscellaneous Questions Based on various Topics Of Quantitative Aptitude 10

Strategy For English Language (30 Questions in 20 Minutes)

This is the most dynamic section we have seen so far. Many students keep asking that how they can score high in this section especially when 20 minutes are allotted separately as per new pattern. English is not a subject but a Language and one needs proper time in order to get used to a Language. In recent times, we have seen a lot of variation where IBPS has asked the application of all the rules we used to learn by heart at various level of Educational Journey. So, if you don’t know the application, then you need to refresh the topics. Below is the Expected Pattern Of English Language Section in SBI Clerk Prelims 2018.

Topics Question Variation Number Of Question
Reading Comprehension Based on Economy, Story, Education Technology 10
Error Detection Recently IBPS has twisted this type by asking the correct part. So it may be possible that IBPS repeat this or may introduce some other variation 5
Fillers Single/Double/Single fillers with multiple words fitting 5
Spelling Errors 5 words are highlighted and you have to identify 5
Phrases and Phrasal Verbs These have been one of the frequently asked questions in Banking Exams 5


Strategy to Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims 2018

In order to get secure a seat in SBI this year, you need to have a proper strategy. Unlike others, Successful candidates have their own set of Goals and they work smartly towards achieving it. At OnlineTyari, we have been providing all the essentials required to crack the examination. In examination we have seen a lot of students getting Panicked by some of the toughest questions and they fail to attempt the easier ones due to nervousness. To avoid such situation, we are providing you few points that will help you getting used to with the Surprises and changes.

  1. Fix a Target Score:  Although the cut off is different for different States, but targeting 63+ in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2018 will take you to the safer side. As sectional timings have been introduced in the Pre Exam, we would suggest you to Practice English section more seriously.
  2. Find your strength: This can be a Game Changer for you. You will have to attempt maximum with confidence in your strongest area. If you still have not identified your strength, then its a concern. We would recommend you to start Practicing the mock now.
  3. Develop Time Management Skill: Although SBI has not left any scope for Time Management in preliminary exam, but still, you will have to manage the time between the Topics that are easy and the ones that are tough. You will have to keep making Impulsive Decisions for that 60 minutes and no one will be able to stop you.
  4. Implement A Proper Section Wise Strategy:  We have shared this in the above part of the document and we are sure that you won’t be having any difficulty cracking the exam.

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Since you have Enough Mocks, we would suggest you to start practicing and follow the given below table. Follow the below given table for the last 30 Days. This 30 day Plan is specially designed by banking experts who have successfully cracked exams like SBI, LIC, IBPS and Other Public Sector Bank Exams.

Days Subjects Mocks Schedule
Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude English Language
Day 1 Syllogism Data Interpretation Fillers and Cloze Test
Day 2 Puzzle And Seating Arrangement Number Series Sectional Test
Day 3 Syllogism (Reverse) Data Interpretation Reading Comprehension
Day 4 Puzzle And Seating Arrangement Simplification and Approx. Sectional Test
Day 5 Syllogism (Reverse) Data Interpretation Reading Comprehension
Day 6 Puzzle And Seating Arrangement Quadratic Equation
Day 7 Blood Relation Data Interpretation Reading Comprehension Sectional Test
Day 8 Puzzle And Seating Arrangement Inequalities (New Pattern)
Day 9 Data Interpretation Reading Comprehension
Day 10 Puzzle And Seating Arrangement Fillers and Cloze Test Sectional Test
Day 11 Data Interpretation Reading Comprehension
Day 12 Puzzle And Seating Arrangement Error Detection Mock 1
Day 13 Miscellaneous Topics Reading Comprehension
Day 14 Direction Sense Error Detection Mock 2
Day 15 Miscellaneous Topics Reading Comprehension
Day 16 Miscellaneous Topics Error Detection Mock 3
Day 17 Miscellaneous Topics Reading Comprehension
Day 18 Miscellaneous Topics Sentence Improvement Mock 4
Day 19 Miscellaneous Topics
Day 20 Miscellaneous Topics Sentence Improvement Mock 5
Day 21 Miscellaneous Topics
Day 22 Miscellaneous Topics Sentence Improvement Mock 6
Day 23 Mock 7
Day 24 Mock 8
Day 25 Mock 9
Day 26 Mock 10
Day 27 Mock 11
Day 28 Mock 12
Day 29 Mock 13
Day 30 Mock 14

Tips To Improve Your Attempts:

  1. In final exam, it is very important for every candidate to Stick To The Strategy. But at the same time, you will have to be adaptable enough to react according to the Paper.
  2. This time, we would suggest that you should think about increasing the attempts in English Section. This is the first time when you will be spending 20 Minutes on English Section.
  3. Don’t spend too much time on difficult questions. You may not realize the importance of time at that point, but later you will do.
  4. Be confident during the exam. This is the most important tool that you will require during the exam.

Preparatory and Strategy based Videos available at youtube/onlinetyariStay connected for more info as we would come up with our own list of Focus Areas in a later blog post. To excel in Bank Examination, download the Best Banking Exam Preparation App for free.

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