SBI PO and Clerk Exam 2019: Most Expected Questions Day-20


English Language is a section that is scoring but with the increasing complexity of questions. Every year we find some new pattern questions in this section which is easy but tricky. The only way get expertise in this section is to practice with the latest questions of the latest patterns, here are the English questions, which is based on the exact pattern of the questions being asked in the examinations.

SBI PO and Clerk Exam 2019: Most Expected Questions

Direction: Match the following pairs to form a logical and coherent sentence both contextually and grammatically:

1-(A) Real issues start to arise when we react much 
(B) push them to the brink of depression 
(D) anxiety, frustration and self-doubt plague cricketers
(C) it’s perfectly reasonable to get upset. 
(E) If something truly upsetting happens,
(F) more than necessary under the circumstances

(A)AE & BE


(C)CD & AE

(D)EC & AF

(E)CD & AF

2-(A) Despite the growth projection for India, 
(B) The role of the leadership group and the team management is very crucial because 
(C) Allowing ourselves to acknowledge annoying predicaments and then find 
(D) there was a note of caution for airlines to bring discipline in airfares.
(E) when the chips are down and one is going through a low phase, it becomes mandatory
(F) constructive ways to express and deal with them serves us much better in the long run.

(A)BD & AE

(B)AD & BE

(C)CF & AB

(D)BF & AB


3-(A) If you find yourself getting overly angry, upset, or defensive take comfort 
(B) Asia Pacific and India sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. 
(C) The commercial services market in India is valued 
(D) higher than that of aircraft purchase
(E) in knowing that there are actions you can take to more effectively manage your emotions.
(F) hadn’t impacted Boeing’s order book.


(B)AF & AE

(C)AE & CD

(D)AB & CF

(E)BE & CD

4-(A)The artist created six novel objects 
(B) Parents were instructed to encourage their toddler 
(C) All of the play period was video
(D) To interact with the clay objects in as natural a way as possible.
(E) Each with a unique shape and texture
(F) To talk to them more often





(E)None of above

5-The ability of a woman to do well does not _________ on whether it is a man’s world or not, because everyone has his/her own opportunities. 
A. trust 
B. hinge 
C. reckon
D. devolve





(E)None fit

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