SBI PO and Clerk Exam 2019: Most Expected Questions Day-21

SBI has released the notification for the posts of PO and Clerk for the year 2019-20. As SBI is the dream job for every banking aspirants this is a great opportunity for all those who aspire to become a Banker this year.

General Awareness is a section in which you can score maximum marks. The only way to get expertise in this section is to revise as much as you can. Here we are providing you the General Awareness questions, which are very important for the upcoming SBI PO and SBI Clerk examinations.

SBI PO and Clerk Exam 2019: Most Expected Questions

Q1. World Press Freedom Day is observed every year on which of the following date?

A-1 May

B-3 May

C-1 June

D-30 April

E-None of these

Q2. Electric Vehicles’ number plates will be shown in which of the following color?





E-None of these

Q3. Which among the following has become the first country to pass “Environment and Climate Emergency” motion?


B-United Kingdom



E-None of these

Q4. Which among the following country was the third biggest source of FDI in India?





E-None of these

Q5. A new postage stamp has been released to commemorate 750th birth anniversary of who among the following saints?

A-Swami Abhedananda

B-Khatkhate Baba

C-Sri Vedanta Desikan

D-Chandrashekhara Bharati III

E-None of these

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