SBI PO and Clerk Exam 2019: Most Expected Questions Day-22


SBI has released the notification for the posts of PO and Clerk for the year 2019-20. As SBI is the dream job for every banking aspirants this is a great opportunity for all those who aspire to become a Banker this year.

Reasoning Ability is a section that is scoring but with the increasing complexity of questions. Every year we find some new pattern questions in this section which is easy but tricky. The only way get expertise in this section is to practice with the latest questions of the latest patterns, here are the Reasoning questions, which is based on the exact pattern of the questions being asked in the examinations.

SBI PO and Clerk Exam 2019: Most Expected Questions

Direction : Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below-

A, B, C, D, E, G, L, W and Y are nine friends who use different search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing,,, Lycos Excite, Duck Duck GO and WolfAlpharam but not necessarily in the same order. Name of the person doesn’t match with the initial of the search engine.
Neither D nor E uses Bing and G uses Lycos. Neither A nor C uses Yahoo and Excite. Neither Y nor E uses Duck Duck Go and Google. Neither E nor C uses Initial alphabte of search engine used by L and Y are opposite to each other as per their place in English alphabetical order. W and B use either Excite or Google. L uses neither Yahoo nor Bing.

1-Which search engine E uses?


B- Google

C- Bing

D- Yahoo


2-Who among the following uses Google?

A- D

B- G

C- L

D- W or B

E- A

3-Which of the following is a correct pair of friend and search engine?

A- B –

B- D –

C- E – Excite

D- W – WolfAlpha

E- L – Bing

4-Who among the following uses Bing?




D- Y


5-Which of the following option is definitely false?

A- A –

B- D –

C- W – Excite

D- E – Yahoo

E- Y – Google

Detailed Solution-

Friend Search Engine
B Excite/Google
C Bing
E Yahoo
G Lycos
L Duck Duck Go
W Excite/Google
Y WolframAlpha

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