SBI PO Prelims 2016: Achievers with Us

SBI PO PRELIMS 2016 Achievers with us

SBI PO Prelims Achievers List: Recently, State Bank of India announced the results for SBI PO Prelims examination. The written examination for SBI PO was conducted on 2, 3, 9 and 10 July 2016 and the result was declared on 17th July 2016.

Among millions of aspirants, a few were able to crack the SBI PO preliminary examination with flying colors. A number of OnlineTyari users were happy to inform us about their advancement to the next level of SBI PO exam i.e. Mains Exam. We would like to congratulate all those aspirants who have made it to the Final Round.

OnlineTyari caters to the needs and aspirations of millions of users who have the dreams of securing a reputed government job. We, at OnlineTyari, believe that aspirants can make their dreams reality by working hard and following our day to day preparation guides and study material sincerely.


SBI PO Prelims 2016: Achievers with Us

We are happy to inform that a significant number of OnlineTyari users have been shortlisted for SBI PO mains. Many of our users contacted us personally after the declaration of results and we appreciate their efforts. Given below is a list of such achievers who credit OnlineTyari towards their success:

  1. Vivek Yadav
  2. Virendra kumar
  3. Neha
  4. Abhay
  5. Sunil Singh
  6. Aarathi C R
  7. Nisha kumari
  8. Shashank Singh
  9. Taufeeq Ahamad
  10. Sudhanshu thakur
  11. Sudarshan Joshi
  12. Sarveshwar
  13. Anil Yadav
  14. Akshay Kumar Verma
  15. Gaurav Shakya
  16. Brajesh Kumar
  17. Himanshu
  18. Narendra kumar jeegar
  19. Anupama ekka
  20. Jyoti
  21. Amar
  22. Rathindra Nath Singha
  23. Hardeepsinh jadeja
  24. Mohit
  25. Archana
  26. Sonu Kumar
  27. Rajshekhar
  28. Rajshekhar
  29. Raj Kishor Singh
  30. Dev Kumar
  31. Vinay Prakash Sakhare
  32. Rahul Birla
  33. Neha
  34. Abhimanyu Runthala
  35. Debasish Pradhan
  36. Rajesh Kumar
  37. Nakul
  38. Davinder Singh

All of these candidates prepared for their examination wholeheartedly and with full dedication. Some went to coaching institutes while some employed self study measures. Some had to work simultaneously to support their families while some were final year students. OnlineTyari makes sure that the demands and expectations of our users are always fulfilled. Our online preparation material, mock exams, question banks and news articles along with hard-work and determination paved the way for these aspirants.

Many of our users, who appeared for the SBI PO Prelims AIT, made it to the final round of SBI PO recruitment exams. It gives us immense pleasure to witness that AIT has turned out to be remarkably successful amongst our users. From our top 20 AIT Scorers, 12 got selected for SBI PO mains.  Here is a list of those along with their marks in both the exams:

 Names  All India Test Score  SBI PO Prelims Score
 Varun Villa  70  56
 Abhiraj Deepam  Sarmah  66.25  67.7
 Siddharth Kumar  63  62
 Shivani Rawal  63  57.5
 Somya  62.5  58.57
 Vikas Chaudhary  62  49.25
 Midhu SP  62  50
 Niranjani  62  66.5
 Anita  61  63
 Umesh  61  51
 Geetika Punj  60  59
 Vamsikrishna Reddy  60  52.5

Did we miss your name out? If Yes, please send-in your Name, Roll Number and Picture of your Scorecard from your active eMail ID to and we will contact you shortly or Simply follow the link to Fill this form : SBI PO Prelims 2016 Achivers

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