How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims 2016

How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims

As the hype over SBI Junior Associate Examination is settleing down, it is time for SBI PO 2016. With only a limited time left for SBI PO Preparation and Revision, it is the right time to formulate a study plan and proper exam strategy to crack SBI PO Prelims.

In this article, our primary focus will be on How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims 2016 and qualify for the next level, SBI PO Mains Examination. Before we start with our discussion regarding SBI PO Reasoning Ability Preparation Tips, let us revisit the exam pattern of SBI PO Prelims so we all are on the same page.


SBI PO Prelims Exam Pattern 2016

The pattern of SBI PO Preliminary Examination will be objective. There will be 3 sections in total – Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language and the exam will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT).

 Name of the Section  Number of Questions  Marks
 Reasoning Ability  35  35
 Quantitative Aptitude  35  35
 English Language  30  30
 Total  100  100

Each question carries 1 mark and the Prelims Exam has 100 questions. The Total Time for solving this paper will be 1 Hour (60 minutes).

SBI PO Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2016 Kiran Institute

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SBI PO Prelims will be qualifying in nature, which means, while creating the final merit list, marks secured in SBI PO Prelims will not be considered. We hope you are now up to speed on the exam pattern of SBI PO Prelims.


SBI PO Reasoning Ability Preparation Tips for Prelims

The Reasoning Section in SBI PO Recruitment Examination is considered both challenging and exciting part by most of the aspirants. The only way to excel in SBI PO Reasoning Section is developing an in-depth understanding of Logic and Regular Practice. Working hard, Reading and Regularly solving questions based on all the topics covered by SBI PO Reasoning Syllabus will definitely give you Better Results!

But, the Reasoning Section in SBI PO Prelims is not limited to rudimentary application of Mathematical Concepts where one can learn and implement basic formula to solve any type of question accurately.

SBI PO Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2016 Arihant

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Reasoning Section in SBI PO are based on Correct Application of Logic. The more you practice, the better clarity about the logic will be built in your muscle memory. There are a number of online mock tests on SBI PO Prelims in the OnlineTyari Store, do try then out. 


Topic-Wise SBI PO Reasoning Ability Preparation

Based in Previous Year SBI PO Paper as well as other Bank Exams, here is a list of topics which are essential towards SBI PO Reasoning Ability Preparation for Preliminary Examination.  Topic wise preparation Tips for Reasoning:

  1. Blood Relations
  2. Syllogism (2,3,4 Statement)
  3. Derivation of Statement and Conclusions/ Assumption/ Interference
  4. Detection of Missing Character
  5. Direction Sense
  6. Seating Arrangement
  7. Ranking
  8. Data sufficiency
  9. Complex Arrangements/ Puzzles 
  10. Non-Verbal Reasoning – Completion of Incomplete Pattern, Hidden/Embedded Images, Mirror Images, Water Images, Figure Matrix
  11. Coding-Decoding (Alphanumeric)
  12. Analogy
  13. Classification/ Odd Pair focus

From an absolute Exam Preparation Perspective, it is always considered better to completely cover 60% topics of the exam syllabus that appear too frequently in the Recruitment Examination as the major criteria is to score a high and clear the Cut Off Scores for SBI PO Prelims.

To score better in Reasoning Ability Section, follow these points while preparing for SBI PO Prelims 2016.

1. Focus on topics that are considered important from the frequency point of view. Don’t try to cover the entire syllabus. Your major focus must be on the most scoring ones so you can atleast clear the cut off scores for SBI PO Prelims. 

2. Cramming will not work in Reasoning Ability Section of SBI PO Prelims. Questions based on Reasoning will be purely logic based. Try attempting as many online mock tests as you can so that your logic building process is initiated and you can identify how to proceed further in a problem. 

3. Start with Reading and Understanding concepts of the Reasoning topics. Once you are able to understand the basics behind each topic, divert your focus on both speed and accuracy since SBI PO is competitive recruitment examination. 

4. Meticulously divide your study timetable among various essential Reasoning Topics for SBI PO Preparation. Where you will be able to solve Coding Decoding Questions after a little practice, questions based on Blood Relations might take up more time.  

5. Follow 1:4 Preparation Rule. It means among the total time spent on preparing for SBI PO Prelims, 25% should be dedicated towards concept building and 75% must be directed towards practising questions. Practice is the key ingredient towards cracking SBI PO Prelims. 

6. Do not limit yourself to Online Mock Tests only. Solving Question banks is also a central preparation activity as they help in making the concepts concrete whereas Online Mock Tests will help you in Time Management.

7. Speaking about Time Management, it is THE FACTOR. Solving questions in a timely manner is extremely important. Since these questions are based on logic, there will always be a number of methods to solve it. Your thought process must be ready to identify the best way to solve keeping in mind both time and accuracy.

We conclude our article on How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims 2016.

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