Short Tricks to Learn Synonyms for SSC CGL/ CPO 2018

Short Tricks to Learn Synonyms for SSC CGL/ CPO 2018

Short Tricks to Learn Synonyms for SSC CGL/ CPO 2018: Both SSC CGL and SSC CPO have been dominating exams, which recruit only the best of the best. The Staff Selection Commission will be conducting the SSC SI/ ASI & Combined Graduate Level Examination for the recruitment of Group B and C candidates to various government institutes in the coming months.

English Section of the SSC CGL/ CPO Recruitment Examination is considered as a major score booster by a majority of candidates. Still, there are a few aspirants who are completely dreaded by the questions based on Synonyms. To help them, we are providing a list of handy synonyms for some important words along with the tricks to learn them.


Top 10 Synonyms of the Day

Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning, to another word. They can be lifesavers when you want to avoid repeating the same word over and over. Also, sometimes the word you have in mind might not be the most appropriate word, which is why finding the right synonym can come in handy.


in a careful or cautious manner.

Synonyms – Cautiously, Carefully

TrickBe careful, if you eat ginger in summer.


entertainment or amuse someone with Talk

Synonyms – entertain, amuse, divert, delight

Trick Regal Cinema at Cannaught Place, delhi.


Unexpected Change in a situation or someone’s behaviour

Synonyms – quirk, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, oddity, eccentricity.

Trick – A vague person shows vagary.


a person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions)

Synonyms – freedom fighter , insurrectionist , rebel

Trick– jiska sar na jhuke.


the action of repairing something.

Synonyms – amends, restitution, redress, compensation.

Trick -re-pay as a compensation.


leave or give by will after one’s death.

Synonyms – Bestow, Endow

Trick -Sounds like Be- “Before” and Queath – “Death”


faith or loyalty

Synonyms – Fidelity, Promise

Trick – troth sounds like the truth


quibble about petty points.

Baal ki Khaal nikalna

Synonyms – argufy, altercate.

Trick – Argue over Petty things


a sculpture or model of a person.

Synonyms – statue, statuette, carving, sculpture, graven image, model, dummy

Trick – Effigy Sounds like A Figure.


 a person devotes effort to making oneself look attractive and then admire one’s appearance.

Synonyms – clean, tidy, groom, smooth, arrange

Trick – Preen Our Queen for the Marriage

That’s all for the day! Stay tuned with us for the rest of the topic that we will discuss day by day.


Overall Tips

  • Inculcate Eclectic Reading in your routine. Reading from various sources like textbooks, novels, blogs etc. helps in building a versatile vocabulary.
  • Maintain a separate notebook. Whenever you come across an essential/ important/ new word, make sure you enter this in your notebook for future use.
  • Understand Word Usage from Dictionary. Since there is literally an infinite number of words, it is advisable to learn the usage of words from the dictionary based on alphabet breakdown and combination.
  • Try and build sentences using Synonyms. It is considered a better learning exercise to introduce various synonyms in your daily vocabulary for faster learning.
  • Mug up the most commonly used Synonyms. Based on previous years papers and other bank exams, you can make a list of most commonly used words and learn them by heart.

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