How to Solve Cloze Test Questions in Bank Exams

How to Solve Cloze Test Questions in Bank Exams

How to Solve Cloze Test Questions in Bank Exams: As one of the most important bank exams such as SBI PO is approaching, tension around solving the English section of the exam has been building. It is observed that candidates have a tendency of acing the quantitative and reasoning questions quite easily.

Although, this assumption varies from person to person, we can say that the English Section of the Bank Exams is categorically difficult. One of the most scoring and important component of the English section is Cloze test passage. Cloze Test reading refers to an exercise where the candidates are required to find the missing words from a particular text. The candidates are presented with a passage that has some words missing.

In the passage, you have to enter the suitable word for the corresponding blank in each sentence. It can be a noun, adjective, pronoun, gerund or anything else. In order to ace cloze test questions, candidates must possess good command over the English language. Most of all, they should have a flair for grammar and good vocabulary.


Tips to solve Cloze Test Questions in Bank Exams

The English Section, in most of the recruitment exams, allocates atleast 30% of the entire section weightage to cloze test questions.

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Since, many government exams consider Cloze test to ascertain the English proficiency of candidates, it is important for you to prepare and practice these questions. So, we have jotted down some important tips to solve cloze test questions in bank exams.

Read the Passage Carefully

Read the passage provided very thoroughly to form an idea about the topic. If you are not able to understand the theme, read it multiple times. Slowly connect with the outline of the passage as this will make the task easier.

You can them move on to think of appropriate words that suits the sentence. In order to strengthen your reading skills, read newspaper, blogs on a daily basis. You will also learn various new words which will improve your vocabulary.

Try to Connect the Sentences

The cloze test passage usually contains sentences that are logically connected to each other. Do not make the mistake of treating each sentence like an individual one and filling in the blanks accordingly.

Be attentive and try to link the sentences together. This will make more sense of the passage and you will be able to choose the right option.

Check the Tone of the Passage

The tone of the passage is essential towards solving cloze test questions. The passage is usually written in a certain tone such as narrative, critical, humorous or descriptive. Understanding the tone will help in better decision making. You should always pick words that goes with the tone of the passage.

Eliminate Options

When you read a particular sentence, you will automatically go to the options given. In some of the cases, one or two words are found to be irrelevant to the described content. It is better to eliminate those options and focus on the rest.

Make Use of Grammar 

One of the best tips to solve cloze test questions is to check the grammatical composition. Articles, nouns , pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, adjectives, conjunctions, verb or any other part of speech helps to fill the gaps. Some sentences can have a combination of verbs or some may have a particular article which serves as a hint.

For example: Suppose there is an article before a missing word i.e ‘an’, this means that the correct answer starts with a vowel letter.

Go with Frequently Used Words

Sometimes, you stumble across a question that has two possible answers as they similar in meaning. This is deliberately done to confuse the candidates. In such a case, mark the word from options which is used frequently with words around the blank. For example: We earn respect for what we do and ______    

(A)Establish      (B)Achieve     (C)Attain

The correct answer for the above question will be achieve because this popular phrase is frequently used with the word ‘achieve’. In this way you can ascertain the correct answer from the synonyms.

Practice a Lot

In conclusion, the most repetitive and effective tips of all is practicing with mock tests. There is no substitute for hard work and practice. Try to practice 2-3 passages daily to help you strengthen the cloze test area of the English section. Read a lot from various journals and keep a note of words which you find difficult along with their synonyms.

We conclude our article on the essential tips to solve cloze test questions in bank exams. Work around them daily to see positive results and never stop practicing.


Try it Yourself: Sample Cloze Test Passage

Try and solve this cloze test passage and see how many marks you score out of 10. Answers are provided below. Let us know your score in the comments below.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the Olympic Games …(1)… to be held in August …(2)… Rio de Janeiro will go ahead, the Zika virus …(3)… . An Emergency Committee meeting …(4)… by the WHO Director-General said there is “very low risk” of the virus spreading globally as a consequence of the Games being …(5)… in Brazil. The local mosquito population level is expected to …(6)… sharply in August, the Brazilian mid-winter, and the annual infection rate is expected to peak before that. Intensive vector-control measures at and around the venue will reduce …(7)… risks. It is possible that a few individuals …(8)… get infected and contribute to a global spread and start …(9)… a new chain of local transmission. But the risk will be the same as in any country where the local transmission of the Zika virus is …(10)… ; it does not get amplified even when thousands come together, as the committee has noted.

1. (a) scheduled (b) plan (c) scheme (d) organised (e) probable
2. (a) therewith (b) into (c) at (d) in (e) on
3. (a) along with (b) notwithstanding (c) withstanding (d) henceforth (e) herewith
4. (a) convened (b) call (c) had (d) there (e) out
5. (a) play (b) apprehended (c) happen (d) hold (e) held
6. (a) go (b) drop (c) fell (d) happen (e) lean
7. (a) suspension (b) suspicion (c) transmission (d) transportation (e)transfusion
8. (a) may (b) might (c) ought to (d) will not (e) hence
9. (a) of (b) off (c) on (d) at (e) among
10. (a) progress (b) coming (c) going (d) ongoing (e) showing


1. (a)
2. (d)
3. (b)
4. (a)
5. (e)
6. (b)
7. (c)
8. (a)
9. (b)
10. (d)

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