Tips and Tricks to Solve DI Questions in SBI PO Prelims 2017

Tips and Tricks to Solve DI Questions in SBI PO Prelims 2017

Tips and Tricks to Solve DI Questions in SBI PO Prelims 2017: In the month of April, The State Bank of India will begin SBI PO Recruitment process by conducting SBI PO Prelims 2017. Candidates who make it through will be called for SBI PO Mains 2017. As the exam is nearly a few months away, it is time for the candidates to start the preparation.

DI is a measurement of a candidate’s ability to derive and interpret solutions to problems based on bar graphs and tables. But as the competition level increased over the years, more and more variety in terms of questions was introduced. Now, the DI section is a combination of a number of concepts taken from reasoning as well as numerical consistency. In order to secure good marks and qualify in SBI PO Prelims 2017, we are providing some useful tips & strategy to solve DI questions in an efficient manner. SBI PO Prelims Quant Section is expected to contain DI Questions in bulk. Go through some crucial tips & upgrade yourself to solve DI Questions efficiently.


Tips and Tricks to Solve DI Questions in SBI PO Prelims 2017

SBI PO Prelims will be posing new challenges for all aspirants. The pattern have divided each section distinctly but this also means that each section can only get a limited time. So, preparing for each section is a must!

SBI PO Data Interpretation Preparation involves revisiting your old vices. You need to stop making those silly mistakes you made in practice or other Bank exams.

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Data Interpretation is one of the most frequent types of Questions that we have in almost every recruitment Examination. Banking, SSC, Railways, and Insurance are the Biggest Employer and issue a major number of vacancies every year. The selection process is predefined. This is one of the most important topics of Quantitative Aptitude section of Banking/ Competitive recruitment exams.


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Being in form of case lets, it involves a lot if calculation. In a way DI can make or break your final scores and sectional cutoffs and ultimately be the difference between a name in the selection list or in the registrations list for the next exam. It is basically a calculation based portion that involved graphs. These Questions are asked in order to test the analytical view of the Candidate. The key to solve DI questions is to identify  the important values, convert all the data into important chunks related to which Questions are there.

Data Interpretation can be tackled in a better way using following points:

  • Speed to solve DI?
  • Shortcut tricks to solve data interpretation questions?
  • How to solve data interpretation questions with accuracy?

With the help of our team of experts, we have compiled some tips & tricks and the best preparation strategy which will help you prepare efficiently.

Tip 1: Reduce your Calculation time

Mugging up Tables, squares, cubes etc. will help you in improving the calculations. DI is one of the topics that can give you a number of marks but for that candidate has to really put in effort to minimize your calculation time. Shortcut tricks like direct formulas, vedic maths and short hand can also be helpful in this case. Calculations in mind can be a better strategy to reduce time.

Tip 2: Use Approximation

The best choice to come to an answer is to calculate in mind and use the approximate value. We can do this as follows:

Question: 12.2/3.99 is 3.05 !!

  • Step 1: In this example, the numerator which is 12.2 can be treated as 12 (approximation).
  • Step 2: Denominator’s value, which is 3.99 can be approximately taken as 4.

The answer is 3 which is nearly the same as the answer above.

Tip 3: Minimize Calculation

Try to minimize calculations as low as possible.

Lets take an example, 4561/457 equals to 9.98  !!
  • Step 1: In this example, the numerator which is 4561 can be treated as 4560 which is the nearest integer for easy calculation.
  • Step 2: Denominator 457 can be treated as 456, for easier calculation (4560/456).

The answer is 10 which is nearly the same as the answer above.

Tip 4: Check Units

Check units involved given in the graph so that you make clear calculations and conclude the correct result.

Tip 5: Practice

Practice is the only thing that can increase the accurate attempt within the minimum time. That’s all related to DI Section.

Data Interpretation includes various types of Quantities:

  • Tabular Graph
  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Line Graphs
  • Mix Charts

Apart from these given tips, the most important one is to never lose your composure. Always stay positive and do not panic during the exams. You cannot afford to waste your time by over-thinking or over-analyzing a question. Make efficient use of time, practice and attempt DI questions every day.

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