SSC CGL 2016 Success Story: Ankush Sharma (CBI Officer)

SSC CGL 2016 Success Story: Ankush Sharma (CBI Officer)

SSC CGL 2016 Success Story, Ankush Sharma (CBI Officer): Recently, Staff Selection Commission declared SSC CGL result with which we received a very positive response from our users. With lakhs of candidates competing for a handful of seats, a few were able to crack SSC CGL 2016 Exam. It gives us immense pleasure to put forward the name of our Onlinetyari user who successfully cracked all the stages of SSC CGL examination 2016.

We at OnlineTyari are proud to help students/ candidates/ aspirants in preparing for various recruitment examinations like UPSC, NABARD, SBI, IBPS with the help of online mock tests, questions banks as well as eBooks. Hence, without further ado, we share the Ankush Sharma, an OnlineTyari user who was able to crack the SSC CGL Recruitment Examination 2016.

SSC CGL 2016 Success Story: Ankush Sharma (CBI Officer)

This year, we are extremely happy to see the success rate among our users who have been able to crack SSC CGL examination. Here, we have a short interview of an aspirant who has been a regular user of the OnlineTyari App and whose relentless determination and resolution helped him reach his ultimate goal of getting recruited as Central Bureau of Investigation.


SSC CGL 2016 Success Story: Ankush Sharma (CBI Officer)Given below is the interview with Ankush Sharma conducted by the OnlineTyari Team

Q1. A brief introduction

A. Greetings fellow aspirants! I am Ankush Sharma using the platform that onlinetyari has offered me to connect with you all. All of you wolves out there who have been grinding real hard to sedate your hunger for success. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my journey of success. I was selected as CBI officer through SSC CGL-2016. Before I start, especially for those who ride low in confidence, let me tell you all that I have always been an average student when we talk about talent or skill that a topper should have. But one thing that stands me out or that had kept me afloat was my consistency, hard work, and resilience.

Q2. What Made you choose this field of career?

A. I could have easily fabricated my success story, but that would spoil the purity. I want to keep it as real as I can. My journey for CGL 2016 never had a real start till I realized the potential that the posts carry and how less time I was left with. But as they say, it’s never too late. All I needed was the right mentor who could direct me. The right approach. And as declared above, consistency, hard work, and resilience.

Q3. What was your Approach to the exam? What is your success Mantra?

A. In one way you can say that CGL was the first competition I had ever appeared for with all my heart. Though my start wasn’t sincere I can assure you that my journey was hell-bent. Being a rookie in this race, I had only one option. And that has relied upon my only attribute.. hard work. To get to the solution, you have to know the problem. If we talk about me, I knew my weaker section (G.S) and comparatively stronger sections (rest). Now, contrary to the conventions, I started with my stronger sections. But that was with a promise to self. I had only given 2 months to myself for mathematics and reasoning. But in those 2 months, I had made sure to convert those ‘24 hours that each day had given me into 25 hours’. And then I had mock tests that would do the job of brushing my concepts.  After that, I jumped to English for some time till I was done with the grammar section. And if we talk about vocabulary, that continued until the last week of my TIER 1.

Now if we talk about GS, in the initial period when I was focusing on maths reasoning and English… I used to talk GS classes all day long in my institute. I didn’t revise them in the night or after my classes. But I made sure that I had classes of each subject or rather I should say each topic from at least 4 different teachers. And mark my words, each one of them had taught me some new facts. Some of them even proved fruitful for my TIER 1. Talking about learning them by heart, I started that 2-3 months before my tentative exam date. Remember- IF YOU WANT A JOB IN SSC, FOCUS ON MATHS, REASONING, AND ENGLISH. BUT IF YOU WANT INTERVIEW POST, NEVER LEAVE GS BEHIND.

Q4. Offline or Online Practice. What would you suggest?

A. Back in my preparation days, we were under the impression that we will have to face offline paper. So my start was with offline papers. But to habituate myself with online interface and later on switched to online. But during my TIER 2 days, I realized that for English (TIER 2) offline or online didn’t make much of a difference.  But for TIER 1 and TIER 2 (maths) go for only online.

Q5. How did you manage your time during the exam? Which section should you attempt first?

A. The approach of solving a paper is as important as preparing for it. Now different people have different views on this matter. My take on this is mostly depended on 2 factors. TIME AND DEMOIVATION. Now, never start with maths in any scenario. For me ideal was English to start with. No fear of demotivation or time wasting. Then I would jump to reasoning. And then after attempting a few questions for GS, I used juggle between maths and GS. But my idea was zero confidence in GS.

Q6. How important is a mock test in cracking a competitive exam?

A. My mock test stride started within the first month of my preparation. I used to score between 90-100 marks in my initial papers. That too CHSL level. It was a fact of concern. But I never let that demotivate me. To fight that demotivation, I decided that for first few papers, for like 20 30 papers, I will not consider GS section. But to compensate for that, I gave myself only 1hr and 30mins. And trust me that worked. After those papers that I sacrificed, my score boosted to 130-140 marks. Make sure, and mark my words, make sure that you give at least 200 papers before the real exam. In today’s era, we have we have so many startups in an educational field. And every new company offers a few free mock papers. Some free papers are even offered by big fishes too. So, make use of it. If we talk about me, my institute had exams on every alternate day. And on Sunday they had SUPER-SUNDAY. They offered 500rs/- as prize money for the topper of each region. And I am proud to say that after sacrificing those 20-30 papers, I was the one who always took 500rs/- for rest of the Sundays till TIER 1.

SSC Calendar for Upcoming Exam 2018

SSC Exam Notification Tentative Exam Date Attempt Free Tests
1. SSC CGL Out January Attempt Now
2. SSC MTS Expected April Attempt Now
3. SSC CHSL EXpected March Attempt Now
4. SSC Stenographer Out February Attempt Now
5. IB security assistant Out December Attempt Now
6. SSC Junior Hindi Translator Out January Attempt Now

Q7. Did you encounter any challenges while preparing for SSC CGL? How did you surmount them?

A. To start my answer, I would like to break the ongoing misconception among the aspirants. candidates have no edge over any other candidate. If we look at the only concern, maths, its topics and the concept that you need to crack any problem, they are new to everyone. So don’t feel the lack. Just stay focused and determined. If you have a plan and the perseverance to follow that plan.

Remember: patience doesn’t mean that you sit back and wait. It is foreseeing. It’s looking at the thorn but cherishing the budding flower. Sitting in a dark cabin and looking at the moonlight gushing through cracks. Its, fighting a fight even though you know its uphill“.

And now, if you ask me…. I made a plan. Took an oath to stick to it, no matter how dark the path may look. And rest is history.

Q8. A piece of advice for fellow aspirants and dreamers that you would like to give?

A. I’ll sum up my whole journey and the motivation that many like me seek through this passage……

It’s hard changing your life. In the process of working on your dream, you are going incur a lot of disappointment, a lot of failures, a lot of pain. There will be moments when you are going to doubt yourself. You gonna ask God ‘why is it always me. I am not trying to rob or steal from anybody. Why does it have to happen to me? but when you have nothing left in your tank, think about the people in your life that you are this for. And when you think about them, you can go one more mile. You can go one more night. Because when you are doing it for somebody else who you love or who you want to be happy for life and you are out there lying, exhausted and energy drained out. The only thought that’ll be there in your mind would be… ‘If I don’t grind, they don’t ride. If I don’t grind they don’t eat. This is it.. just one more step and I can’t back off right now. Just one more night in pain and then they all be happy. ‘And trust me on this…When you get this feeling, you can achieve anything. And that’s when you will find the end of your tunnel. The end that will open to a beautiful world. Your happy world.

Many like Ankush have qualified SSC CGL Examination this year and we are privileged to be their Online Mentor. If you wish to share your success story with us, please send your Name, Roll Number and Picture of your Scorecard to or click here to submit your success story.

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