SSC CGL 2018: Quantitative Aptitude (SI & CI) Important Questions

SSC CGL 2018: Quantitative Aptitude (SI & CI) Important Questions

SSC CGL 2018; Quantitative Aptitude (SI & CI) Important Questions: The Staff Selection Commission has officially released SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Recruitment Notification for this year. You can apply from 5th May to 4th June 2018.

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If you’re aiming for recruitment to SSC CGL, you need to give equal attention to the mathematics section. In this article, we will be giving Quantitative Aptitude Important questions based on Simple Interest & Compound Interest.


SSC CGL 2018: Quantitative Aptitude (SI & CI) Important Questions

Quantitative Aptitude is considered as one of the cohesive sections of the Competition Exams, but it is also considered as the most scoring section. Practice the below-given questions and ace in your upcoming exam.

Q1. If the Simple Interest on a sum of money for 3 years @5% is Rs. 1,200/-.Then find the CI for the same period at the same rate.

  1. 1260
  2. 1261
  3. 1262
  4. 1200

Q2. Mr.Duggal invested Rs. 20,000/- @ 20% . The interest was compounded half-yearly for the 1st year and in the next year it was compounded annually. What will be the total interest earned at the end of two years?

  1. 8800
  2. 9040
  3. 8040
  4. 9800

Q3. Priyamvada took a loan of ‘P’ amount from Anshika at 10% p.a of Simple interest for 2 years. But she further lent the 3/4th of the amount ‘ P’ to Varsha at 20% of rate compounded annually and the rest to Shivank at 10% S.I for the same period of 2 years. In this Process Priyamvada earned net profit of Rs. 900/-. Find P.

  1. 10000
  2. 4000
  3. 5000
  4. 18000

Q4. Ashok took a loan of P amount at 8% p.a. S.I. Next year he took an additional sum of Rs. 25,000/- due to which the new rate applicable is 10% p.a S.I. If the interest earned in the 2nd year is 4/3 times of interest earned in 1st year. Find the Principle.

  1. 2,50,000
  2. 3,00,000
  3. 3,75,000
  4. 6,25,000

Q5. Ratio of difference b/w  C. I & S.I for 2 years and 3 years on same sum and rate is 7:22.Find the sum if compound interest earnedin the 2nd year is Rs. 1,050/-.

  1. 6432.25
  2. 6431.25
  3. 6,250
  4. 6436.25

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