SSC CGL 22 August Questions with solutions (Actual Paper)

SSC CGL 22 August Questions with solutions (Actual Paper)

SSC CGL 22 August Questions with solutions (Actual Paper): SSC CGL Tier I examination countdown started on 5th Aug & will notch its last run on 24th Aug 2017. As of now, Staff Selection Commission has moved to Day 14 of its Tier 1 process.SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked (5-21 August 2017)

Here we are sharing SSC CGL 22 August questions (with solutions) which will definitely help candidates to recheck the flavour of the problems asked in today’s exam.

SSC CGL 22 August Questions with solutions (Actual Paper)

Over here, we are listing SSC CGL 22 August Questions and solutions which will help aspirants in maximizing their score line for their upcoming CGL examination. The following questions have been submitted on our forums and we are providing the appropriate answers for each.

  • 80 % of a number is 1000, find the number: 1250
  • Who discovered Neon? Sir William Ramsay & Morris M. Travers
  • sec 30 + tan 60: 2
  • Sher Khan defeated whom at the battle of chausa and kannauj? Humayun
  • Reserve Bank of India is in which List of Indian Constitution? Union
  • Crystallization is physical/chemical change? Chemical
  • If 25% of a number is 20, Find the number? 80
  • A can do a work in 15 days & B can do it in 30 days. In how many days half work will be done by both of them together? 5 Days
  • tan 45 + 4 sec60? 9

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We hope these questions along with detailed SSC CGL 22nd August Exam Analysis will prove beneficial for you.

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