SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked (5-21 August 2017)

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked (5-21 August 2017)

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked (5-21 August 2017): SSC CGL Tier I examination countdown started on 5th Aug & will notch its last run on 24th Aug 2017. In the mean time, Staff Selection Commission has moved to the final days of its Tier 1 process.

On candidates’ demand, we are going to upload SSC CGL General Awareness Questions with solutions which will help candidates to recheck the answers they marked. Also, the future test takers can check the type of questions and prepare accordingly.


SSC CGL General Awareness Questions Asked (5-21 August)

 Instead of today’s solved question answers, we will be sharing SSC CGL Tier 1 questions (Actual Paper) from the dates 5th Aug to 24th Aug, to understand what all the paper is offering in terms of the level of difficulty and variation of questions.

Moving forward, we are now going to upload the solved SSC CGL General Awareness Prelims questions. Go through Solved SSC CGL GA questions and compare your answers:

21 August (All Shifts)

  1. Which body makes laws? Parliament
  2. Land grant for education by Cholas? Brahmadeya
  3. Which yojana connects states and districts? Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat
  4. What reduces energy of machine? Friction
  5. Rhodophyta which color algae? Red algae
  6. Type of goods whose demand increases with income? Normal goods.
  7. Indian national park with Nepal? Chitwan National Park
  8. Due to which factor Soil Humus decrease? Temperature
  9. Image formed in concave mirror ? Real Image
  10. Light yellow color liquid comprising 55% of blood? Plasma
  11. Name of thread which is stronger than steel ? Nylon
  12. Shape of Average variable cost curve? U Shaped
  13. Which Mill strike was lead by Gandhiji ? Ahmedabad Mill Strike
  14. Process of metal plating to prevent corrosion? Electroplating

20 August (All Shifts)

  1. Who discovered  Blood circulatory system? William Harvey
  2. India was defeated by which country in semi final of 2015 world cup? Australia
  3. Which Mughal king was sent to prison by Aurangzeb? Shahjahan
  4. Demand of normal goods increase when income ? Increases
  5. Male hormones of flowers? Stamen
  6. Right to equality comes under? Fundamental Rights
  7. What is the other name of contact force? friction force
  8. Which is a intrusive igneous rock? granite

19 August (All Shifts)

  1. Who discovered Uranus planet? William Herschel
  2. What is the Full Form of HTML? Hypertext Markup Language
  3. In which Year AIDMK was established? 1972
  4. Nalanda University was built by ? Kumaragupta I
  5. Which country hosted 2015 Rugby world cup? England
  6. Namak Satyagrah/Dandi March was completed in how many days? 24 Days
  7. Who is the inventor of Space pen? Paul C. Fisher
  8. Chole dynasty ruled in which part of India? Southern
  9. Which movie got Best alm National award 2016? Kasaav
  10. When were economic reforms were introduced in India? 1991

18 August (All Shifts)

1. What is the position of America in Human development index: 11
2. When Na reacts with NaOH, then what is the product? Na2O + 1/2 H2
3. Which movie won 62 Filmfare award 2017? Dangal
4. In 1912 Mangol invade on which region?
5. What is known as the time taken by Pendulum to cover one round? Period
6. Dihang river in which region of Himalaya?
7. What is the other name of Platelets? thrombocytes
8. Which country won 2015 Rugby Championship? Australia national rugby
union team
9. Painting become famous during the period of which Mughal
Emperor? Jahangir
10. What is the name of writer of the book one life is not enough? Natwar singh
11. Central Plant Economy in which country?
12. If nutrients increase in water then which algae formed? Eutrophication
13. What is the outer most layer of xylem? Cork
14. When someone directly approaches supreme court instead of the High court
then which jurisdiction applied?
15. One question from Economy[Input & Output related].
1. Dhamma Stupa is located at? Nagpur
2. Rank of Australia in HDI 2016? 2
3. Which team won IPL 2017? Mumbai Indians
4. Dara Shikoh brother’s name who was responsible for his death? Aurangzeb
5. Supreme Court helps president in which kind of suggestions? Advisory Jurisdiction
6. Who is the founder of proton? Goldstein
7. mg + O₂ = ? MGO
8. According to latest survey, the percentage reduced in tropical forest in India
9. Which of the following is not a memory storage device? Linux
10. How many legislative assembly are there in Sikkim? 32
11. Which song won Grammy award 2016? Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”
12. No. of union territories in India till june,2017? Seven
13. Lion , leopard and tiger belongs to which genus? Felidae
14. One question from soil in Northern plain
15. One question from Fasal Bima Yojana?
16. One question from books n authors
1. Where is Humayun’s Tomb? New Delhi
2. Which country not in SAFTA? China
3. Which country exercises open trade?
4. Acid plus base forms salt and? Water
5. If the weight on earth is 60kg, what will be the weight on the moon? 10 Kg
6. What are the main abiotic factors? Air
7. The first word of the botanical/Scientific name represents? Genus
8. Himalaya takes a sharp southern turn after which point? Namcha Barwa
9. One question on the nominal product.
10. To which country India gave 35 crores for children of freedom fighters? Bangladesh
11. The trade union in which list of the division of powers? Concurrent List
12. Filaria belongs to which family? Helminthiases
13. What type of Mirror is used in rear view? Convex Mirror
14. Who was the Discoverer of Potassium? Humphry Davy
15. One question on Start up India
16. In 1930 which Muslim leader was arrested in Peshawar? Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
17. Writ Prohibition‐ An order from a superior court to a lower court directing the judge and the parties to cease the litigation because the lower court does not have proper jurisdiction
18. Successors of Timur formed which dynasty? Mughal
19. Leh and Kashmir are connected through which pass? Zoji La

17 August (All Shifts)

Shift I
1. Which Country was runner up in Kabaddi world Cup 2016? Iran
2. Sound is generated by? larynx
3. Convert 1001001 binary into decimal.? 73
4. Jama masjid build in which century? 17th century (1656)
5. Xylem first produces in which part? Stem
6. Alternate name of milk of magnesia‐ Magnesium hydroxide
7. Women emperor Didda ruled which state in India during 990 BC? Kashmir
8. High court judge retirement age from 60 to 62 by which constitution
amendment? 15th
9. Who discovered sodium? Humphry Davy
10. What is vocal cord length in men? 17 mm and 25 mm in length
11. Tomato brinjal potato fall in which category? Solanaceae
12. Sound is generated from which of the following?
13. UK human development index 2016 rank? 16
14. Which part of Himalaya is located between Kali and Sutluj river? Kumaon himalaya
15. What is the Britain rank in FDI?
16. Who got Booker Prize in 2016? Paul Beatty (The Sellout )
17. What are the uses of url world wide Web?
18. Which Train is connecting Pakistan and India? Samjhauta Express
19. Name the North West border sharing country with India? Pakistan/Afganistan
1. Who won the Chinese Grand Prix in 2017? Lewis Hamilton
2. ECG was discovered by? Willem Einthoven
3. Char Minar is in which state? Hyderabad
4. Number of members of Rajya Sabha from Punjab? Seven
5. What is act as shield against UV rays? Stratosphere
6. Which country is not a member of Bay of Bengal BIMSTEC?
7. Agra fort was built by whom? Akbar
8. How many states India has as of June 2017? 29
9. Which yojna has been launched related to development of rural, social, cultural.
10. North East plain formed by Ganga, Sindhu and ____?
11. Kelvin is the unit of? Temperature
12. India’s rank in Human Development Index (HDI)? 131
13. Rank of Norway in HDI in 2016? 1
14. If a planet is revolving in an ellipse then what is the position of the sun?
15. Sliding friction is ____than static friction? Less than
16. One Question on Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission (SPMRM)
17. Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of Mango, what does magnifera
Indicates in this nomenclature ? Higher classification
18. Red fort was built by ? Shah Jahan
1. LinkedIn was bought by? Microsoft
2. Jama Masjid was built by? Shah Jahan
3. What is the acid found in Ant sting? Formic Acid
4. Which dynasty lived in Red Fort – Mughal dynasty
5. Which crop was forcefully cropped by Punjab farmers in British time?
6. Which Year the drafting committee was formed? 1946
7. Fifa 2014 was held at? Brazil
8. Number of vocal cords in human? two
9. What is the Second Stage of Xylem?
10. What is the length of Indian Border? 15200 km
11. Which Movie won Oscar award ? Moonlight
12. Red Blood cells formed in which bone marrow? Red Bone Marrow
13. Which right to use if not satisfied with judgment? Right to constitutional remedy (Article 32)
14. inventor of Color photography? James Clerk Maxwell
15. Which river connects India and Pakistan? Chenab
16. Patkai range is part of which mountain?
17. Definition of pollution?
18. Push & Pull of object in science is called? Force
19. Which Yojana related to cleanliness of Children?
20. Which hydroxide is present in soap? Sodium Hydroxide

16 August (All Shifts)

1. How many times can a person be a President of India? Many Times
2. Hema Malini: beyond the dream Girl book was written by? Ram Kamal
3. What is the process called in which solids converts directly to gases?
4. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is the leader of which movement? Bardoli Satyagrah
5. Which hockey player is given Padma Shri award in 2017? P. R. Sreejesh
6. Bronze is an alloy made up of? Copper and Tin
7. Which is the largest gland in the human body? Liver
8. Which of the following has the maximum difference in temperature in Day‐ Night? Desert
9. Theory of relativity is given by? Albert Einstein
10. Judicial Review has been taken from which country? USA
11. Dulari Kanya scheme launched in which state? Arunachal Pradesh
12. The right portion of the heart receives what kind of blood (pure/impure/mixed/none)? Impure
13. SAARC summit 2016 was postponed, where was it to be held? Pakistan
14. Rail link was laid from China on 10th April 2017 which country? UK
15. Night blindness caused due to deficiency of? Vitamin A
16. Who killed Lord Saunders? Bhagat Singh and Rajguru
17. What do I mean in MICR? Ink
18. Study of Tumor is Called? Oncology
19. The indifference curve is related to? Two goods that gives equal satisfaction and utility
20. Hydraulic Lift works on which principle? Pascal’s Law
21. Lichen and mosses are found in which region? Tundra
22. At what temp. Celsius and Fahrenheit are same? ‐40 Degrees
23. Fly ashes are formed in which of these? Coal Power Plant
24. “Quensburry Rule” is related to which sport? Boxing
1. Which is the first Super computer in the world? Atlas
2. Where will be BRICS 2017 will be held? Xiamen, China
3. Chemical Formula of Quick Lime? CAO
4. What is SI unit of power? Watt
5. Who is the author of book “The Windfall”? Diksha Basu
6. Which article is the heart and soul of Indian Constitution ? Article 32
7. Edward Jenner invented which vaccine? Small Pox
8. After which act East India Company lost commercial monopoly of trading? Charter Act 1813
9. Ginger is a Stem or Root? Stem
10. The rolling plan came after which 5‐year plan? Fifth Plan (74‐78)
11. Serena Williams defeated her sister to win which Grand Slam? Grand Slam 23 (Australia Open 2017)
12. Match the following questions on three medivial wars (Haldighati, Panipat, and Buxar)?
13. Filmfare lifetime achievement award 2017 is given to ? Shatrughan Sinha
14. Who launched Chipko movement ? Sunderlal Bahuguna
15. Which of these is not a Coal? Signite
1. David Warner is a cricket player of which country: Australia
2. Financial emergency in which article in Indian constitution? Article 360
3. How many Parts are there in human Brain? Three
4. Who is the inventor of radar? Heinrich Hertz
5. Longest bullet train is in which country? China
6. Who was awarded Padma Vibhushan in the field of music? K. J. Yesudas
7. The autobiography Suitable boy is written by? Vikram Seth
8. Who discovered electron? JJ Thomson
9. What is an adrenaline? Hormone
10. Poona Pact was held between Mahatma Gandhi and ? B R Ambdkar
11. Which of these in not an Input Device? Plotter
12. Carbolic Acid is also known as ? Phenol
13. Indian Forests are mostly of which type? Tropical Forest
14. When the light goes from one medium to another medium it is called? Refraction
15. Narmada Bachao andolan is related to?
16. Which country is not a member of IORA? China
17. Which is not a fundamental duty.
18. Who abolished sati pratha in India? Lord William Bentic
19. Lorenz Curve is related to? Distribution of income
20. What is the minimum fare of UDAN Scheme? 2500

12 August (All Shifts)

1. Winner of best actress award in 64th national films awards? Surabhi
2. What is the Unit of Sound? Decibel
3. What is an Exothermal reaction? Chemical reaction that releases
4. Brass is Made up of? zinc and copper
5. What is the name of Biography of Sachin Tendulkar? Playing It My Way
6. Full form of FTP : file transfer protocol
7. Full form of BOD : Biological oxygen demand
8. John Dunlop invented? Tyre
9. Who wrote Nagananda ? Harsha
10. Which is the National water animal of India? River Dolphin
11. India signed Black Money Agreement with which country: Switzerland
12. Which right has been removed from fundamental rights? Right to property
13. Alevoli is related to what ‐ respiratory system
14. In which Stadium Sachin Tendulkar has scored his 100th international
century ? Shere Bangla Stadium.
15. what is doldrums? an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with
calms, sudden storms, and light unpredictable winds
16. Question on Match country with currency : Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar
17. Which of the following proves that light has particle nature? Piezoelectric Effect
1. What is the Study of fungus called? Mycology
2. Who Received Arjuna Award 2016 in wrestling? Vinesh Phogat
3. What is the tenure of CAG? 6 Years
4. How many Pair of Ribs are there in human body? 12
5. Who was the first Governor General of India? William bentic
6. Who was the first female Emperor of India? Warren Hastings
7. What is the S.I unit of Heat? joule
8. How many Indian states touch the boundary of Nepal? Five
9. Who invented Polio injection? Jonas Salk
10. The 7th country which has been included in SACEP in March 2017?
11. What is the common name of sodium bicarbonate? baking soda
12. Computer work on which Number System? Binary
13. When a ball is thrown vertically upward what remains constant? Energy
14. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY), who will provide funds?
15. The Ministry of utmost happiness book is written by? Arundhati Roy
16. Which Planet is known as twin of earth? Venus
17. Which of the following is ore of iron? Siderite
18. No Ball is related to which game? Cricket
19. Who holds contingency fund of India ?Finance Secretary
20. Ace against odds book is written by‐ Sania mirza
1. Single cellular organism reproduces by? cellular division
2. What is the full form of DNA ? Deoxyribonucleic Acid
3. which among following is not land locked country? Bhutan
4. What is the full form of ISDN ? Integrated services digital network
5. Which state government has officially launched women safety application ? Tamil Nadu
6. Name the female hormone? Prostrogen
7. Sheets can be made from? Aluminium
8. Who discovered Celsius scale? Astronomer Anders
9. Author of Jinnah Often Came to Our House Book? Kiran Kumar Doshi
10. Minamata disease was caused due to which element? Mercury
11. Jallikattu is celebrated on which festival? Pongal
12. Takshila university situated between which rivers ?
13. Knowledge of Pascal law is necessary for which sports ? scuba diving
14. Which is used as Indigestion ? Antacid
15. Who monitors money of banks ? RBI
16. Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar islands ? Saddle Peak
17. Which country do not have written constitution ?

11 August (All Shifts)

1. SI unit of temperature? Kelvin
2. Ph of Milk is? Slightly Acidic
3. Financial emergency is defined under which article ? Article 360
4. Who won the Arjuna Award in 2016?
5. Facebook is ban which country? China, north korea
6. Gadar party was established by? Sohan Singh Bhakna
7. Kalbaisakhi or norwesters thunderstorm comes in which two
countries? India and bangladesh
8. Strait of Gibraltar connects? Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea
9. IVF (Vitru Fertilization) was invented by? Steptoe and Edwards
10. Wimbledon is related to which sports? Lawn tennis
11. Author of book “Six Machine” I don’t like cricket i love cricket : Chris Gayle
12. In which year east India Company was established ? 1600
13. What is the full form of RNA? Ribonucleic acid
14. The Biggest Mammal?
15. Question on which is not Emulsifier?
16. Loans given to trustworthy customers at which rate? prime lending rate
17. Type of Himalyan Mountain : Fold
18. One Question on Kyoto protocol?
19. Weight of an Object is maximum at ? Poles
20. What is a NetScape Navigator? Web Browser
21. Disease Caused by UV rays?
22. Lucky Grahak Yojna was launched by? NITI Aayog
23. What is the main feature of federalism?
24. Medium loan Period? 5 Years
1. Who wrote Akbarnama? Abu’l‐Fazl
2. Which is the longest cell in human body? Nerve Cell
3. How many members can be nominated to Rajya Sabha by president? 12
4. Which of these is non‐communicable disease ? cancer
5. Which element is responsible for color of skin ? Melanin
6. Opticle fiber works on the principle of ?Total Internal reflection
7. What is the function of electric motor? Coversion of electric energy into
mechanical energy
8. Full form of RRR ? Reduce,Reuse and Recycle
9. Pancha sahib gurudwra is located in? Pakistan
10. What is the distance between two longitudes? 111 Km
11. State or Constitutional emergency comes under which article? 352
12. Use of Potasium nitrate? Fertilizers
13. What was the motoo of third 5 year plan? Agriculture
14. khalsa was brought by ? Guru Gobind Singh
15. Which Novel of Shakespear is wrongly dated? Hamlet
16. Cobra Gold is an military exercise between Thailand and ? USA
17. Who Discovered Pentium chip ? Vinod Dham
18. Economic system with private and state economy is called ? Mixed or Dual Economy
19. Winds from Sahara Desert to Mediterranean sea is called? SIROCCO
20. Satyajit ray has not directed which film?
1. Which organelle is the powerhouse of the cell? Mitochondria
2. Which amendment is called mini Constitution? 42nd Amendment
3. Who won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2016?
4. Who is known as the father of modern computers? Alan turing
5. Which war fought between sirajuddaula & Lord Clive?
6. Akhada, a book on Mahavir Fogat is written by? Saurabh Duggal
7. CaOCl2 is known as? Bleaching Powder
8. What is the name if disease caused by Nickel? Dermatitis
9. Fathom is the unit of measurement of? Depth
10. What is the full form of ITCZ? Intertropical Convergence Zone
11. What is the most important properties of elements of same group in periodic table?
12. Where is the alps mountain located? Europe
13. An Amount of Rs 6000 for Pregnent women yojana was declared on? 31 December 2016
14. Kaladan project related to which country? Myanmar
15. Prime Minister of which neighbouring country came at the
Brahamaputra River festival? Bangladesh
16. Who invented ultrasound machine ? Ian Donald
17. Which of these do not have cell wall? Euglena
18. One Question on matching from Olympic games..
19. One Question on matching of temple like hampi, dilwada, lingraj..
20. One Question on Judiciary System
21. One Question on Light as a Particle
22. One question related to rail project.

10 August (All Shifts)

Shift I

1. National Emergency is defined under Article? 352.
2. Rekha the untold story book was written by? Yasser Usman
3. Father of World Wide Web (WWW)? Tim Berners‐Lee
4. How many bits consist of an IP address? 32 bit
5. Which vitamin is provided by Sun Rays? D
6. What is Loss of electron is called? oxidation
7. In India who has the right to appoint Governor? President
8. Name of Ganga river in Bangladesh? Padma
9. The Malacca Strait divides which two Islands? Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) and the South China Sea (Pacific Ocean)
10. SI unit of Electric Current? Ampere
11. Nephrons are part of which system? Kidney
12. The latitudes that pass through Sikkim also passes through? Rajasthan
13. Who was Anpadh Raja? ‐ Akbar
14. Maratha state lies in between?
15. S. Sai Praneeth related to which sport? Badminton
16. Jan 2017 TPP exit country? USA
17. Literal meaning of certiorari? To be Certified
18. What is the product of Mass velocity called? momentum
19. Which gas is released in the Bhopal gas tragedy? methyl isocyanate (MIC)
20. One question related to Balance of Payment?
21. Madhuri Dixit related to which dance?
22. What is the minimum age for the governor? 35
23. Which is the Ore of aluminium? Cryolite
24. Fundamentals duties are included in which part of the Constitution? Part IV–A
25. My story book is written by which famous cricketer? Michael Clarke
26. Acid rain consists of which of the following ? Nitrogen Dioxide
27. Which of the followings is not a plant hormone?
28. Who won nobel peace prize for 2016 ? Juan Manuel Santos
29. Who won 2016 US opens men’s final Championship Trophy ? Stan Wawrinka
30. Which Blood group is Universal Acceptor ? AB
31. President of India is a member of which house? House of the People.
32. Bardoli satyagraha was started by? Sardar Patel
33. An era of darkness book is writeen by? Shashi tharoor.
34. Chemical formula of salt (Sodium Chloride) ? Nacl
35. India has signed an agreement with which country regarding crude oil
(petroleum)? UAE
36. One question on Green house effect?
37. State Emergency (President’s Rule) comes under which Article? 356
38. Who received Sanjay Chopra Award in 2016 ? Arjun Singh
39. What is 49th Parallel line? Border between USA and Canada
40. Match the following type questions on ‐ liberalisation globalisation and privatisation.
41. What is the Full form of JPEG? Joint Photographic Experts Group
42. What is Insulin ? Hormone (Protein)
43. Madhuri Dixit associated with which dance form? Kathak
44. “Gambit” is associated with which Sport? Chess
45. One Question on microeconomics . ? Ans Consumer Equilibrium
46. One Question related to temples and corresponding countries? Srilanka: padmanabhaswamy temple
47. One Question on member of SAARC countries
48. One Question on Directive principles of state policy
49. What is Endothermic reaction? Reaction which absorbs heat
50. Edible part of cinnamon? Bark
51. Question related to DAM
52. Last layer of atmosphere? Exoshpehere
53. Questions about a Book written by Shashi Tharoor.
54. One Question on Lord Cornwallis
55. El nino effect on ocean currents ?
56. Why surface of water tank seems up
57. Which country build 500 houses for Jewish ? Israel

9 August (All Shifts)

1. The oath of the President is taken in the presence of ? Chief Justice of India
2. How many players are there in Volleyball Team? 6
3. What is the function of Kidney? Fileration
4. Transportation of oxygen in human beings is done by? Hemoglobin
5. Bending of light in slit is caused due to? Diffraction of light
6. Mirage is caused due to? TIR
7. Indian of the year award? Ranveer Singh
8. Which country is not included in BRICS? Iceland
9. Who invented Television? Philo Farnsworth
10. Kalapani dispute is between India and which country? Nepal
11. Acid + Base ‐‐‐‐‐> _____+ water ? Salt
12. Who gave the theory of equilibrium? Leon Walras
13. Name of Storm of China sea? typhoon
14. Which movement started by Mahatma Gandhi in Champaran? Satyagraha
15. Weakest Bond in Chemistry ? Hydrogen Bond
16. Ujjawala Scheme is? Provides LPG Cylinders to Every BPL Families household
17. Not a function of Fortran ? Drawing
18. Who is the author of selection day? Aravind Adiga
19. One Question Related to Sovereignty in Constitution?
20. One Question on demand draft.
1. Which Country has longest boundary with India ? Bangladesh
2. Who won Miss Universe 2016 ? Iris Mittenaere
3. Ph Scale of Blood is: Slightly Basic
4. What is disguised unemployment ? (Underemployment )working in a
redundant manner where worker productivity is essentially zero
5. Number do Lies Book was written by? Aakash Chopra’s
6. Who is Executive head of Parliament ? Prime Minister
7. Amazon river is in which country ? Brazil
8. Science/law behind inability to nail a pin on a hanging wooden block? Newtons’ 2nd Law of Motion
9. No of tissues in plants ? Three
10. Who Discovered Bacteria? Van Leeuwenhoek
11. First governor general of Bengal ? Warren hasting
12. Forest research institute is located at? Dehradun
13. Who is UN secretary general ? António Guterres
14. Market with only one seller ‐ Monopoly
15. What is a bug ‐ Error in a program
16. Which of the following is not true regarding EM waves ‐ it cant be interfered and diffracted
17. Match the following with Ganesh Chathurthi, Durga Puja and other
festival : Maharashtra, West Bengal and other
18. Which among the following sports doesn’t use ball ‐ Badminton
19. Who built Konark temple ‐ Narasimha 1
20. Shahyadri is also known as?‐ Western Ghats
21. Deen dayal yojana 5 rs meal ‐ Madhya Pradesh
22. Parliament consist of ‐ President and two houses
23. Zacharias was invented by? ‐ Microscope
SSC CGL 2017 Memory base GA Questions
1. Anti‐Defection Law is in which Schedule of Indian Constitution ? 10th Schedule
2. Most abundant element on earth crust? Oxygen
3. Founder of Banaras hindu university? Pandit Madan Mohan maliviya
4. Ozone is ___oxygen? O3
5. Second battle of tarain was fought between? prithiviraj Chauhan vs muhhmad gauri
6. Polio is Caused by? Virus
7. Which Country Keeps an eye on north korea? USA
8. RedRot Disease is related to? Sugarcane
9. SI unit of Frequency ‐ Hertz
10. Where is Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets located? Ahmedabad Gujrat
11. Which of the following is an Inert gas ? Argon
12. Who has been awarded Padma Shri for culinary contribution ? Sanjeev Kapoor
13. Who is Commander in Chief of India : President
14. What are Isotopes: Elements with same atomic number

8 August (All Shifts)

1. Winner of Oscar award 2017 for best Film ? Moonlight.
2. Citizen and society book is written by? Hamid Ansari
3. Highest production of opium? Afghanistan
4. Which Acid is present in Ant Sting? Formic Acid
5. No of writs ? 5
6. Cholera was discovered by? Filippo Pacini
7. LAN Stands for ? Local area Network
8. New Scheme of Indian Railways? Vikalp Scheme
9. Itai itai disease is caused by ? Cadmium
10. Which State has longest coastline: Gujrat
11. MOU signed between which countries for Water conversation in India
? India and Israel
12. Who built the Vijay Stambh? Rana Kumbha
13. Who is the ex officio president of the Indian Parliamentary Group? Lok Sabha Speaker
14. Match the following Questions on Mithali Raj, Lalita Babar, poonam rani? Cricket, 3000m Race, Hockey respectively
15. Xylem is Used to ? transport water from roots to shoots and leaves
16. Five kingdom classification was given by.? Whittaker
17. Monument Built by Rana Pratap Singh : Chittorgarh Fort
18. Who said swaraj hamara janam sidh adhikar hai ? Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
19. Bud grows from which part of the plant? Branch
1. Who invented dynamite?: Alfred Nobel
2. Todar mal was the finance minister of which mughal Emperor? Akhbar
3. Schedule 4 of Indian Constitution is about? Allocation of Seats in Rajya Sabha
4. Which Diseases is caused due to bite of Female Anopheles mosquito? Malaria
5. How many fundamental duties are there in Indian Constitution? 11
6. Saffron is obtained from which part of plant? Stigma
7. Rovers cup is related to which sport ? Football
8. At which place gravity is highest ? Poles
9. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of? Iron
10. Dronacharya Award awarding for swimming in 2016 ? S. Pradeep Kumar
11. Maximum land Shared with country ? Bangladesh
12. Neo malthusian principle related to? Resource Scarcity
13. What is reduction? Gaining of an electron
14. Humidity is measured by which device? hygrometer
15. “Back to Vedas” slogan given by? Dayanand Saraswati
16. ____ transports water from roots to leaves in plants? Xylem
17. Which Metal is used in bulb? Tungsten (W)
18. Author of Ace Against Odds Book: Sania Mirza
19. Trees that lose all their leaves once a year are called? deciduous
20. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? Speed
21. Question related to primary, tertiary sector
22. Entrepreneur scheme related question
1. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? force, electric current, acceleration, velocity. : Electric current
2. C++ is a : Programming language
3. In which part of a body villi exist. Small Intestine
4. Which living organism is segmented from head to tail? Annelida
5. Most important source responsible for absorption of heat coming from sun and radiated by earth is?
6. From which country India has taken the process of election of president? Ireland
7. Discoverer of malaria causing germs? Charles louis alphonse laveran
8. In which year, kyoto protocol came into force ? 1997
9. Nobel prize in literature (2016) ? Bob Dylan
10. Synapse is the gap between? Neuron and dendrite
11. Which country has opened the world’s longest sea bridge? China
12. Who is know for Hindu Muslim unity in Lucknow session? Muhammad Ali Jinnah
13. What are isobars? different elements with the same atomic weight
14. What does quo warranto means? a writ requiring a person to show by what warrant an office is held
15. India recently celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations with which country? Israel
16. All activities and decision making power of self help group is taken by?
a) RBI, b) member of groups, c)RRB, d) NGO
17. Question on Harsha Vardhan era…
18. Question on architecture of Lucknow?
19. Match the following question on grand prix…

6 August (All Shifts)

1. Neha Kakkar is related to? ‐ Singing
2. What does S in BRICS stand for? – South Africa
3. The pacemaker is used for which organ? – Heart
4. Bering Strait Connects ? Arctic Ocean and Bering Sear
5. Who is the author of the book “My country My life”? – L.K. Advani
6. What is the name of River Ganges in Bangladesh? – Padma
7. What is the name for Tsangpo River in India? – Brahmaputra
8. Where do you find Masal Tribe? – Kenya
9. What is Sepak Takraw? – Kick Volleyball (Sport in South East Asia)
10. Which of the following state is not connected to Bhutan ‐ Himachal Pradesh
11. Anemia disease is caused due to the deficiency of ? Iron
12. Which is the biggest civilian award in India ? Bharat Ratna
13. Who was the first Viceroy of India? Lord Canning
14. Palak (Spinach) is rich in ? Iron
15. Who gave the title “Mahatma” to Gandhi? Rabindra Nath Tagore
16. Gautam Buddha Attained enlightenment at? Bodhgaya
17. Dry Ice is also know as? CARDICE (Solid Carbon dioxide)
18. Who discovered Bluetooth ‐ Jaap Harrison
19. What is the No. of Players in POLO Game? Four
20. Which state of India is Carbon free? Himachal Pradesh
21. Number of Fundamental Rights? Six
22. Nyaya‐ Sutras book is written by ? Gautama
23. CPI party was established in ‐ 1925
24. What part of earth is covered with land? 29%
25. Who won the 2015 Cricket World Cup? ‐ Australia.
26. Rukmini Devi belongs to which dance ‐Bharatnatyam
27. Dadasaheb Phalke award 2017 ? Kasinathuni Viswanath
28. Common Name of Sodium carbonate : Washing Soda
29. Which queen of Kakatiya Dynasty ruled South India ? Rudramadevi
30. Gandhi Peace Prize 2017 winner ‐ Omar Barghouti
31. Who discovered vacuum pump ? Otto von Guericke
32. PM Modi inaugurated saurashtra narmada avtaran irrigation (sauni) yojana in which state.? ‐ Gujrat (Rajkot)
33. Gandhi started Kheda satyagraha from which state. ? Kheda District of Gujrat in 1918
34. The Book written by kailash Satyarthi?‐ Azad bachpan ki Or
35. When was Noise pollution added in pollution list?
36. Question related to Pulitzer award?
37. One Question on Filmfare award for 2016 ?

5 August (All Shifts)

1. Pannalal Ghosh belongs to which instrument? Flute.
2. Author of The Sellout Book? Paul Beatty
3. What is the minimum age for Vice President of India? 35 Years
4. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? Bindusara
5. Which dynasty came after Tughlak ? Sayyid
6. Ekuverin Military exercise between India and ? Maldives
7. Which Device is used to measure soil moisture tension? Tensiometer
8. Who got Polly Umrigar award 3 times? Virat Kohli
9. India stadium hosting it’s 1st Test match in 2016 vs England ‐ Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot
10. What is the SI Unit of Force? Newton
11. Under which Constitutional Article, President has the power to consult Supreme Court? 143
12.Name the Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog? – Arvind Panagriya (will remain in office till the 31st August 2017)
13. NITI ayog Replaced which Commission : Planning Commission
14. Which Memory stores data permanently? ROM
15. Turtle, Lizard, Snake fall under which category? Reptile
16. Recently USA made which country as major defense partner? – India.
17. What is cation? – Positively charged ion
18. Sandstone is made up of? Quartz and Feldspar
19. Where is temple of Bhairava? – Mumbai, Maharashtra
20. Which is the following is poor conductor? Glass
21. The Cabinet Mission came to Indian in – 24th March 1946
22. Reverse Repo Rate? The rate at which Reserve Bank of India borrows money from commercial banks within the country.
23. Where is Patal Bhiarav Temple located? – Ujjain (MP)
24. One question on movement along Demand curve ‐
25. 2016 man Booker prize ?
26. How many fundamental rights in Indian constitution? 6
27. First viceroy of India? Lord canning
28. Lavni festival which state? Maharashtra
29. Medical scheme for APL families in Andhra? Arogya raksha
30. Name the metal used as Galvanising agent. – Zinc
31. Founder of X‐Ray ? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
32. which is the main assemble component of computer? CPU
33. Why blackboard looks black? it does not reflect any colour
34. Sheikh Hasina belongs to which country? – Bangladesh
35. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of ? Iron
36. Hemoglobin is present in ? Blood
37. How many players in Water POLO? 7
38. Nyayasutra Book was written by – Aksapada Gautama
39. Which rights are not suspended during emergency.? Article 21
40. ‘Azad Bachapan ki Aur’ book is written by – Kailash Satyarthi
41. Rusting is process of____? Oxidation
42. Resistances of Ideal Ammeter and Ideal Voltmeter are – Zero and Infinite respectively
43. Chemical name of Dry Ice – Solid Carbon Dioxide
44. Mariana Trench is located in which Ocean? – The Pacific Ocean.
45. SI unit of work? – Joule
46. Name the Inventor of Laser Printer. – Gary Keith Starkweather
47. How many member nominated by president in lok sabha? 2
48. Unit of Pressure? – Pascal
49. Duncan line passes through?‐ Indian Ocean

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