SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude: Topics You Shouldn’t Miss Out

SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude: Topic You Shouldn't Miss Out

SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude, Topics You Shouldn’t Miss out: SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission every year for the recruitment of Group B and C candidates to various government institutes. SSC CGL is one of the most popular recruitment examinations of the country, with millions of candidates appearing every year.

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Here we are going to discuss important topics for SSC CGL Quantitative aptitude which will help you ace in your upcoming exam.


SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude: Have you Practiced Yet?

Quantitative Aptitude is considered as one of the cohesive sections of the Competition Exams, but it is also considered as the most scoring section. In SSC CGL quantitative aptitude Tier 1, there will be 25 questions of 2 marks each.

Subject Topics Sub Topics No. Of Questions CGL/CPO – TierI Difficulty Level
Quantitative Aptitude 1.P,L & discount a)P% , L%,

b)Loss or gain equal to CP/SP

c)Misc. Quesn

d)Solved on m% loss, n% profit. Overall profit or loss.

CGL -2-3

CPO- 4-5

e)successive discount

f)question on CP, SP, MP

g)one discount given find other

2.Geometry a)Simple circle, Tangent to a circle.

b)Incentre, Incircle Circumcentre,Circumcircle

CGL-3 to 4 CPO-4 to5 Moderate
d)Question on types of Triangle.

e)Similar Triangle

f)Median, altitude

3.Mensuration a)Rectangle,Square,Parallelogram ,Trapezium, Rhombus

b)Cyclic and other quadrilateral.

c)2-D –  triangle,square, rectangle,quad, \\gm,trap,circle #area,perimeter,cost

d)3-D  – cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere, prism ,Pyramid,tetrahedron

#volume,LSA,TSA, cost

CGL-1 to 2 CPO-5 to6 2D-Moderate

3D – Easy

4.Algebra a)Algebric identity

b)based on ratio

c)Basic algebra question

CGL-3 to 4 CPO-5 to6 Moderate
5.Trigonometry a)Degree & radian

b)trigonometric Ratio & Identity

a)Angle of elevation & depression

CGL-3 to 4 CPO-5 to6 Moderate
6.Ratio & Proportion a)fraction



d)Income & Expenditure

e)Coins & Rupees

f)Add, Diff & Product of Ratio

g)Beaker & wine Question

h) Equal Replacement of milk & water

CGL-2 to 3 CPO-3 to4 Easy – Moderate
7.Time & Work a)Worker Leave/join

b)Based on ‘M’ Man,’W’ Women and ‘B’ Boy.

c)Fraction of the work


e)Based on M1D1W1= M2D2W2

f)Work & Wages

CGL-1 to 2 CPO-2 to4 Moderate
8.Time,Speed & Distance a)Rail & Platform

b)Rail, Pole & Signal

c)two rails crossing each other

d)car travelling with x/y of its usual speed.

e)average speed

f)thief & police

g)Changed speed, arriving destination before or later.

h)Based on Races

i)Boats & Stream

CGL-1 to 2 CPO-2 to4 Easy
9.DI Pie chart, Histogram, Table, Bar diagram, Line graph CGL-3 to 4 CPO-9 to10 Moderate
10.Number System a)unit digit

b)Find ascending / descending

c)fraction of number.

Misc quesn

CGL-1 to2 CPO-2 to3 Easy

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