SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key 2016: Check Response Sheet


SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key 2016: The Staff Selection Commission has officially opened the Tier 1 Response Sheet Portal for all SSC Aspirants. The candidates can now check the SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key corresponding to their Question Paper and know about the score achieved in SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination 2016.

There is no confirmation regarding the Official Date of announcement of SSC CGL Tier 1 Result 2016 but we assure you, we will be the first ones to inform your about it.


SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key 2016

The Combined Graduate Level Examination was held from 27th August to 11th September 2016 on a new exam pattern and for the first time, Computer-Based Test (CBT) format.

Although, most SSC aspirants found the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam to be of moderate difficulty level, a certainty can only form after viewing the SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key. The candidates may login using their same User ID and Password which were used during the Examination.


Check: SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key 2016

The SSC candidates can now access both SSC CGL Tier 1 Response Sheet along with the correct answers.

Representations against the answers, if any, may be submitted online by 5:00 PM on 26 September 2016 (Monday) on payment of Rs. 100/- per answer. Representations received after 5:00 P.M. on 26 September 2016 (Monday) will not be entertained under any circumstances.


SSC CGL Tier 1 Expected Cut-Off 2016

Depending on the level of the paper, the number of applicants appearing for SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination and the total vacancies, the expected cut off for SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination is as follows.

 Candidate SSC CGL Expected Cut Off Marks
 UR  108-115
 OBC  95- 105
 SC  82-87
 ST  77-82

Compare your responses with the Official Response Sheet , you will definitely come to know about your probable SSC CGL Tier 1 2016. Don’t wait anymore start preparing for SSC CGL Tier II with the best available study material. 

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  1. Please provide me the answer key for SSC CGL 2016 on 10th September 3rd Shift Paper.
    Actually i have some doubts on the answer which are provided by the SSC board

    • hi…. do you know anyone who belong to 10 Sep morning shift?? Actually there is problem with 5 question (19,36,53,59,73) thus representation will be too costly for one person.
      Request you to let me know if any of your friend belong to 10 Sep morning shit.

  2. hello sir, this is sandeep from vizag, i would like to know , is there any normalisation in marks based on paper tough because comaparatively some papers had come in hard

  3. .A and B together can complete a work in 24 days. B alone does 1/3rd part ofthis work in 12 days. How many days will A alone take to complete the remaining work?
    Can some one post the answer
    I got 72
    Answer given by ssc 48

  4. 87 SC any chance? I really had lots of probs with server n technical glitches… will they consider it? m very tense…. I cud have attended more but got panicked alot as my session was restated at start fr which lost 5mins…. plz do let me know

  5. First attempt without preparation got 130 marks. Reasoning-47.5 Math-50 GK- 13 and English- 19.5 .

    I am looking for a coaching institute. Please guide me where should I join?

  6. Sir four (4) question in math(in graph) was wrong. Paper was at 27-08-2016 morning shift.
    I want to know if I claim these questions then .will marks be given ?.

    • The D.I Question No. 72,73,74,75, held on 27.08.2016 (morning batch) are either wrong or incomplete. The ‘answer key’ given in the response sheet by SSC is wrong for these question if we see the graph and the information provided therein. Full marks should be granted to all candidates if the questions are incomplete/wrong.

  7. I found one of my answer is wrongly printed I.e the outer most layer of sun is corona instead of this chromosphere is given so how should i represent my answer against the given answer pls yelp me out sir

  8. Sir ,,,I attempt 9th sep. Evening shift exam,,,,,,,I check my answer key ,,,,mene Jo answer exam tym m lgaye the,WO ni dikha rhe blki,,,,,answer key m 4-5 question k ans. Alag dikha rakhe h,,,,air 2-3 question Jo attempted h ,,,,WO key m not answered dikha the h,,,,,,,,sir pls suggest me ,,,kya mRNA chahiye

  9. Q: Ratio of X,Y,Z is 2:3:5, and the sum of X,Y,Z is 80. Then find the value of A, if Z=AX-8.

    And by SSC: A=6
    My And: A=3

    Now what should I do!

    Sir, please reply…

  10. DI wrong hai..last 40-45 its pointing 300 but ssc hv calcuted by taking 250. Due to which i couldnt solve 2 questions. 9th sep 1:15-2:30 shift.

  11. goodevening everyone. i am getting 127.5 in ur category. what are my chances? also i feel i have 2 more correct. can anyone help me figure out if i am correct??
    1. cod liver oil is rich in? i wrote vitamin a and the answer is vitamin d. although it is rich in both.
    2. venn diagram of computer skilled, computer illiterate and employees. i have answered two separate circles between one circle. and they have answered 1st circle inside 2nd circle and 2nd circle inside 3rd circle.
    any help would be appriciated!!

  12. 27 Aug morning shift me graph and gk me milakar 5-6 questions ke answer galat hai…Will sac itself rectifiy the mistake or we have to inform them

  13. Question 46.The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) is headquartered at ?

    Correct Answer: Brasilia
    Candidate Answer: Shanghai

    How can this happen ? i have checked wikipedia & BRICS official website, and they are showing Shanghai as HQ.

    Should i challenge the question ?? Kindly suggest?

  14. Sir
    I appeared for ssc cgl 2016 on 27 Aug (1st shift).
    There were 4 questions on DI which are either wrong or incomplete. In answer key , the answers for DI QUESTIONS (72,73,74,75) are wrong as we see the the information given in graph. It makes a big difference (10 marks) for the candidates appeared on that day . What should I do??

  15. Sir there was a question on spelling test which had 2 correct spellings ie tranquility(us english) & tranquillity(uk english). I marked tranquility but according to key tranquillity is correct. Should i send representation for this? or ssc follows only uk english please guide

  16. Is this the cut off marks set for final?? Will it be higher or lower?? I got only 76 after cut off mark.. Sir please reply me back..

  17. Is negative marking 1/4th of the question for wrong answer or only 0.25 per wrong answer. Just want to make it clear. My attempt were 97, 70 right and 27 wrong. What will be my marks???

  18. Dear Sir and Friends,
    When I enter my roll no and d.o.b(ddmmyyyy) it shows a statement as
    ‘Invalid login or exam not attended’
    although I appeared for the exam. What to do now, plzzz guide me.

  19. Dear Sir,
    i appeared for the exam on 9th sep.
    but when i enter roll no and d.o.b(ddmmyyyy) it shows invalid login or exam not attended.
    what should i do?

  20. A certain number of men can do a piece of work in 60 days. If there were 6 men more, the work can be finished 20 days earlier. The number of men working is

    Ssc answer is 12.
    How can it be

    It should be 18 na sir

  21. Same problem payment cut gai bank SE per challenge nhi hua mail kar diya SSC KO par koi reply ni aya abhi tak callbhi pick nhi kar rage h SSC wale…

  22. I got 86(obc).is there any chance for me??
    How can I claim for SAC’s wrong and in the 27august answerkey ???plzzzz and
    Reang quest no.25
    GS que no.38,44
    English que no.90,95

  23. Tranquility or tranquillity….which one is correct…ssc paper 9th sept .. Morning shift…..and my marks is 152…general category.. How much to score in tier 2 to get income tax officer post…any idea??

  24. Anyone have downloaded response sheet of 11-09-2016, 1st shift??????if yes please provide to challenge the key as now ssc remove the link to show the answer key.and i have forgot the right option.

  25. anyone from 11-09-2016 morning shift??????please provide response sheet to challenge the answer key as the have remove the link for the same

  26. I met with an accident and I was hospitalized due to which I didn’t check answer key of SSC cgl, now is there any chance of getting it because last date was 26 Sept.

  27. First of all thank u to entire online tyari team for providing us such detailed information. Sir plz tell us what may be the category wise expected cut-off and in how much days SSC will release the answer key for SSC cgl tier 2 exam 2016

    I am waiting for your reply

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