SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis, Expected Cutoff: 10 September 2016


SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2016: Today, September 10, is Day 14 of the SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination. The SSC CGL exam is being conducted online for the very first time. Similar to our previous articles, we will be giving an in-depth analysis for the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam held on 10 September 2016.

Here is the Detailed SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis & Paper Review, highlighting the level of difficulty of each section, the supposed number of good attempts and the expected cutoff for 10 September  SSC CGL Tier-I.


SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2016

The Online Recruitment Paper consisted of the Objective type Questions. As per the revised pattern, the Tier 1 Examination consisted of 100 Questions divided into 4 sections i.e Reasoning, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and General Awareness carrying 200 marks in total.

 Name of the Section  Questions  Marks
 Reasoning and General Intelligence  25  50
 General Awareness  25  50
 Numerical Aptitude  25  50
 English Comprehension  25  50
 Total 100  200

All sections consisted of 25 Questions each. There was a 0.5 negative marking for every wrong attempt. The total time to solve the entire paper was 75 minutes. Also, have a look at our previous posts for an in-depth Exam Analysis of SSC CGL Tier 1:

The level of difficulty with each passing day has been fluctuating between moderate to slightly difficult. Let us see what today’s paper was like.


Section-Wise SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2016

As explained above, there were 4 sections in SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination (Tier-I). The overall level of difficulty was Moderate, with the majority of questions asked being a bit of a task to solve. But, there were a few easy ones too.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis: Reasoning Aptitude

Most candidates found Reasoning Section Easy in terms of level of difficulty. Maximum questions were asked from the following sections

Non-Verbal Reasoning:

  • 1 Question of Water/ Mirror Image 
  • 2 Questions of Picture Diagram
  • 1 Question of Matrix
  • 1 Question of Paper Cutting

Some of the other prominent topics under Reasoning Section were the following

  • Number Series/ Alphabet Series – 6-8 Questions
  • Analogy – 2 Questions
  • Classification – 3 Questions
  • Direction  Sense – 2 Questions
  • Blood Relation – 1 Question
  • Ranking – 1 Question

Candidates having good reasoning knowledge and practice can attempt 20-22 questions easily.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude was Moderate. Questions were asked mostly from the following topics:

  • Number Series – 2 Questions
  • Bar graph  DI – 5 Questions
  • Geometry – 4 Questions
  • Trigonometry – 3 Questions
  • Mensuration – 2 Questions
  • SI & CI – 2 Questions
  • Profit & loss – 2 Questions
  • Percentage – 1 Question
  • Speed & Distance – 2 Questions
  • Average – 2 Questions

Candidates having good arithmetic knowledge and practice can attempt 16-18 questions easily.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis: English Language

The English Language section was Moderate. Maximum questions were asked from the following sections:

  • Reading Comprehension – 5 Questions
  • Antonym & Synonym – 2 Questions
  • Idiom/ Phrases – 3 Questions
  • Spelling Correction – 1 Question
  • Sentence Improvement – 3 Questions
  • One Word Substitution – 3 Questions
  • Spotting the Error – 3 Questions
  • Fill in the blanks – 3 Questions

Most of the questions were easy to answer. Topics such as one word substitution, idioms/ phrase and spelling correction were a bit more challenging . Attempting 14-16 questions will be considered as a good attempt.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis: General Awareness

The level of difficulty was Moderate for GA Section. The topic wise distribution is as follows:

  • History – 1-3 Questions
  • Polity – 3 Questions (Easy)
  • Geography – 1-3 Questions
  • Economics – 3 Questions (Moderate)
  • Current Affairs – 4-5 Questions (Easy to Moderate)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) – 7-8 Questions (Moderate)

Attempting 14-16 questions will be considered as a good attempt. Most of the questions were related to History and General Science with questions based on Geography also present.

This was our sectional analysis. Let us compile all the data and see what sort of a paper SSC CGL of 10 September really was.


SSC CGL Tier-I 2016: Overall Analysis of Paper

Based on the level of difficulty of each section asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination on 10 September 2016, here are the number of attempts which are considered good in order to crack SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination.

Section Name Questions Level of Difficulty Number of Good Attempts
Reasoning Ability 25 Easy 20-22
English Language 25 Moderate 16-18
General Awareness 25 Moderate 12-14
Quantitative Aptitude 25 Moderate 16-18
Overall 100 Moderate 64-72

Note: Only recommendation for aspirants who are yet to attempt SSC CGL Tier-1 in the upcoming days/shifts would be – “AVOID NEGATIVE MARKING”.

Here is an Exclusively Designed SSC CGL Tier I Mock Test Series on the basis of Examination held.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Mock Test Series New PatternMust Attempt: SSC CGL Mock Test Series Tier-I (New Pattern)

We hope this SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis helps in getting an estimate about your performance in the paper. If you are yet to attempt the Tier 1 Examination, improve your chances by giving the following article a thorough read.

Best Strategy to Attempt SSC CGL Tier 1 2016Recommended: Best Strategy to Attempt SSC CGL 2016

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  1. The below are the SSC CGL gk questions with answers which were asked on 10th of September 1st shift:[ I remember only 21 of them:) ]

    1) The biggest boundary that India shares with is :- Bangladesh
    2) The name of RBI app for illegal money is what? :- sachet
    3) Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016 were given to? :- TM Krishna and Bezwada Wilson
    4) Tehri dam is built across which rivers ? :- Bhagirathi and Bhilangna
    5) Parsec is unit of :- length to measure large distances of objects
    6) The phenomenon of change of light travelling from one medium to another medium is called :- Refraction
    7) Jog falls is present on which river? – Sharavathi River( In options,it was wrongly given as saraswati)
    8) Which of the following is not part of BRICS? :- Indonesia
    9) Do or die slogan is related to :- Quit India movement
    10) Vitamins whose excess is not good for health? :- Vitamin B complex
    11) Thymus gland secretes? :- Thymosin
    12) Carbolic acid is also called as? :- Phenol
    13) The state which has largest coastal line in india? :- Gujarat
    14) Jain texts are called as? :- Sutras
    15) The first law officer in india is referred as whom? :- The attorney general
    16) Who decides that whether bill is money bill or not? :- Speaker of loksabha
    17) Evergreen forests are mainly present in? :- Western ghats
    18) Atomic bomb is due to? :- Uncontrolled chain reaction
    19) Which of the following is not present in urine? :- Creatinine
    20) The competetion where price of money cannot be handled better? :- (sry i don know answer for this)
    21) The AB blood group does not consists of? :- Both antigens and antibodies
    Pls in reply to this comment the number of total questions you attempted combinedly in all sections…thank you frens..

  2. I choose inspector as first few preference during the registration. However I don’t fulfill the physical qualification. Can I choose the other jobs(given in preference) if I qualify the tire 3 ?

  3. guys please review 10th sep 2016 3rd shift.
    I am having some doubts in this shift i think 2 questions in quant have no correct options and also i feel the bar graph given very confusing i didnt able to understand the chart…

  4. 10th sep 3rd shift (eve)
    Reasonig : was easy easily 20+ qstns can attempt.
    GA : Little moderate can attempt 10+
    Eng : its is also moderate one 15+
    quant : I eel that bar graph given was little confusing may b i didnt get the concept that’s y I let the
    questions and the remaining questions were easy to moderate 15+ is good attempt
    Overall I attempted 63 questions hope i reach required cutoff ..

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