SSC CHSL 20th Jan Questions with Solutions ( Actual paper)

SSC CHSL 20th Jan Questions with Solutions ( Actual paper)

SSC CHSL 20th Jan Questions with Solutions:  The Staff Selection Commission has accelerated to Day V spot to complete the journey of SSC CHSL recruitment process. The day will trigger off in multiple shifts and the candidate who are able to crack CHSL Preliminary Examination will be called for the Mains Paper.

In this article, we will be sharing the SSC CHSL 20th Jan Questions with Solutions which will help candidates to recheck the flavour of the problems asked in today’s exam.


SSC CHSL 20th Jan Questions with Solutions

Staff Selection Commission will be conducting SSC CHSL (10+2) examination daily from January 7 to February 5, 2017. Over here, we are listing SSC CHSL 20th Jan Questions and solutions which will help aspirants in maximizing their score line for their upcoming CHSL (10+2) examination.

  • What is the highest award that Mary Kom has won? – Padma Bhushan.
  • Tomb of Iltutmish is in? – Delhi.
  • Who is referred as the Father of Microbiology? – Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek.
  • Who formulated the Theory of Evolution? – Charles Darwin.
  • What do you feel when the lift is going down with uniform acceleration? – You feel lighter.
  • Find odd one out: FT, KP, IR. Ans. FT.
  • Complete the series: 7, 13, 27, 53, ? Ans. 107.
  • What is Sugarcane (Grass/Herb/Stem)? – Grass
  • A is to the West of C and B is to the North-east of A. If B is equidistant from both A and C, B is in which direction w.r.t. to C? Ans. North-west.
  • Find the missing number in the matrix: [3  4  12, 6  9  54, 8  ?  72]. Ans. 9.
  • 36 is 4.8% of what? 750.
  • Find the sum of all the prime numbers between 58 and 62. 120
  • Find the value of √[(1 – sinA)/(1 + sinA)]. sec A + tan A
  • Find the value of Cot 135°. = cot(90=35)= -1
  • If A – B = 6 and A2 + B2 = 44, find A × B.

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We hope these questions along with detailed SSC CHSL 20th January Exam Analysis will prove beneficial for you.

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